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   Chapter 15 - More sightings

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Anthony is the first one to leave the chat we have. Of course, he's on duty, it is amazing that he managed to be with us for so long. Lois is off not much later, she says she has a busy day at work waiting for her the next day. Bashir, Mags and I stay on. We miss Dolores but she's at work in her bar of course. I'm tempted to tell the boys about that place but then Bashir signs off after warning me to be at work on time. Urgh, yes. Work. Did not miss that one bit today. "Hey, Mags. You have a bit more time?" I am dying to show him the pictures of the robot arm. "Of course. Why?" he says. "I'm going to send you some shots I made in the Park. Remember the weird robot-rumours about the Park at night?"He looks serious as he nods. I send him the pictures, over what should be a secure connection. Then I tell him where I took the shots. He is silent while he examines what I sent. "Weird, Prissa. Very weird. Good that you made those. I will analyse them closer."When he goes into that mode I know he's not going to talk any more so I wish him a good night and we sign off. I'm considering coffee but it is quite late already. Better not. I find something else to drink and crawl in bed with the tablet. There is plenty of stuff for me to read on that. Before I go to sleep I go over the Black Flyer article one more time and check the news feeds for more but there is nothing. That is annoying me. A real live Black Flyer should get more attention than one article. -=-=-The next day is boring. I get to work without a problem, which of course is a very good thing but someone made a mess of the roster and there are too many anaesthesiology people. We spend most of the day playing games and each of us gets a proper patient to keep pain free. Not exactly a fulfilling day. I can't read the news here because personal tablets are not allowed where we are and hospital tablets only carry news about patients. And none of those is the Black Flyer. A bit earlier than usual I make my way to the changing rooms. Nobody needs me and I can spend my time better than just sitting around and getting beaten at chess for the fifth time. Before changing I grab a shower. The water here feels a bit better than at home and hey, it's free so why not! And there is a good hair dryer too. Finally all done, I walk down the corridor and offer my arm to Chandra who is on her scanning post again. "Are you ever not here?" I ask her, to tease. "Only when you don't look, " she grins. The blip from her scanner tells us I am free to go where I please and this afternoon it pleases me to go to Hop Hoa Moto again. Before heading to the food street though, I take the short detour by the news stand where my friend the automated reseller and I go through our little ritual again. It is when I hold up the tablet for his eager finger, that I notice the blinking light on it. Someone left me a message. I wait for the news-bot to load the news, he scans my tattoo (with some effort) and I walk to the food market. Trying to read the message in the crowds on the street is signing a death warrant for the tablet as someone is bound to run it from my hands. Hunger strikes when the smell of all the Asian goods fill my nose. Oddly enough the selection of things Hop Hoa Moto has to

copies of themselves built and they walk them around. A replicant can never be a true other person because they miss the spirit but somehow they're able to load most of the host's memories and knowledge into the thing. "And that means?" I ask. "Perhaps a gardener-machine went nuts and attacked someone and they decommissioned it, " Magdanovitch says. "They blew it to bits, then."He nods. "So this is no real proof for the rumours." He looks at me with his beady eyes as he runs a hand through his thinning white hair. "Sorry."I shrug. It was worth a try. Then we talk about Dolores's video message. Mags can't make much of it either. "I tried to trace the ID but there was no receiver on the other end. Yet the ID is valid, " he says. "Did you call him?" I ask, as my heart starts beating faster. "No. I have no reason to, except perhaps curiosity, " he shakes his head. "But that is enough!" I exclaim, throwing my hands up. "Mags, please!""Instead I sent a message to Dolores, " he goes on as if I said nothing, "to ask the address of where she saw the Black Flyer. Maybe when I go there I can find out some more. It was somewhere in Red River but I am still waiting for her response.""How do you know that? All I saw were her feet and some rooftops.""The rooftop pattern and colour is typical for the east side of Red River, " he says. "The area quite close to your part of town."I believe him, but how the frip did he recognise that? After chatting some more we end the call and I feel like going to sleep. I pull the last round of news for the evening and skim through it, until "Fripping saints..."The headline says "Black Flyer rescues three!" The article reveals that three people had been caught in a collapsed house. Some idiot had flown its VTOL-car into it. The Black Flyer was there within minutes, used some unknown tools and things to lift away half the crashed place and picked up the three people to carry them to safety. Wow, amazing. Then the Black Flyer had returned to the building and totally demolished the VTOL that had caused the collapse. The condition of its pilot/driver was as yet unknown but he was taken to General Clinic in Ramblos.

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