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   Chapter 13 - In the Park

Green Haven By Paul Kater Characters: 11052

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There are only a dozen or so people sitting in the nice little lounge where we wait for the mono. Some look as if they belong in Blue Sky, some are clearly visitors like me. Lois looks like she could belong there, be it in the lower uppities. I'm convinced she'd be all uppity in a matter of months, perhaps even weeks if she were to live there. I'm not sure how to behave while we wait. I want to talk about the Black Flyer but nobody says a word so I'd better keep my mouth shut as well. The train arrives. A man near the door checks my tablet for the ticket codes once again to make sure we are allowed in. We have plenty of time to board and find a closed cabin for ourselves. This is luxury beyond rich. The seats are amazingly comfortable and soft, and to my surprise they seem to be heated. We settle down while the door closes without a sound. Only then I dare to admit I have no clue how to carry myself. Lois laughs and tells me to just be myself, just a bit less loud, and I'll be fine. The mono pulls away from the station and I tell Lois about my thoughts. How I wonder who this Black Flyer is and why he made such a mess of things this time. "It really was horrible, " I say. I don't describe the scene in detail for her; I know Lois wouldn't appreciate that. "Maybe this time they'll find him so they can ask, " Lois suggests but we both know that's highly improbable. After all, the guy is really flying. He arrives and flies off in a matter of minutes, he did that both times. Just the idea of a real superhero flying around is quite the kick. We enter Blue Sky and soon the mono slows down so that the uppity citizens are not disturbed by noise. Still it does not take long before we reach the station that is connected to the Park. Lois and I giggle like excited kids when we leave the train. As we go towards the exit my tablet is checked yet another time. No half measures here. The man with the scanner tells us to follow a certain line into the building. There will be more people for this trip and transport into the Park has been arranged. As we walk on I get nervous. We're really going into the Park now. Lois whispers to me that she hardly can believe that we are actually walking here and going into the Park. I can tell she's nervous too. Will this Park really be used for the bad things that are rumoured? The men-hunts and the chases by machines? Most of me does not want that to be true but from somewhere a little voice warns me that rumours always have an origin of truth. I dismiss both feelings and plan to just go in there and see what I can see. After a short walk we meet up with nine other people who are also here because they saw the advertisement on the vid-wall this morning. Not many but it was a strange time. Most people would be at work or out or something. We exchange polite things with most of them and wait. It does not take long until a small shuttle-bus stops outside the building and a young woman, dressed impeccably and all donned up to the latest fashion including silver-coloured hair, welcomes us on behalf of Glarimpon Executive Travel. We all find a seat in the bus and during the short trip to the actual Park the woman tells us that we are free to wander around in the Park but that access to the main structures is prohibited. And that we have two ho

issa, your saints are not going to help you now, " Lois says with a voice as spooky as she can muster. "Ha, my saints are the best, " I tell her. "Go saints!"My secretary friend shakes her head. "Sometimes you are genuinely disturbed, Priscilla. It must be the air in Sin Angeles. You should move to Ramblos, or perhaps Gypsee, it's not so expensive there."Somehow I slip, good thing Lois is holding me up. She laughs. "Told you, these saints of yours are no good here."I growl something under my breath and straighten myself. At that moment I hear Lois gasp and I look where she is looking. We stop walking as we stare up at the two red obelisks that tower over us. "Saints, " I whisper, "how high are these things?" I can't see the top of them, and we're still a good three hundred feet away from them. There are huge inscriptions on the pillars, I think each symbol is each almost as high as I am tall. Not that I am that tall, but still. The symbols mean nothing to me. When I ask her, Lois also says she is lost. "I think they have to look like ancient Egyptian script-things, these hieroglyphs, but I am not sure if they are the real thing.""Mags would probably know." I've said it before I realise it. Lois snorts. "Mags again. You should marry him.""No way! Magdanovitch is a great friend but... marry him? Get real, will you?""You'd get to live in Gypsee, " Lois says. I want to wipe that smug grin off her face. "Come, more to explore, " she says before I think of a way to do it. "Walk on to where?" I wonder. As I look ahead there is a strange trembling between the obelisks. The air there vibrates so heavily that we can't see what is beyond them, not even if there is something at all. It makes me curious and I walk on, while Lois waits. "Prissa? What are you doing?""I'm gonna look what's behind this, " I tell her without looking back. If there is danger there will be a safety, or at least a sign or signal somewhere. I stop with my nose almost against the shivering air. It's dead silent here, no voices of other people, no wind. Carefully I stick a finger in the shiver and pull back. Nothing happens, except that my finger feels a little cold. I jump through the chilly barrier.

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