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   Chapter 12 - Tickets

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Argh... this morning had better grow up and behave! Despite not being tired I fell asleep and also forgot to switch off the fripping alarm, so it bleats me awake at stupid o'clock on my fripping day off! In my hurry to turn the bleat off I get caught in my covers and almost fall out of bed. By the time order and silence is restored in my bedroom my heart is pounding and I'm panting as if I ran five miles while being chased by machine-men! I am determined to sleep some more. No alarm is going to take that away from me. After half an hour of tossing and turning I give up. Cursing myself for being so stupid I get up, wrap something nice and soft around me and go to my kitchen for wake-up liquids. Mug firmly in my grip I then find safety on my couch and switch the vid-wall to the news. News. Right. Ad after ad rolls by, here and there interrupted by something noteworthy. The dry storm of a few days ago had taken out a lot of mono-traffic, I learn. It also hit a lot of homes in Blue Sky. It is not surprising that a lot of coverage goes to that, to show all us lucky poor people how badly the rich and powerful have been hit. Some of them even had to replace a light or two! A few homes in Gypsee burnt down from that storm too, which I think is a lot worse. Four people died, two are still missing. I am not sure how an electrical storm can set a house on fire but I never learnt much about that stuff. I'll graciously leave that to the specialists. All of Green Haven felt the brunt of the thing, someone on the wall comments, but a lot of effort is being put in to make things well again. Unsurprisingly, not a word about Sin Angeles, and certainly not about Black Town. Not that anyone could blame a reporter crew from staying away from Black Town. You only go there if you have a death wish. No need to pin a note to your back saying 'Kill me'. That's seen as a given there. Sounds like it will rain over Sin Angeles again today, and mostly dry weather in Ramblos and Gypsee. Red River gets fog. No word about Blue Sky this time, the uppity town. The weather controllers will make sure that up-town weather is nice. It only rains at night there, for the parks and gardens. That's why we in S.A. get all the crap weather, Mags told me, because of the screwing around with the weather for the rich folk. Flip a channel. "...government has issued a warning for-"Flip a channel. "... free tickets for the famous Park-"Flip. What?! I flip back. "-who contacts the following ID within the coming minute." A large ID blinks on the screen, over the text that reads what I thought I had heard. Free tickets for anyone to get access to the Park in Blue Sky! As I punch in the ID I call upon all the saints. I want to go to that Park so badly! "You have reached Glarimpon Executive Travel, " a voice says while a large logo appears on my wall. "Please hold." I grin. They always tell you to hold, but never what to hold. "Welcome. You have reached Glarimpon Executive Travel, " another voice tells me. "You are selected to receive two access tickets for the Park in Blue Sky. Please switch to secure mode and enter your feed ID." That's easy. Switch, type, done. "Your ID has been received. The required codes for access to the Park have been transmitted to your account. The tickets are valid only today. Thank you,

d. I tell her what I had heard and seen and it makes her feel sick. She's such a wuss, no stomach at all. But she agrees with me, the real Flyer would never have slaughtered an enemy who is down. As we talk, she leads me around the main mono-station to a lunch room that I would never go to on my own. We're seen to a table, people help us sit down and they have separate cards for food and beverages. This is uppity people stuff, and Lois feels at home here. Forcing our talk to something more pleasant we start fantasising about the Park and what we'll see there. When the waitress comes to take our orders I feel a bit uneasy. All the stuff here is so expensive. Lois notices it and orders something for me while she picks the card from my hands. No way that I get to know how much it will cost. The lunch is amazing. I've had good ones, long ago, when things were okay with married life but never something as exquisite as this. We have small bits of fine fish with wine sauce, real bread, coffee that smells like it was made by the saints themselves, small bits of fruit, it never seems to end! I feel like exploding when finally there is nothing more to eat. "You ate a lot, " Lois comments with a grin. That is her way of telling me that I was feeding like a pig. "It was too good to let it go to waste, " I say, "and I doubt they have take-out bags here."Lois snorts behind her fine cloth napkin. "Heaven forbid, the thought!"See, I did the right thing. I'm taking it with me either way. As we leave the lunch room, someone holds the door for us. It does not open by itself. How old-fashioned. We locate the platform from where the mono to the Park leaves. There is someone who checks my tablet for the permits that came with the tickets, and he then turns my bag inside out. "You carry severe weaponry, miss, " the man says as he sees the stinger, the knife, and the knuckle-ring. "One might almost think you frequently visit Sin Angeles. We will have to keep this here until you return." He puts my things in a locker and hands me a small chip that I have to show when we return here, so I get my possessions back. We're then allowed into a nice waiting area where we can sit until the mono arrives.

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