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   Chapter 9 - Storm

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"Why the hell do I bother loading news on this thing, " I grumble. The woman next to me nods. "Not'n ba advatise, " she drawls, "an' all Skalarex, as'f they wan' get rid of us all." She stabs her finger at her tablet. "See there, none ba shyte an' all, none good, jus' death an' shit."She is right. Only Skylarex and reports about people killed. "'Cept the flahr news, see that?""Flahr?" I have a bit of a problem understanding her crooked use of Jive. "Yeah, child, 's 'ere!" Frantically she thumbs the screen as she mutters about all kinds of things. "Yeah, 'ere." She almost shoves her tab up my nose. The first thing I see is a picture of the Black Flyer. Saints, don't tell me they're going to kill the show. They always kill the good shows. That would be the worst news of the day! The woman pushes her tablet in my hand, so I stick mine between my knees and take hers. Then I read:"Sighting of the Black Flyer. Yesterday there was commotion in the south area of Ramblos, when an armed man attempted to rob a small food-store. The incident occurred on Garrison Road. Before the authorities were warned, a figure sporting a black cape and mask literally flew in to the scene and disabled the armed man. Medical personnel collected the robber, who had sustained severe injury. The man was taken to the Green Haven Detention Centre. Before the authorities had reached the scene, the man in the black cape had flown off again. Eye witnesses of the event identified the man as the Black Flyer, identical to the superhero character in the popular video-show of the same name."With the article are a few pictures, most of them unsharp, of a man that indeed looks a lot like the Flyer. "Thanks, " I say as I hand the woman's tablet back. I quickly skip to the article on my own and read it again. Then I try to find more about it on the web but clearly more people do that, as things crawl and give me time-out messages. By the time I seem to have found something that works, the mono slows down and I have to get out. The tablet goes into my bag. I know I have to do that or I'll get myself killed walking around as I won't be able to stop looking at it. Suddenly I am sorry I laughed at Bashir and Lois as they told us about the Flyer yesterday. I also wonder why it took the news so long to get this out into the open, usually things are there a minute after something happened. As I turn into the street where the hospital is situated, my tablet whines. I grab it and see Mags's caller sign. "Hey Mags, what's up?""Did you see the news?" he asks. "The Flyer?""I did, on the mono just now.""Isn't that something?""It is. Weird, " I agree. "Exciting too, " Mags says. He is not looking at the camera, probably his hands are working on something again. "I want to know who that guy is, and what makes him fly. Do you think you can get some info from the guy that got beat up by the Flyer?""Mags, come on, he's in Detention. I'm not going there. Couldn't get in if I had to!" Sometimes Magdanovitch has no clue about how things work in real life. "I'm almost at work now so I have to stop. Sorry about that, but we'll talk about it more later, okay?""Sure. Thank you for listening."Saints, this is really exciting, Magdanovitch got that right. There's a real flying Black Flyer and he's doing justice before official justice is at the scene

ewhere in the crowded lanes. I find myself in a big group of people that tries to keep out of the lashing wind. Everywhere lighting cracks and makes electricity dance off power-lines and the mono's single rail. There have not been announcements that the mono stopped services, which is slightly encouraging for now. The news-feed taps have all blown so nothing new to read on the way. When the train comes in and opens the doors, that is even better. It's late, because the storm makes it go slower. If there is a problem with the track, then at least the shock to full stop will not be too bad. After a seriously bad weather-moment where an electrical lightning ball hits the train and sends a blue crackle all along it, the mono pulls out, picks up some speed and we're on our way. As we roll on, the train often shudders and jolts. The electrical storm is definitely making this trip hard, some people are thrown from their seats. I look at them, to make sure they're fine. After all, I work in a hospital and know basic first aid. One of them has a cut over his eye but he says he's okay. Then things go smoothly for a while, the mono actually picks up some more speed. Staring out of a window I try to enjoy the light show that is happening, so I don't think about the mess we could be in when this goes severely bad. Mono slows down, mono picks up speed rather abruptly a few more times, then slows down again and seems to be happy just chugging along. I'm fine with it, as long as it goes. Of course I should not have thought that. A flash dances over the whole train and I'll be damned if I don't see stuff sparkle inside it too. It's the last thing I see for several minutes as everything goes black and the train comes to a halt. People fall, scream and curse. I am in the first two categories as I am thrown out of my seat and end up over someone. I say that I am sorry and reach for my seat. Doing that I grope someone, not sure where, and honestly I don't want to know, but by the time I sit again, the lights come back on. A moment later the train is in motion again. "I really hope they are not doing that again, " I mutter as I locate my bag under a seat and reach for it. I check what's inside. Nothing's broken.

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