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   Chapter 8 - Red River

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Dolores gives me a stare after my 'these boys are not for me' outburst. "Come on, Priscilla. You've been married. You had a good relationship for a while. And now you go without company for so long?""How would you know I go without?" I challenge her. "So there is someone!" she grins. "No. There isn't. And that's fine. Donald is history. Bad history, dead and buried. I live my own life now." And please change the subject, I add silently. Of course she doesn't hear that. "Alone, " she nods. "Yes. Nothing wrong with that. Mags lives alone too."She snorts. "You compare yourself to Magdanovitch?" She reaches out with her foot that only has a very thin slipper on it and rubs it against my leg for a moment. "You're not like him. No one else is like him. And let me tell you - you should be grateful for that."I'm honestly surprised by Dol. She always struck me as a girly girl whose biggest worry in the world would be if her clothes were the right colour and her hair was pretty. There's more to her though. "I am really not looking for someone else, Dolores. I'm happy where I am and with what I do. I live well.""Yeah, in Sin Angeles, in a busted building, walking around with a knife and a stinger just to go shopping." She knows because I told her once. Or several times. Again she rubs her foot against my leg. I look at her foot, then at her pretty face. "Are you trying to seduce me?"Her expression changes to something pitiful. "See? You don't even remember seduction, you have to ask. It's been too long, girl." Then, faster than I had expected possible for her, she slips off her chair and sits on her knees, close to me. Before I realise it, her hands are on my cheeks and her lips are on mine. I feel her tongue and without thinking I open my mouth to let her in. The kiss is hard, intense, short. She leans back and smiles. Her uncanny red eyes seem to glow for a moment. "No. I am not trying to seduce you, Prissa. I know you are not up for that although I must say you had me fooled for a moment just now." She winks. "I have to get to work now. Just sit here as long as you want and enjoy the wine. When you want to leave, just wave at one of the girls, they'll show you out. I'll tell them."Dolores undoes what she had done to the music which flows into the secluded spot again. She looks at me one more time as she adjusts the impossibly small bit of fabric over her breasts. "You got friends, Prissa. Remember that. Friends help. Like reminding you about how feelings work." Then she walks off, as her hair starts pulsating to the beat of the music. I pick up the glass and take a good swig of the wine. Somehow it tastes different now. -=-=-The glass is empty. I wait for one of the near naked girls to come closer and I raise my hand, while I get up. That proves to be a bit difficult, I tumble back in the chair. At least she saw me. "Are you okay?" she asks, sincere concern in her voice. "I should be. Only had one glass of wine, but that is more potent stuff than I am used to, " I giggle. "If you can help me up I am fine."The girl gives me a hand, but the moment I am on my feet the world, even when it is as small as the bar, starts rotating. I sink back into the chair and giggle some more. This is too funny! "

t's not a question. He makes the seats turn around and walks into the back of the flight vehicle. He helps me into my coat, hangs my bag over his shoulder and opens the big door so I can get out easier. With the ambulance locked, we move to the entrance, through the hall and up the stairs. Saints be thanked, my door scanner accepts my tat immediately. Once I'm inside, Bashir asks if I am going to be okay. "Yeah, I'm okay now. Thank you. And I'm sorry for all this." I feel so embarrassed. "That's okay, it's my job to save people, " he grins. I see how he hesitates, I am sure he wants to say something else. He just ends with "sleep well, see you tomorrow or so", turns and walks off. The clanging of his footsteps on the stairs echo through the huge silent building when I close and lock the door. Then I make my way to the bedroom, throw my clothes in a corner and crash into the bed. -=-=-To my utter surprise I feel amazing the next morning. I wake up, my head is clear. Slept like a baby. Or a log. Don't know, wasn't awake to check. My clothes go in the laundry, I pick fresh stuff from the closet and hum a song while I prepare to go to work. I keep thinking about the night before, about all the things I saw and heard, and what I learnt about Dolores. When I'm ready to leave, I pick up the stinger from the charger and grab my bag. "Damn, that's heavy!" I check inside it and stare at a bottle of wine that definitely was not there the last time I held my bag. Not only did Dolores make sure I got home, she also got me a present. I put the bottle away safely. It must be an expensive present. Then I check the outside world. Yup, rain again. Stumbling down the stairs I hear someone else high overhead coming down as well. Quickly I go through the hall and leave the building. Usually it's better to be smart, quick and invisible here than curious. On the way to the station I locate a spot where I could download the latest news, but it looks broken, so I jog on. I may be able to load news on the station itself, although often we face long queues at the feed-points there. Today I am lucky though, and while the mono pulls out, I start reading.

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