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   Chapter 7 - Girl to girl

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"What about frog legs?" Lois asks. She does not look convinced that these things should be on a food-list. "I know something funny with frog legs, " Marco states as he looks around. As he waves a waitress rushes to our table and he asks her if she can bring a plate with some untreated frog legs and some salt. She doesn't flinch for a moment, which tells me they get the kinkiest customers here. When she returns the man with our drinks is right behind her. I sip some of the fizzy blue in my glass, while Marco puts on quite a show. "Look here, guys. Regular frog legs, right? Nothing special."Some people from other tables get up and come over to watch what is happening. Lois has a napkin pressed against her mouth. She's not liking what she sees but Marco doesn't care. "Now watch the magic, " he says as he throws salt over the frog legs. For a few moments nothing happens. Then the frog legs start twitching. "There ya go. Dancing frog legs."Dolores yelps and turns around. I did say she's too girly, right? A few people grin and comment on the trick. The waitress grins as well and tells Marco she has never seen that one before. She's going to surprise the cooks with that! We laugh as she takes away the plate and talk about our game some more while we wait for our food. It's inevitable that Bashir and Lois bring up the sighting of the Black Flyer again. Less convinced than before but still Bashir checks the news lines once more. There is no mention of a superhero putting things right in Ramblos. He looks disappointed when he tucks the tablet back in his pocket but then our food arrives, so we have something better to deal with. Suddenly Marco grabs the pot of salt that is on the table and gets up. I wonder what he has in mind as he walk around the table to Dolores. "Let's see what happens, " he says as he starts spraying salt on her legs. Anthony bursts out in laughter, so he misses the way Dolores twitches. Not with her legs. It's her hand and it twitches against Marco's cheek, leaving a red mark. Then she grabs a napkin and starts brushing the salt from her leather outfit frantically. "You idiot, don't you know what his has cost me? You don't put salt on something like that!" she exclaims. "Come off it, Dol, " I say, "if it is real leather it can take it. And if it is not real it can take it even better." She loves making a show of things but this is really going too far. I feel sorry for Marco, he didn't deserve that slap. It was funny though, and he seems to take no offence. While he sits down, I wonder why he picked Dolores. He never had a particular liking for her. Nor a special dislike. Well, it's not as if our group is always the calmest around. We attract weird things. I notice that Anthony is eating quite fast and ask him if he's afraid someone's going to steal his food. "No, " he says with his mouth full, "I have to get going soon."The bloody military has him working at the strangest hours but we understand. We tell him to go when he has to. There's no need to worry about the check so that's fine. "Sorry, guys, I hate running off like this, " Anthony says as he gets up. He forks some more food in but can't put off leaving any longer. I watch him leave. Too bad, he's a really nice guy. I'd almost fancy him because he looks really good, he's just a bit young and very often he strikes me as insecure. I also suspect him of messing with drugs although I've never noticed anything about him that proves it. But when he is in a role in a game he's fabulous and that's what counts for us. Bashir is watching me, I notice when

, that tastes expensive! I'm going to drink that really slowly. From somewhere a man's voice starts talking through a hidden sound system. He shares that we are very lucky because tonight there is a performance of a very renowned band from far away. "They just returned from a two-week world tour, " the voice explains. That means they spent two weeks locked up inside a holo-studio and got broadcast to a million places at the same time, I know. Mags told me about that. "So I demand a loud welcome for the stars of the evening, ladies and gentlemen please welcome Père Lachaise!"Père Lachaise? Who are they? Never heard of them. A few moments later music starts playing from a spot that I can't see. So much for a secluded spot, it secludes you from everything else, I grin to myself. "Hey, having fun?"I look up and have to blink a few times before I recognise Dolores. I have never seen so much of her before. She wears more than the girl that brought me the wine, but still. Her hair is pink now, and lights up in intervals. She also did something to her eyes, I assume with contact lenses, as they appear red now in the dimmed light of the place. Dolores sits down and laughs at my face. "Don't worry, " she says, "I'm not cold. Do you like the wine? And the band?"I ignore her questions. "What by all fripping saints is your work here? You can't be a stripper. You don't wear enough to take off for that."Dolores laughs. "No. I work the bar and sometimes wait on people. With drinks, mind you. We have other boys and girls for sex."Somehow that makes me feel better and I don't know exactly why. She's old and wise enough, we have no responsibility towards each other, we're just friends. Perhaps that's it. I sip some more wine and tell her that it is great. Because it is. "The music is okay, I guess. Not my kind. Too much trumpet stuff in it, " she tells me as she sits back and folds one long bare leg over the other. She touches something on the side of her chair and the music fades to the background. "Camouflage field, " she explains with a grin. "I don't know how it works, but it's convenient. Now talk to me.""About what?" I seriously don't know what she means. "Boys. Men. What we talked about in the train already."Damn, I thought we'd be past that. "There's nothing to say, Dol. Bashir is not for me, Anthony is cute but not for me either, and that's that."

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