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   Chapter 6 - At the restaurant

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I put a hand on Bashir's arm to calm him down. "Okay, very funny, we all laughed. Now how did you two think that up? Or what did you inhale? I know doctors and they can help, remember that."Lois and Bashir look at me. "We're serious.""So is she, " Mags nods at me. Anthony looks at the two from where he sits. There is cream from a scone on his cheek, it makes him look silly. Cute, but silly. Bashir looks at Marco. "You believe us, right?"Marco looks doubtful. "I hear weird shit in my circles but this goes up quite high on the charts."Bashir curses in his native language, which is Indian or something, and grabs his tab. He goes through all kinds of channels but nothing comes up about the Black Flyer. The ambulance pilot gets visibly upset, it is as if he's going to throw his tablet against a wall but Magdanovitch calms him down. "Cool it, Bashir. We're here for the game, not for the thrill of something else, even if that seems to be related. If it is for real, we'll all see it on the vid tonight, right? And next time we'll all eat our words and apologise." It's quite a speech for Mags, I am impressed. Bashir calms down and agrees. "Okay, good. Let's get to the game." He starts explaining what he has thought up so far, a plan for the situation, some ideas for dialogue, characters. Everything is on his tablet and he sends it to ours so we can easily follow what he's going on about. At one point his imagination seriously got the best of him. We all look surprised when he announces that the hero will arrive at the crime scene in a VTOL-cab. "Bashir, come on, that is downright silly. No one is going to buy that, " Marco complains. "The Black Flyer will never do that. He can fly, remember? The name is a bit of a give-away for that.""Pipe down, Marco. Suppose he's in his normal clothes, no one knows him, and something happens. Then he quickly changes and jumps from the cab." Bashir frowns as he speaks and improvises at the same time. "You've read too many Superman comics. Clark Kent did things like that because he wore his super-outfit beneath his normal clothes. How will the Flyer hide his big cape and all his cool gadgets beneath his clothes?" Anthony counters. "He would look like one big fat dude!"Lois giggles at the thought and I can't blame her. Bashir stands up and waves his tablet. "Do you want it to be truthful or do you want it to be interesting?""Well, " I say, "so far it's neither.""Ungrateful bunch, " Bashir mutters as he drops back in his chair. "Awww, poor Bashi..." Dolores gets up and walks over to him. She kneels down and rests her head on his knee. Her platinum hair washes over his legs and 'Bashi' looks very unhappy with the attention. He is too much aware that Dolores was a man once. I guess it's something in his upbringing or his religion or whatever. I glance at Lois, who tries to hide her envy. She'd love having Dolores sit with her that way but Dolores is out for big game. Rich men, not conventional, old-fashioned looking secretaries. Carefully, as if she is breakable or contagious, Bashir touches Dolores's shoulder. "It's okay, Dolores, really. I'm, uhm, fine. You can, uhm, sit down again."Dolores turns her head and faces him. She raises a hand and puts it against his cheek as she asks if he is really certain. "I can make

ually is a mock knife. "If these were your spawn you will have to die too!""Dear friends, " I holler at the two at my feet, "prevent this insane figure from killing me! I promise you gold and more if you can assure my safety! And begone, you lunatic! Your gods and saints are false, they have betrayed our city, our land, our country and kingdom!" Damn, that should have been 'kingdom and country'. I always mess that up but no one seems to notice. Dolores gets up, losing her table cloth because my foot is on it. Oh well. Her tight white leather outfit looks good too. "I will take out his eyes, my lady, " she says, not nearly loud enough, "and I shall rip out his tongue!"With a dramatic swing, Bashir pretends to slap Dolores around and she stumbles to the ground and plays unconscious. Next, Marco attempts to get to Bashir but that fails as planned also. He's not the one getting killed, after all, I am. Marco almost crashes into Mags, who sits to the side as he has no role in this part. Anthony jumps from the table. "My lady, I will stand for you!""Great warrior, " I proclaim, "if you silence this man, I will shower you with wealth!"Bashir laughs loudly and pretends to throw something at Anthony who grabs his face and howls that he's gone blind. He staggers off, leaving Bashir all the space to plunge the spoon into my table cloth and spray some red goo on me. "Die, you unbeliever!"I give it my best gurgle while I claw at the spoon (to keep it in place) and then I drop to the floor. "Right then, " Bashir says, falling entirely out of character, "and now I'm hungry."Most guests in the place stand and applaud us. We all get together and take a bow, grinning widely. We know we eat for free; with so much response from the 'audience' the waiters can't argue that! Someone takes our table cloth robes and one of the waiters guides us to a table large enough for the group. People tell us that they liked the little performance as we pass their tables. It makes me feel good. Proud. The waiter asks us for drinks, we order something and as he goes to get that we look at the menu. Marco starts grinning so badly that we all need to know why. He points at his menu. "Frog legs."

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