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   Chapter 58 Storm Chaser

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Chapter 58

Elena took a deep breath and looked around the room. With the exception of Alex Barton, all of the councilors, including her grandfather wore neutral expressions. Alex Barton was frowning at her as if she were a puppy who just made a mess on his new rug.

'I guess he hasn't forgiven me for Ian yet, " she thought. She tried not to frown, thinking of all of the trouble Ian's betrayal of the Guild had caused her. 'After all I simply reported the facts. I didn't make him seek out the military.' Each of the councilors had a copy of her proposal in front of them. Siobhan was seated in the center and seemed to be holding the position of chair for this meeting. Elena was somewhat relieved. She had never had many dealings with the councilor but at least she didn't actively hate her.

"Well, this is quite a surprising proposal, " Siobhan began. "If it hadn't been verified by one of our own I would be hesitant to believe it." Elena remained quiet. Alex snorted as if he still did not believe it. "Of course in addition to one of our number verifying it, one of the senior librarians was also willing to provide verification. This obviously eliminates all doubt." Siobhan raised an eyebrow and glanced in Alex's direction. He frowned, but refrained from comment. "So if you will please begin." She indicated Elena had the floor.

Elena nodded and began to tell of how she had discovered the Calling was not simply an illness, but an evolution of ability. She told them of how she had come to this conclusion, thanking Siobhan and Riko for putting her on that path on their last visit. She told them of the tests and the recording probes and ended with the request to establish trade as was custom.

"You certainly seem to have done your homework, " Siobhan said. "I for one appreciated the referenced footnotes." There

She was dismissed and the Council hall was once again opened as the next applicant took their place. The audience filed into the bleachers to lend support to or rail against whatever was on the docket. Elena stepped from the council chambers and into the corridor. Benjamin was waiting.

"Well?" he asked.

"It was granted and my guild tithe conditionally accepted, " she told him.


"The Librarians have to find a place they think is suitable before it becomes official."

"I see, " he said. "So it is good news?"

"Yeah, " Elena said. She glanced over her shoulder at the closed doors behind her and thought about the people who stood behind it, her grandfather included. "Does your offer of discrete investigation still stand?" She asked, when she was sure no one else was in the corridor.

"It does."

"I'd like to take you up on that." He nodded.

"I'll ask for details once we are away, " he said. This time she nodded and then broke out into a grin.

"I suppose we had best go back and tell the others, " she said. "The world is changing and they should be warned." Benjamin offered her his arm.

"I suppose they should at that, " he said. Together they headed down the corridor.

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