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   Chapter 56 Storm Chaser

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Chapter 56

Nothing appeared to have changed from their last visit and Elena assisted the unloading of the gear from the Storm Chaser. Most of the supplies such as food and water were loaded on the Crazy Chicken, which was staying, but Mateo's gadgets and gizmos as well as the supply containers were sent to shore on one of the small boats. It took several trips and most of the day to unload. The Storm Chaser spent one night docked at the long pier. As the sun rose the next day, all of the crew except Benjamin left the Storm Chaser. As they weighed anchor and pulled away, Elena felt a little sad.

"It's like we left the kids at summer camp, " Benjamin said handing her a cup of coffee as she piloted them back towards the channel.

"And they were very excited to stay weren't they?" She said laughing. "Kind of wish I could stay with them."

"Me too, but someone has to figure out a way to keep the planet so they can continue to play."

"This is true, " she said with a laugh. "And just think of all the handy crafts they will have to show us from arts and class hour."

As the trip from the planet to the Docking Facility was in protected space, the journey was uneventful. Still the butterflies danced in her belly more and more the closer they sailed. As she circled looking for a port, Elena noticed most of the councilors, including Peter, Riko and her grandfather were docked. She mentally calculated the dates and realized it was close to one to the scheduled meeting days. As people were more or less constantly mobile during the season the Council set up certain scheduled days where people could do business with the Council without disrupting normal trade.

"Handy, " she thought. "Maybe I won't have to wait too long to have my proposal read." As she expected, the available port she found most convenient was next to Riko's ship. Elena had the feeling the counselor was making a point of not going away.

"I wonder if she has actually done any trading this season or if she just dedicated it to lurking, " Elena mused as the ship was secured in place.

"Good luck, " Benjamin told her.

"Thanks, " she called. "I'll let you know as soon as we need to shove off." She slung her small travel bag over her shoulder and gathered the proposals in her arms. The hard copy for the Librarians was tucked into her bag although she planned on transferring an electronic copy to Evan first. The paper copy was in case he needed it later. As she stepped on to the dock, despite the crowds her eyes found Riko immediately. She was talking to Peter and neither of them looked happy with the situation.

Deciding waiting would be cowardly Elena walked up to them. They did not notice her until she was near enough to stop at a polite distance. She noticed their conversation seemed composed of nearly hissing comments. She cleared her throat and both heads swung towards her, reptilian fast. Elena fought hard to maintain her polite smile and not flinch. After a brief pause both Peter and Riko adopted polite masks as well.

"Am I interrupting?" She asked trying to sound innocent.

"Not at all, " Riko said sweetly.

"Of course not, " Peter echoed. "It is always a pleasure."

"Thank you, " Elena said. "With the season beginning its decent I was anxious to complete some business."

"Profitable business I hope?" Riko asked. Elena could see the somewhat smug look Riko shot Peter.

"One alw

ad crossed my mind. And as I have no desire to pillage this new planet, stripping it completely of its resources when it could be of much greater benefit then a quick profit, it seemed like a good fit."

"Indeed, " Evan said. "And the House of Librarians agrees with you. We will conditionally accept your offer. It is my understanding that you will not announce that your gift to the Guild is a home for the Library until after they have accepted your proposal?"

"Yes, I felt that they would be more apt to approve if they thought the Guild tithe was the typical percentage."

"You are Alexandro's child, " he said with a chuckle. "We agree this will be prudent. The Council will want one of their own to vouch for your findings and given the potential partnership I suspect it will be Riko who is chosen for that task. The Librarians have already received a verification request from the Council asking that we verify the space is not currently claimed by any race known to us. While we have already checked the charts and found this to be true we wish to send one of our number to accompany you on this trip. We will tell the Council it is due to the unusual nature of the request that we wish to do so."

"I understand, " Elena said. "I would feel the same in your place."

"If you have space, I would like for myself and one of my apprentices to go."

"With the exception of Benjamin all of my crew remained on the planet while I returned to make the proposals. There will be space, but it will be in the general crew's quarters."

"That will be fine. I do not need the trappings of power to remind others that I do indeed have power." Evan rose. "I will leave you to your repose. I have the feeling we will be seeing each other very shortly. I do not think Riko has the patience to wait long when such a juicy morsel is dangled before her eyes. Goodnight Elena Calabrese."

"Goodnight Evan Greggs. It was nice to have met you even though I will pretend not to know you in the morning." He laughed and she let him into the hallway.

"Very much like your grandfather." Elena closed the door behind him and returned to the couch. Somehow the daring exploits of old failed to entice her and she put the reader down and sipped her tea in thought before heading to bed.

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