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   Chapter 48 Storm Chaser

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Updated: 2018-02-26 14:47

Chapter 48

Kiera seemed amused by the Storm Chaser, the old fashioned looking sailing vessel not being what she was expecting, but she made no comment as her gear was weighed and stowed. Elena introduced Benjamin Valentine and Kiera politely greeted the big man. Elena had to admit, Kiera's greeting was much more polite than her initial one had been. For this trip out Kiera would occupy the pilot's cabin. Mateo would be moved to the crew's bunkhouse with the other men. Kiera surveyed both rooms and turned to Elena.

"Makes you glad to be a girl, " she said. As the channel entrance got closer Elena became a little nervous. Thus far Kiera had not asked too many questions about their direction. She simply observed with a curiosity Elena found in keeping with her quiet nature. She stayed out of the way and helped out whenever she was given a task. That she was unfamiliar with ships of any kind was quite clear. Elena had to admit she was game though and learned quickly. Elena scanned the sea and saw no signs of military craft, named or unnamed. She did a quick scan with the sonar and nothing appeared.

"One potential problem down, " she muttered. Elena looked over her shoulder as Kiera entered the pilot house. Elena began shutting down the electrical systems.

"If you have anything with a memory chip in it you might want to turn it off so it doesn't get fried, " Elena told Kiera.

"My camera's off and I figured we were far enough away from any cell towers that I turned my cell phone off as well." She shrugged. "So I'm good memory chip wise. I don't suppose you'd care to tell me what is going to fry the chips?"

"We have to go through a sort of electro magnetically charged passage way to get where we are going." Elena began. Kiera looked past Elena's shoulder and through the window. Elena followed her gaze and saw that the channel was in full view. She turne

ere is currently no intelligent life we can detect on the planet, but there are ruins. The pictures were taken during initial investigation." Elena decided not to point out that the photos were taken by un-manned probes and that they would be the first to attempt entry. One shock was enough at the moment.

"I see, " Kiera said. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Elena watched as Kiera slowly uncurled her fingers from the railing. "I see why you couldn't tell me, I wouldn't have believed you."

"Does this mean you aren't angry?" Elena asked.

"Kinda still too freaked out to be angry, " Kiera answered. Mateo made his way up to the pilot house. Kiera flinched a bit when he pulled the door open, but didn't make a sound.

"The view on deck is pretty awesome, " He told Kiera. "In case you are interested." Kiera glanced out of the window and nodded to herself.

"I could be interested, " she told him. Mateo held out his hand and she gripped it. Elena saw Mateo wince. Kiera saw it too and apologized as she relaxed her grip. Kiera let Mateo lead her out onto the deck. Elena watched them go and exhaled with relief.

"So far so good, " she said to herself. "Let's hope it can last the two days we need to get into the new channel."

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