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   Chapter 47 Storm Chaser

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Chapter 47

Walking to work after so long on the ship felt wonderful to Elena. While she walked much more on board the ship than she did in the normal course of a day often times it was without the benefit of the fresh breeze. Flowers bloomed in her absence and trees put out new leaves. Spring was beginning to fade into summer. A light breeze teased the ends of her hair as she walked. She pushed the strange dream of the night before aside and enjoyed the moment.

There was much to be done before she once again boarded the Storm Chaser. Much of the gathering of supplies for the planet side trip she had delegated to Benjamin. In exchange for being allowed to visit the planet with them, he was more than willing to pick up the needed goods. Elena consoled herself with the fact that the military might be watching her and as she had never really been the sort to spend time camping or hiking it would look strange if she started. There were some things Elena would still need to secure and she had a list tucked into her pocket, but most of her time would be occupied in making sure everything earthside was squared away.

Elena ran through her list as she walked. Passing Zoltoy didn't even dim her good spirits with speculation. In addition, to the imports store and Nibbles, she would need to check on the pilots and their progress. She hoped some of them made some sort of progress towards overcoming the Calling for their sake as well as her own. If they did, they could get a version of their old lives back. That would help them and monetarily, as they were now a part of her House, it would help her. From a more practical standpoint, she wanted to present the proposal to the Council by saying that not only could she go through the channel, but other pilots could as well, if they had the Calling.

She smiled, a somewhat fiercer smile than usual. Being able to open new channels would drastically alter trade and it would put the affected pilots who had been treated so shabbily at the forefront of the game. Elena stopped in her tracks as a thought hit her. She was thinking of the use of the Calling as vindication for the grounded pilots.

Somehow she had missed the complete flip of power this would bring. Pilots such as Riko would be forced to make alliances with people like Elena if they wanted their Houses to stay viable. Elena blinked in the sunlight. Pilots like Therese who had never been affected with the Calling would also have to make such alliances or be relegated to running only the old channels.

"Like transport duty, " Elena whispered. She shook her head trying to dislodge the thought. "Therese will kill me." Elena shook her head again and continued walking towards the stores, pushing the thoughts away in the name of practicality.

A few hours later her brain was spinning with practicality. She dove in eagerly. Both stores were doing well, a fact that sort of amazed her given the current economy. Apparently many people who would normally host a party at a fancy restaurant or other venue opted for more scaled down versions in their homes. Her wares were exotic enough to seem decadent yet not cost prohibitive.

She found people hosting gatherings also liked to buy one or two new items from the imports store to freshen up their home before the party. All in all business was good. Roger made a few suggestions

ery restrictive households. Alexandro was her Head of House growing up and while he was strict about certain topics he expected her to learn, in many areas he let her go her own way. Mateo and even Therese were given the same freedom once the required topics were learned where their grandfather was concerned. Therese's mother cut off a lot of the slack that Mateo and Elena still enjoyed by requiring extra classes in politics. Even then Elena was aware this was not the case in many houses. Therese's mother was closer to the norm than Alexandro.

"They were waiting for my approval, " Elena thought to herself. She wondered what other duties she was expected to perform that she had missed. She also wondered why anyone ever wanted to be in charge of anything. She made a mental note to spend some more time studying the two small books Alexandro gave her as well as working on her proposal. Considering at least one of the pilots now under the care of her House had come from Riko's, Elena had a feeling her interpretations of House rules were going to be a big change for her fledgling family.

She returned home with much of her potential proposal laid out for both the Council and the potential Alliance with Riko. Kiera was coming in at the same time and told Elena that she would be interested in accepting the contract work and in making the trip with her. Elena gave her a basic list of things she would need for the trip. Kiera's mouth quirked up at the corners and Elena had a second realization of stupidity.

"You've been on sites like this before, " Elena said.

"Yeah, " Kiera responded. "But it is nice to see you have the same expectations as I do."

"There is that, " Elena said. "Normally we have a fifty pound rule for gear. That is personal gear. If you have work related gear, I would prefer it be in a separate bag as we have different weight calculations for that." Kiera nodded.

"That's pretty standard as well, " Kiera said. "At least when flying out of country." They parted at the stair well and Elena went into her apartment feeling like she had kicked a snowball down a mountainside.

"I really hope there isn't a village in the valley, " She told Spin as she began to pull her own gear together.

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