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   Chapter 44 Storm Chaser

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Chapter 44

Elena settled herself in her chair while the Librarian made himself comfortable across from her.

"I'm afraid I don't have anything, but water to offer you, " Elena said. "I wasn't planning to be at the Docking Facility long so I didn't stock up." The man waved off her concern.

"Not a problem my dear. I understand you weren't expecting any visitors and personally I would like to keep this visit between us, if you wouldn't mind."

"Of course, " Elena answered. They sat in silence for a few seconds as the old man gathered his thoughts. Elena sat patiently. He seemed to shake himself and he smiled.

"I did not introduce myself did I?"

"No sir, you didn't, " she said with a smile.

"My apologies, one of the perils of age is that you begin believing you have met everyone already and don't need to introduce yourself any more. I am Evan Greggs."

"Mr. Greggs, how may I help you this evening?" The old man smiled and tapped the embroidered emblem on his shirt.

"As you may have deduced, I am with the Librarians." Elena nodded politely. "We couldn't help but notice the, " he paused as sucked on his teeth for a second as if trying to find the proper term. Finally he came up with something he liked. "Theme, shall we say, of your latest research. Quite a departure from your usual literary peruses."

Elena was pretty sure they could have easily helped noticing what books she checked out and was not that comfortable with others making lists. Just how many tales of piracy had she checked out over the years? Elena also had the feeling that her personal preferences wouldn't matter much and mentioning privacy would be pointless. Since discretion seemed the safer course, Elena kept her mouth shut. He paused as if waiting for a response. Not receiving one seemed to please him.

"As you are well aware, " he continued, "The library here at the Docking Facility is merely an electronic copy of most of our materials. There are items we have not yet gotten around to digitizing." Elena thought of the giant library ships, circling the galaxies like sharks, never stopping, always gathering information and guarded not only by archivists, but by fighters that made her pirate tales seem tame. After all, information was power and needed to

to ask.

"Are there any other requirements you might have that I should be concerned with?" She asked instead. In response, he slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out a memory stick.

"Your reader?" he asked. She retrieved the reader and handed it to him. He transferred whatever file he carried into the reader. "Should you find anything suitable we would be happy to negotiate. Privately, of course. My contact information is in the file as it has been decided I am the one you will deal with on this issue."

He stood up and tugged his shirt straight. Elena stood as well and escorted him to the door. He seemed eager to be on his way now that their meeting was concluded. After the door closed behind him Elena realized his proposal had the potential to solve a very difficult problem.

One of the things she knew was that the Council always took its cut. Even if Elena started an alliance with Riko, the Council would still demand a price. Elena ran a hand through her hair and toed off her shoes, leaving them by the door. She would have to pay the Council for the use of the new channel and rights to the planet. With a little effort she might be able to translate her payment into providing harbor for the Librarians instead of a percentage of the profits. This change might also keep Riko happy. She would get some prestige out of working with the Librarians and there would be less cut out of whatever profits were realized. Elena smiled.

"Let's just hope Mateo found something useful."

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