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   Chapter 43 Storm Chaser

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Chapter 43

Elena left the library with more than 30 volumes tucked into her reader. She had the feeling all of her spare time would be spent with the reader in front of her.

"Policy and procedures, " Elena said to herself as she left the archival quarter. "Fun stuff."

"I think so, " Peter said. Elena looked over to find him standing near one of the stalls. She hadn't seen him since he resent the odd valentine's gift and really hoped he didn't bring it up. His smile was a pleasant one.

"You find policies and procedures fun?" she asked.

"After a fashion."

"I knew you were warped, " she told him. Peter laughed. The laughter sounded surprised. He walked over.

"In more ways than one." He tilted his head towards the library. "Doing research?"

"Yes, " Elena told him. "I'm thinking of giving up the store and becoming a pirate. I figure the eye patch may take some getting used to, but at least I would have my own parrot. I was researching how long it takes to teach a parrot to curse in the Fegarsol tongue. I figured it would seem more menacing that way. Any thoughts?"

"Many, " he replied with a smile acknowledging the rebuff. "However if you could take a moment or two away from planning your new career I would like to get a few more details on the ship you encountered." After meeting Thompson, Elena sent a brief report to Peter about the incident, trusting him to take care of it. "Perhaps over dinner?"

"I haven't been to my quarters yet. I would need a shower and a change of clothing before I'd be fit company for a meal." She shifted her weight and adjusted her bag on her shoulder, drawing attention to the standard travel bag and the fact that she had not yet dropped it off.

"Of course. Shall we meet again in two hours at Danvers?"

"I'm not sure Danvers will let me in, " Elena commented, thinking of the ruckus she caused the last time she ventured into the place. Peter smiled.

"I'm sure they will if I guarantee your good behavior." He paused. "Unless you are planning a replay of the last brawl."

"It wasn't a brawl, " Elena said. "Just a minor altercation."

"Of course, " Peter replied with a humoring look. "The blood and broken bones were just a side effect of the argument."

"It was one broken bone, Troy's nose. And all of the blood came from the same nose."

"Of course. I will try to give you no incentive to break my nose and then perhaps Danvers will be accepting of your presence. Two hours then?"

"That will be fine, " Elena said, bowing to the inevitable. Elena cut back through the merchant's quarter at the same brisk pace she entered it. Her speed kept people at bay.

'Either that or my just of the ship smell is stronger than I realized, ' she thought. 'I'm amazed both Riko and Peter would still talk to me.' Apparently they were serious enough about their business to risk it. Elena let herself into her quarters and found someone slipped something under the door. She dropped her travel bag on the chair and bent to retrieve the envelope from the floor. It had an emblazoned D on the flap. It was the symbol of Danvers.

"Apparently they are preemptively rejecting me, " she muttered as she broke the seal. She opened it as she walked towards the bathroom. She slid the card out and stopped as she read the words.

"That has to be a mistake, " she said. She read the card again. Apparently she was invited to attend one of the exclusive tasting events. These events were where the high and mighty sampled the luxury goods from around the galaxies while politically schmoosing.

"Maybe they think I'm Therese." She said setting the opened card on the bathroom counter. She thought about the card while she showered. It had happened before. She and Therese shared a similar build and coloring. Their features were even somewhat similar. Of course Therese still wore the long hair of the typical pilot while Elena's was now a great deal shorter.

"If that isn't incentive enough to cut it I don't know what is, " Elena decided rinsing out the conditioner from her shortened locks. A short while later Elena was clean, dressed in a nice shirt and a not very wrinkled pair of slacks and heading towards Danvers. She hel

the military had information Ian didn't possess then Ian wasn't their only source. Elena tried not to sigh. She finished her coffee and set the cup down in its saucer. The leak was not her problem. It was a council problem and she wished them luck in dealing with it. With the meal concluded Elena and Peter left Danvers, each going their separate ways.

Therese and her friends still occupied a central table. Therese pointedly did not look in Elena's direction as she left. Elena wondered what form Therese's petty revenge would take this time. When her cousin felt slighted she resorted to childish tricks in order to get even. They would continue until Therese had vented her temper.

Elena rubbed her eyes, feeling the tired sink in. She had the feeling tonight would take quite a while for her cousin to get over. Mentally, she reviewed her list of errors, knowing how Therese would see them. Elena had gone to Danvers, she had been welcomed by name by the manager who escorted her to a table with a council member. She had been invited to an exclusive event and turned it down. Elena sighed and rubbed her eyes again.

"I could probably add the fact that Peter ignored her completely to the list, " Elena muttered. "At least I'm leaving in the morning." It would be difficult for Therese to pull anything before she left especially since she was still at Danvers. When Elena and Therese had been much younger their Aunt Catherine had sympathized with her even as she admonished her and Mateo for banding together against Therese. Apparently Elizabeth, Catherine's sister and Therese's mother, had a similar disposition growing up. Elena's father more often sided with Catherine, making the generational symmetry complete.

"Still does actually, " Elena said to herself thinking of some of the interaction she witnessed between her two aunts. "At least Therese comes by it honestly." Elena turned down the corridor leading to her quarters and paused when she saw an elderly gentlemen standing in front of her door patiently waiting for her to arrive. Elena dug out her electronic key and dredged up what little politeness she had left.

She smiled as she walked closer; inwardly hoping whatever he was here for could be dealt with quickly. As she came closer she noticed an emblem done in gold embroidery on his left breast. Elena blinked hard, recognizing the symbol of the House of Librarians. Elena pushed her tiredness away and really hoped this meeting didn't hurt. The Librarians were too powerful to upset.

"Good evening, " Elena said when she was in speaking range. "May I help you?" Privately Elena hoped he was either lost or mistaking her for someone else. Both hopes were dashed immediately.

"Good evening Captain Calabrese. I was wondering if I might have a word with you."

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