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   Chapter 33 Storm Chaser

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Chapter 33

Seeing Peter and Jonathan's clandestine meeting more or less killed any romance with speculation and when they thought enough time had passed to clear out the parking lot they left the bar. Andre drove Elena home. He walked her up, as before, but this time there were no hallway lurkers. Elena wondered if Smith was just taking the night off or if they were just trying to regroup after she found their bugs.

"I think next time we should try for something at least a little way out of town, " Andre said. "It might keep the interruptions down.

"I agree, " Elena said. She opened her purse and took out her keys. "Even so, I had a really good time."

"Me too, " Andre said. He leaned in for a kiss and Elena met him halfway. She felt a tingle run down her spine and for a short space no one, but she and Andre existed. He pulled away and smiled. "Definitely need to do this again."

"Definitely, " Elena said. She felt breathless. Andre's cell phone rang, the Munsters' theme song sounding loud in the hallway. He pulled the cell phone out and Elena could see him swallowing a swear.

"Peter, " he said.

"Ah, " Elena said. She unlocked her door.

"Good night, " Andre said. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, " she answered, knowing Andre had to take the call. "Tomorrow. Good night." She opened her door and Andre stepped away, answering Peter's call. Elena went into her apartment. Spin was waiting in the living room as if expecting to receive a report. Elena smiled and before she could answer the cat's questioning gaze she yawned hugely. She glanced at the clock on the wall and realized it was later than she usually went to bed on a week night.

"So no story for you, " she told Spin as she set her cell phone to charge and began to get ready for bed. "Although I think that next time we will both turn off the phones as well as leave town." Elena smiled at the thought of having an uninterrupted next time as she changed for bed.

Spin followed her around and instead of curling up on her cushion and ignoring Elena she jumped up on the bed and took the extra pillow for the night. Elena took this as a sign that Spin felt a little neglected and when she slipped between the covers she pet Spin. She concentrated on the spots under the cat's chin and on her belly until the feline purred like a well-tuned sports car. When Spin stretched

ed the channel to resume its normal depth behind the ship.

She released it slowly, unsure what would happen if the channel simply snapped back into place. She released it when it reached normal depth and sighed with relief. The cargo was safe. They would have to shelter skyside until the next season, but that wouldn't be a problem. She knew it might come to that and left plausible explanations for those not of the guild. Her cargo was safe. That was what counted.

Elena took a deep breath and opened her eyes in her night dark bedroom. Outside a storm had begun and rain pelted her window panes. It sounded like it had ice around the edges and she wondered if the new spring shoots would survive it. Somehow that turned her thoughts to Kiera and her balcony garden with its greenhouse enclosure. The thought of the plants, safe from the icy rain gave her comfort for some reason she couldn't explain. Life would continue.

Elena shook the thought away with a confused frown. She had never been given to overly worry about plants before. She mostly stayed away from any that weren't cut and placed in vases. She snuggled deep into her covers, unsure if this was a dream or the Calling. She shivered a little in reaction. The worry, stress and relief of the dream had seemed so real.

"What exactly was my cargo?" She thought, puzzled by the fierceness that filled her. She never had a cargo worth the risk of running a winter shallowed channel, just as she never thought of deepening an existing channel. It was a long time before she finally drifted back into sleep.

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