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   Chapter 31 Storm Chaser

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Chapter 31

The last of the interviews ended and Elena trudged up the stairs to the conference room. With each meeting she handed an empty journal to a grateful pilot and received a folder full of more references than she would ever want to check. While most of the pilots she saw were grounded by the Calling, others were still fighting to pilot. They would be bringing their ships to Grant's Inlet where they would dock until they could handle the Calling and avoid being grounded. In one morning she had vastly increased the number of channel riding vessels in the area. All of the transfer forms were signed and now awaited delivery. She stared at the stacks as if transfixed.

"Obviously, I have gone insane, " she said to the room. A low chuckle caused her to turn her head. Andre was standing in the doorway. He walked over to the small dorm scale fridge that lived below the table holding the coffee pot. He pulled out a bottle of water and handed it to her.

"To counter balance the coffee, " he said.

"Thanks, " she said twisting the cap off. She took a healthy swig of the water and felt it wash away some of the acidic taste too much coffee left behind.

"So how did it go?" Andre indicated the papers on the table before bending to get his own bottle of water.

"Eighteen pilots." She said. Her voice still held a note of disbelief. "At this moment eighteen pilots are looking for apartments in the neighborhood. A couple of them still have channel riding ships and will be docking up at Grant's Inlet. The military has moved on to bugging my neighbor's apartment. I have a partnership with one of the two most lethal council members, one of whom has also opened a consulting firm down the street, most likely to keep an eye on things. I have the other deadliest council member seeking to form an alliance with me and I agreed to have eighteen pilots transferred here. Obviously, I have gone insane." Elena sank int

der if he sent old lady pajamas to your grandfather too, " Andre said. "As business partners." The odd look had vanished. A tilted grin met her eyes when she looked at him. Andre winked back at her. She was sure it was just for show, but she had no idea what she could actually say to him.

"Now that would be an amusing sight, " she said with a bit of a laugh. Elena pulled up the card that went with the box of wine. She was fairly certain Doug had sent it and opened the card with no qualms. "Doug sends his thanks. Apparently the Wineshop had one of their best nights ever due to our partnership." Elena looked at the wine. "Is everyone in today?" she asked Roger.

"Yes I believe so."

"Good, " she said. "I think there are enough bottles that everyone can take one home with them. After all they did help make it a success and should share in the congratulations, don't you think?"

"I think that is a great idea, " Roger said.

"Good, " Elena stood and picked up her stack of transfer papers. "Would you mind seeing to that? I have to go get some papers signed at the hotel before grandfather leaves town."

"Not a problem, " Roger said.

Elena smiled picked up her coat and purse and left the conference room. She hoped she didn't look like she was running away.

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