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   Chapter 27 Storm Chaser

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Updated: 2018-02-26 14:35

Chapter 27

Elena laughed as Tina recounted her latest battle royal with the man they all only knew as Him. Since Tina had taken the job at Groban Inc, Him stories cropped up frequently and with much good humor. She was far too much the professional to ever give his actual name, but couldn't resist story time over brunch.

"You are so making that up, " Lisa said with a grin.

"Hand to God, " Tina said. Lisa shook her head.

"I certainly hope he had a change of clothes stashed somewhere." All three shared a laugh. Elena found the light conversation more refreshing and celebratory than last night's champagne had been. It was nice for a while to not worry over interstellar politics.

"So is it odd working with your grandfather?" Lisa asked. Elena saw Lisa's inner lawyer swim up for a peek.

"Actually, he stays mostly out of the way. He and Peter are mostly silent partners. They come in look over the ad campaigns, nod and smile, then leave again."

"That would be Peter Baranov?" Lisa asked. This time Tina shook her head.

"I was wondering how long that would take, " Tina said. Lisa frowned and Elena smiled.

"I didn't actually think she'd wait this long, " Elena said. "I figured it would come with the coffee not the check." Elena indicated the mostly empty and ready to be cleared plates. As if on cue the waitress returned to collect their plates. When she was gone Lisa looked pointedly at Elena.

"Yes, that would be Peter Baranov." Elena answered.

"There are rumors about him." Lisa said. Elena raised her eyebrows in surprise. She figured all of the stories about Peter were guild b

"It's all right, " Elena told her. "It was a long time ago. A boating accident." Elena thought of that night. Her grandfather's face solemn as he took her hand and told her she was going to be staying with him for a while. It had been several days before the truth of the matter actually sunk in. Not for the first time she wondered if it had been an accident.

Talk moved on to lighter subjects and Elena pushed the thought away. She left the other two with hugs, smiles and promises to let them know how her date with Andre went. As she walked back to the store, flashes of memory jolted her from within. Little details she had been too scared to look at, faces that hadn't meant anything compared to the news. Peter was there that night, as was Riko. They were background noise. Static that meant nothing to her then.

"But they shouldn't have been there at all, " Elena muttered to herself. Elena let herself into the back of Nibbles. She once again climbed the steps and set out to record the receipts from the night before. As she worked thoughts began to turn in her head.

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