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   Chapter 23 Storm Chaser

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Chapter 23

The ringing of Elena's cell phone woke her. She sat up, startled and wondering why she had fallen asleep on the couch. She stretched stiffly and reached for the phone. Beside her Andre stirred and she recalled their attempt to outwait Jonathan. Elena shook her head and answered her cell phone.

"Hello, " she said as Andre began his own stretching routine. Consuelo's oddly measured speech greeted her.

"Elena, Good. At what time will you be bringing to me the ingredients for tomorrow?" Elena rubbed her eyes and glanced at the clock.

"I can have the ingredients there by ten, " she said.

"This will be good. I will be ready." Consuelo clicked off and Elena realized that conversational niceties were not really one of the chef's priorities.

'Still she agreed to make some extra trays for Nibbles as well as the wine shop so we can augment the cheese and bread displays.' Actually that had been less of an offer and more of a commandment Elena was not allowed to refute. She shook her head. Today would be full of all the details necessary for tomorrow's opening. Everything from dropping off supplies for Consuelo to picking up flowers and giving a pre-opening interview to one of the reporters from the free regional magazine would be done today. The reporter wanted to get a few photos without people and then add the ones for tomorrow with folks at the opening. She turned around to see Andre peering through the Judas hole and into the hallway.

"He is still out there, " he told Elena turning away from the door. "He is sitting on the steps, and leaning against the railing. Completely asleep. I bet we could sneak past without waking him up." Elena looked back up at the clock. It was earlier then she normally left for the store and earlier than most of her neighbors left for work. She figured her sweater and jeans would do for running errands. Besides, she wasn't all that comfortable changing clothes with Andre there. She settled her hair with her hands and did some mental scheduling. If all went according to plan she could make it back to shower and change before the interview.

"Works for me, " Elena said. She tucked her cell phone in her purse and both she and Andre shrugged into their coats. Feeling like te

ers for Nibbles. Gentlemen, this is Roger DeAngelo our manager." The men shook hands.

"Actually we would more accurately be called investors, I believe, " Peter said with a smile.

"Well whatever you call yourselves I'm sure you will be happy. Nibbles is primed for success. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope to have a longer visit later, but for the moment there are many things that need to be done."

"Of course, of course, " Alexandro commented with a wave. "Do not let us keep you." Roger opened the back door and Elena saw him momentarily freeze as he caught sight of the two body guards in the parking lot. As he turned to close the door he looked at Elena with concern. She realized he was hesitant to leave her alone with two men who needed body guards. She smiled and nodded that it was all right for him to go.

"We will be meeting with Andre upstairs before I head out to Consuelo's. If you need anything call, " she told him. He nodded and Elena had the feeling she would be getting a phone call about the time he knew she was leaving for Consuelo's just to make sure she was safe. She smiled as he closed the door. Alexandro and Peter had kept straight faces throughout but once the door was closed they allowed their amusement to show. Elena frowned at them.

"Normal businessmen do not travel to meetings with body guards, " she told them.

"Drivers, " both men said in unison. She snorted and turned to lead them upstairs to look at the ad designs Andre had come up with.

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