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   Chapter 22 Storm Chaser

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Chapter 22

"Stop worrying, " Andre said as they walked into the darkened movie theater. On the screen slides flashed suggesting they visit the concession stand, host a corporate meeting or answer random Hollywood trivia.

"I'm not worrying, " Elena said as she followed Andre up the stairs and into the rows of chairs. The theater was mostly empty and felt a bit hollow. Apparently Death Angel was not a big draw for the Thursday night crowd.

"Then stop plotting and planning. No one expects deep thought in a bad horror flick. You'll make the others nervous." Andre took a seat and Elena sat down beside him with a laugh.

"All right, I'll shut my brain down for a bit."

"After all, you have done all you could, " he said. Andre tilted the bag of popcorn in her direction. She took a handful. Movie popcorn was best hot. After Alexandro went to his hotel Elena ran through every possible scenario she could think of to keep things on an even keel. In the end she had to mostly trust that people would show some common sense. It had not been a comfortable realization. After all, anything labeled common usually wasn't.

Marcus turned up later with two slim volumes that were about the size of her hand from wrist to the tip of her middle finger. The writing was small and the margins meager. While she was grateful that the size made them easily transportable, which she assumed was the logic behind them, reading the books was bound to give her headaches and eye strain. She pushed that thought away and settled back into her chair. Beside her Andre propped his feet up on the empty chair in front of him. She did likewise, crossing her legs at the ankles.

"No more worrying for the next two hours, " Elena said.

"Good, " Andre replied. "I hope they have the preview for the Code Red movie coming out next month."

"Haven't heard of that one, " Elena commented. "What's it about?" She ate her handful of popcorn as Andre described the plot as he knew it. As he spoke, she again wondered if this was a date. Andre was dressed in a button down shirt, casually untucked, and jeans. She didn't know if this was standard fare for a night out or what. She opted for a sweater and jeans rather than anything that looked too date like as well. She commented on his summation and the talk flowed freely between. It felt more comfortable than date-like.

'Probably for the best, ' she decided. 'With everything going on, adding dating Peter's cousin to the mix would not be the brightest of moves.' She smiled at one of Andre's comments. 'Still it was a nice thought while it lasted.' A few more people filed in and the lights dimmed. There was a shuffling and a series of electronic beeps and blips through the theater as the screen reminded people to turn off their cell phones.

"Not turning yours off?" Andre asked.

"Nope, " Elena said smugly. "I left it at home. Anyone who wants to reach me can leave a message. Two hours won't break anyone." Andre laughed and they quieted as the advertisements began to roll.

"I hate commercials in the theater, " Andre grumbled as they watched a car make its way across the screen.

"I know, " Elena said. "It's almost as bad as watching the pitches for television shows." The car commercial ended and the twenty minutes of tel

in the freezer.

"I hope you are okay with frozen, " Elena said returning to the living room and handing Andre a glass.

"I'm good with frozen, " he said taking the glass.

"Smith and Jonathan always make me think hard liquor is the better option."

"Understandable." Andre gestured to the photograph of her and Alexandro on the Wind Dancer. "So you did have the typical pilot hair once upon a time."

"Yeah I cut it when I left. Now I'm not sure if I'm going to grow it back out again or not."

"Huh, " Andre said noncommittally. "Is that your ship?"

"No, that is Grandfather's. I was his pilot before I left. I didn't get the Storm Chaser until the Council gave it to me in recompense for shoving me into dealing with Smith."

"Ah, the great payoff."

"Pretty good as far as payoffs go." Elena found her eyes sliding towards the door. "Do you think they are still out there?" She crossed the living room and stood on her toes to look into the hallway. Smith was gone, but Jonathan was still there. He was sitting on the steps near Kiera's doors.

"That must be making her paranoid, " Elena mumbled.


"Smith is gone, but Jonathan is sitting near Kiera's door. She has a thing about authority figures. It's probably freaking her out. If she saw him sit down."

"Did you realize you tip toed to the door?" Andre asked.

"No I didn't."

"Yes you did."

Elena thought about it. "Huh maybe I did. Hey would you mind staying until he leaves? I know as soon as you leave he is just going to press his case again and I really don't want to hear it."

"Sure, " Andre slipped off his jacket and lay it over the arm of the couch. He gestured towards her rack of DVDs. "Wanna watch another movie?"

"Why not?" Elena said with a smile. "Although I'm sure you have seen all the ones I have." Andre walked over and began to read the titles. He grinned.

"Now here is one I have not seen in forever." Andre held up her copy of Swamp Thing.

"It's a double feature, " Elena said taking the DVD from him and loading it into the player. "The Blob is also on here." Andre turned off the lights and they settled themselves on the couch, preparing to outwait Jonathan.

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