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   Chapter 20 Storm Chaser

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Chapter 20

Later, when Andre had returned to his drawings, Elena sat on Mateo's couch while he began to unpack the crates.

"It isn't so bad actually, " Mateo said. "Nate was never really in Therese's aegis so who he marries is less of a concern for her." Mateo looked up at Elena, a sarcastic grin on his face. For a second Elena was reminded of old pictures of their grandfather.

'Except for the eyebrow of course, ' Elena thought. Mateo's left eyebrow had a scar cutting across it. 'Without that they could have passed for twins.'

"Of course, I was informed I needed to set my sights higher."

"Uh, huh, " Elena said shaking her head. "Did you tell her you were holding out for a pot head?"

"You could at least pretend not to know my best lines." Mateo said with a fake pout.

"Sorry, of course, " Elena corrected. "And what was your so wise and noble comment to this suggestion of our dear cousin Therese that you set your matrimonial sights high up the social ladder?" Elena tried for serious, but broke out into a grin midway through. Mateo grabbed a pillow from the chair near him and threw it at her. "I don't think she has to worry."

"About me not marrying up?" Mateo asked.

"About you marrying."

"I could marry, " Mateo said.

"Uh huh." Mateo had always been known for flitting from woman to woman like a hummingbird in a field of flowers.

"It could happen, " Mateo said. "Eventually."


energy drain had come from her trying to keep the ship on course and open the channel at the same time. Since normally the newly opened channel was the ship's course, it had been difficult. Elena's cell phone rang, jarring her out of her thoughts.

"Go ahead and answer it, " Mateo told her as he reached for another crate. As the number was from the imports store she clicked the button to receive the call.

"Hello, Elena?" Susan's voice rolled out at Elena's greeting.

"Yes, is something wrong Susan?"

"No at least I don't think so. Your grandfather is here and he has asked to see you and your cousin. I told him you had taken a personal day, but he did say he needed to see you."

"Of course Susan, " Elena said. "Tell him we'll be right over." Elena hung up and stood.

"Problems?" Mateo asked.

"Grandfather is in town early and wants to see us now. He also didn't call me directly on his own cell phone."

"I'll get my coat."

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