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   Chapter 13 Storm Chaser

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Updated: 2018-02-26 14:27

Chapter 13

Elena smiled as she turned on a few of the lights and began meandering through the displays. Roger and Andre had done good work. She remembered the empty shell the building had been and marveled at the transformation. It wasn't the same thrill of excitement she got outrunning raiders, but it was still a zing to look at everything. And soon she would be sharing it. She traced her fingers along the edge of a Qurla fadesol that had been used for decoration behind the daask.

"No, " she reminded herself. "Not daask, Starlight." She held up the small bottle and watched the silvery liquid swirl with small prismatic rainbows flashing color every few turns. Her grandfather liked to add a drop or two to champagne for festive occasions. Today and for the opening they would mix it with Pellegrino.

"You know if you talk to yourself in the dark people are going to start calling you crazy." Elena turned to find Andre standing at the foot of the stairs. He wore faded blue jeans with frayed cuffs and a gray t-shirt. He was barefoot and holding a mug of coffee. He looked as though he had just woken up. Again Elena wondered if the Thursday movie outing was a date.

"I'm not in the dark, " she told him. "I turned on some lights, " she indicated the two small bulbs above her head. He rolled his eyes.

"My mistake. I was misled by the twenty other light bulbs that were still dark, " Andre commented, gesturing with his coffee mug. Elena laughed. "I noticed you didn't deny the talking to yourself claim though."

"That would be pointless, " Elena said. "Besides everyone knows I talk to myself. All the great people do. I heard Leonardo Davinci routinely

corner. "I brought it up yesterday after you stooped by."

"Good work, " she told him. They began arranging things on the table and Elena soon realized she was in the way. She stepped back and let Roger take over. When he finished he stepped back and surveyed his handiwork. Elena had to admit that the table was laid out beautifully. She would be able to talk about each item while everyone sampled. Drinks were located on one end, their bright glass bottles glinting under the lights while plates were stacked in neat rows on the other. After samples were consumed and questions asked, Roger would lead the tour downstairs and cover the basic orientation and operations.

"It's almost time for everyone to get here, " Roger said glancing at his watch. "I think I'll go down to let them in and send them up here, if you think we are set." Elena nodded, swallowing hard past the lump in her throat. This was the sink or swim moment. Would everything they had done make these off world goods look right? Roger went back downstairs.

"Just breathe, " Andre told her with a warm smile. "Everything will be fine."

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