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   Chapter 12 Storm Chaser

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Chapter 12

By the time the bulk of the paperwork had been sorted, Elena was more than ready to crash. She glanced at the clock. It was still early by local time, but when she figured the time difference between DFT and local time she realized she had put in a long day.

"Besides, it is late enough that I won't wake up too early, " She said to herself. Spin already curled up in her basket bed and didn't stir at Elena's comment. She pushed the paperwork back into a neat stack next to her laptop and clicked off the light. Her laundry had been completed but the clothing was still in the dryer. She opened the dryer door and extracted some still warm pajama pants and a t-shirt from the swirled mass of clothing. Deciding that wrinkles could be dealt with another time she closed the door and hauled the sleep wear to the bed room. Elena changed quickly, kicking her worn clothing into a pile and pulling on the clean pajamas. The still warm cotton felt wonderful against the room's chill and as she slipped between the sheets she thought of the old fashioned bed warmers she had seen at a house museum during a tour.

"Just an updated version really, " she said as she snuggled down. Her eyes drifted closed and she was asleep in minutes. The dreams came instantly.

She was alone on the Storm Chaser, sailing through the black. The scene was familiar from both life and the many dreams of the Calling. She heard the whispers and turned sensing an area of space where a new channel could form. It was like a worn spot on her favorite jeans. With a bit of pressure the worn spot could become a hole, or in this case a channel. She concentrated on the spot and the channel widened. Soon it was wide enough for the Storm Chaser to glide through.

Elena resisted taking her ship through, words of caution threading their way into her mind even though she was dreaming. She checked the new channel and mentally recorded its depth. The ship could pass. She ran through her list of safety precautions. Was the channel a two way or a one way? Once she had gone through it would she be able to return the same way or would she have to make a crossing to an

ting firm and it was located in the same block as her two stores. She passed the newly renovated building and saw its door now bore a sign. Zolotoy Consultants. She shrugged as she passed. What they consulted on she couldn't tell, but maybe they would bring in the type of clients she could turn into customers. Elena came to the crosswalk and watched the morning traffic go by. When the light changed, she crossed the street, more than willing to get back inside. She reached for her keys as she approached the door and was a little non-plussed to see Susan already bustling around getting the store ready for opening. She shook her head and let herself in.

"Morning, " Elena called, letting Susan know she had arrived. It was an odd feeling not being the one to open the store, but she didn't want to interrupt Susan's flow. "I'll be next door if you need anything. The staff training is going to start around nine."

"Great, " Susan said brightly. "I thought of a few more things for you after you left and sent them up to the conference room with Andre since I wasn't sure if you would be in the office, " Susan indicated the little office at the back of the store. Elena tried not to wince at the thought of more paperwork and concentrated on the fact that it was good that Susan was so thorough and reliable.

"I'll take a look, " she promised. She left Susan to finish opening up and went to the still night dark Nibbles.

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