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   Chapter 11 Storm Chaser

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Chapter 11

Elena leaned her head against the door. All she wanted was to eat her pizza, do her laundry and get her mind ready to introduce outsiders to off world goods. She was still sleeping with her fingers crossed that Nibbles would go well.

'Maybe I could ignore him, ' she thought. There was another series of knocks from the other side of the door. Elena could feel them vibrate the wooden door through her forehead.

"Ms. Calabrese I know you are at home, " Smith said. Elena straightened up and with a frown opened the door.

"I am home and I am not accepting visitors, " she told him, clipping the words. His frown deepened, turning his face into a mass of creased crags and crevices.

"We have been trying to reach you. If you had bothered to answer your phone this visit would be unnecessary."

"If you had left a message with a phone number where you could be reached then I would have called you back." She countered.

"I do not plan on discussing this in the hall where anyone can over hear." His voice was scolding as if she were a petulant child. She lifted her left eyebrow.

"Well you certainly aren't coming in, " Elena said. Smith's frown deepened. Elena had visions of his face completely folding in on itself. A vein in his forehead stood out and she could swear it had begun to pulse. She hoped it didn't explode.

"Then what do you propose, Ms. Calabrese?"

"I propose that you go home, call Peter Baranov and deal with him. My involvement ended once we returned from our trip."

"There are issues."

"Which Peter can deal with." The timer for her pizza dinged. "Now if you will excuse me, my dinner is ready and I am hungry. Good night." Although it was tempting to slam the door in his face, Elena closed it with no more force than normal. It was never a good idea to let someone like Smith know how much he had gotten under your skin. She did take a certain satisfaction in the gesture however. Elena went to the kitchen and using pot holders, transferred her pizza to a cooling rack.

"Do you believe the nerve? Showing up on my doorstep. Knowing I just got back into town?" She said aloud, hoping that her apartment was still bugged. "He ought to be ashamed of himself."

unch. She thought of Benjamin's talk of the mad chef and smiled.

"That should be interesting, " she said to herself. Wednesday Mateo arrived. Her cousin would be living close while they worked to save time and trouble. He had rented an apartment down the street. Not only would it provide them both a place to work that was more than likely not yet bugged, but it would give Mateo some much needed personal space. She had no desire to develop a sock on the door system with her cousin. The apartment he rented wouldn't be big enough for the full workspace Mateo would require, but it was a start.

Friday would be the last minute things for Nibbles opening and the arrival of Peter, her grandfather and God knew who else. Elena was aware people were paying attention to what was going on she just didn't know if they would feel the need to personally investigate or watch from afar. Somewhere in there she had to deal with the business of the imports store. Elena eyed the stack of papers with a frown. Knowing it had to be done and wanting to do it were two totally different things.

And then there was the Thursday night movie thing with Andre. Was that a date? They had watched movies together before but it had always been a spur of the moment kind of thing. And what was she supposed to wear to a not-quite-maybe-possible date? Elena rolled her eyes and pulled the paperwork towards her. Somehow it looked more attractive than worrying about problems with no answers.

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