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   Chapter 10 Storm Chaser

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Updated: 2018-02-26 14:24

Chapter 10

Elena detoured to the grocery store before heading home, leaving Spin curled up in the floorboard. She frowned at the sleeping cat.

"I'll be quick, " she said, not liking to leave the cat in the car. Spin opened slitted eyes to peek at Elena and then closed them again, seeming the picture of contentment. Realizing she had been dismissed, Elena grabbed her purse, and slid out of the car. She locked it behind her and walked quickly through the parking lot. Mentally, she ran through her list. It was a short one, bread and crackers for the tasting in the morning, seltzer for mixing drinks, plastic utensils for scooping and spreading pastes and stirring liquid, cups and plates, and something quick she could eat for dinner with no fuss. The small basket was quickly filled and Elena stood frowning at the freezer in the frozen foods aisle debating the merits of frozen pizza over microwavable Mexican food.

"Well, imagine running into you here." Elena turned towards the sound of the voice, Jonathan, Smith's younger counterpart. Idly she wondered whether cohort or lackey was a more appropriate term.

"Hello, " she said politely. Making a split second decision, she opened the glass door and grabbed the first pizza she saw. She also decided on lackey.

"How have you been?"

"Fine, " she replied automatically. "I am sort of in a hurry though and can't really stay to chat. I left the cat in the car and don't really want to leave her too long in the cold."

"Of course, " Jonathan said. Elena started walking towards the check-out counter. Jonathan followed and Elena sighed inwardly. She took her place in line and Jonathan lined up behind her. She glanced into his basket. It held a tube of tooth paste, some disposable razors, a box of plastic wrap and a bag of froze

lena shook her head and closed and locked the door behind her. She crossed the living room and put her grocery bags on the kitchen table and let her duffle fall to the floor. Spin meowed loudly, afraid that she had been forgotten.

"It isn't like you are starving, " Elena told her as she got a can of cat food from the cabinet. Normally she would mix the small can with dry food but this time she didn't bother.

"Everyone deserves a homecoming celebration." Spin dug into the food as if she hadn't eaten in years. Elena shook her head and took the cellophane off her frozen pizza. "You'll get sick if you eat too fast, " she cautioned the cat as she slid the pizza into the oven. She clicked the dial to the appropriate temperature and set the timer. A knock sounded at the door. Elena thought about ignoring it but since her place was most likely still bugged the military would know she was cowering inside her apartment. She walked across the living room towards the front door.

"Please be Kiera, " she muttered as she leaned up and looked through the judas hole. Standing in front of her door with his arms crossed over his chest and a deep frown creasing his face was Smith.


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