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   Chapter 6 Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser: Book Two of The Channel Riders By Valerie Gaumont Characters: 5162

Updated: 2018-02-26 14:22

"Are you sure this came from my galley?" Elena asked. Benjamin laughed.

"Are you going to ask that every meal?" he responded. Elena shook her head.

"I still think you smuggled food on in your bag, " Benjamin's only reply was a wide grin. Elliot began clearing the table.

"I have to agree with the captain, " Elliot said. "I've never eaten like this ship board."

"Where'd you learn to cook like that anyway?" Elena asked.

"I spent some time working with a crazy chef named Consuelo McCracken, " he admitted leaning back in his chair. "She was crazy, but she sure could cook. Since I liked the food, I paid attention. I can only do the simpler things though."

"Consuelo McCracken of Grazos?" Elena asked.

"That would be the one. Except she left Grazos last I heard."

"True, " Elena said. "About two months back. I've got a meeting with her this trip earthside."

"Really, " Benjamin said. A thoughtful look darted across his face before being replaced by the easy grin. During the trip Elena had come to realize the grin was the mask he hid behind. She thought of it as his wizard face. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

"Is she really that crazy?"

"Not really, just don't interrupt her when she is cooking and you'll be fine."

"Good to know." Elena stood and walked to the door of the galley. "And sorry to say soon the Storm Chaser will have to be without your skills. We should hit the channel in an hour or so, then it's just a short run to port. Let me know if you want to give up the t

or so long the fresh air felt divine. Movement to starboard caught her eye and she looked.

"Dolphins, " she said with a smile. For some reason the channel riders always attracted them. She glanced behind her and saw several playing in the ship's wake. "Good luck follows where dolphin's dance, " she quietly repeated the old adage. With Nibbles, the store selling off-world goods in earth friendly packaging opening this week she was willing to take all of the good omens she could.

Elena looked across the desk and saw both Freddie and Elliot enjoying the feel of the sun and wind. Benjamin left the galley and found a place on deck, out of the way to sun himself. Spin followed him and settled herself in a patch of sunlight nearby.

"With skin that unaccustomed to sunlight you better watch out for sunburn, " Elena called. Benjamin flashed a grin her way.

"I put on sun block in the galley." Elena nodded and went back to her tasks. Skyside inertia kept the ship on course. Earthside was much more demanding.

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