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   Chapter 40 Pilot

Pilot: Book One of the Channel Riders By Valerie Gaumont Characters: 3569

Updated: 2018-02-02 13:26

The next few days passed in an odd game of tag. Elena appeared in the bazaar as she was supposed to, letting Smith and Jonathan catch sight of her. Then she would do her level best to disappear before they could catch her. If she escaped, the day was hers. If they caught her she would spend more time shopping. By the time her grandfather returned and the Wind Dancer was ready to return, Elena never wanted to go shopping again. Although she did have to admit her rooms now looked a little less industrial.

"I suppose it is for the best, " she thought as she ascended the docking tube and once again took he place on the Wind Dancer. She dropped her bag off and readied the Wind Dancer for departure as every one else settled. As expected, Smith and Jonathan saw her and made a beeline for her location. Smith however seemed to have left his demanding questions back on the Docking Facility and returned to the silent appraisal that he adopted after the fight with her grandfather.

'Here's hoping it lasts, ' she thought. The docking clamps released and

uld miss it. She had grown up on the Wind Dancer's decks. Boots, the ships cat circled around her ankles. Elena thought of Spin and the Storm Chaser. The melancholy faded a little. Across the deck Smith and Jonathan prowled still looking for the instruments she had hidden. Since they were built into the hull and below the water line, she didn't have much hope for their quest.

She could almost feel sorry for them. No ship, the only pilot they knew off where they couldn't reach her and only Peter for a contact, when they could reach him. She had a feeling happiness would not reign supreme. Feeling slightly petty, Elena smiled. She adjusted the Wind Dancer's heading and turned the ship for home.

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