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   Chapter 29 Pilot

Pilot: Book One of the Channel Riders By Valerie Gaumont Characters: 5058

Updated: 2018-02-02 13:17

As Elena walked home, fat flakes of snow began to drift down. She smiled as she stopped and tilted her head up to watch them spin lazily to the earth. The flakes caught in her hair and brushed against her face, melting as they came into contact with her skin. She stuck her tongue out and caught one, letting it melt down her throat. She pulled her tongue back in and closed her mouth. She smiled, turned to look at the street in front of her and continued walking home.

The first snow of the season was magical to her. It was the fifth and sixth snows of the season that wore on everyone. As she neared home, the flakes began to fall faster. Gone were the lazy spirals, as snow fell in thick waves making the world seem like a television screen full of static. The world felt muffled by the snowfall, like a bell boxed in cotton. Elena shivered as cold drops of melted snow trickled down her scalp. She hurried her steps, wishing she had thought to wear a hat.

Once inside, she shook off the wet and went up to her apartment. She draped her damp coat over one of the kitchen chairs and decided to change into an old t-shirt and yoga pants. Pleased that she had no plans to go out that evening, she decided to make some hot cocoa and curl up with a book while the snow fell.

She pulled her favorite reading chair towards one of the windows. The chair was close enough to see the snow falling, but not close enough to feel one of those sneaky cold drafts that snaked in around the cracks. Elen

. Elena stretched, shivering when her limbs peeked out of the warm cocoon of air beneath her blanket. She wrapped the blanket around her and stood up. Elena glanced out of the window and saw the world wrapped in a thick blanket of white. It looked as though several inches had stuck already and the snow was still falling.

"Good thing I don't have to go out tomorrow, " she muttered as she shuffled towards the bedroom. "No matter how many years they have lived with snow, people always forget how to drive on it the first time out." She brushed away the visions of car wrecks that she figured would feature on tomorrow's evening news. She glanced at the leather notebook and briefly thought about writing down her dream, but decided it could wait until morning. She shrugged off her blanket and crawled into bed. She curled up and let herself relax. As she was drifting off, a thought occurred to her.

"I didn't get a headache that time." Elena smiled and drifted into a deep dreamless sleep.

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