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   Chapter 23 Pilot

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Elena watched for a moment as the sedan disappeared around a corner. Her feelings were mixed with Peter's departure. Part of her was relieved not to have a council member watching her every step, yet she felt a little abandoned now that Peter was gone. Elena sighed and turned to her apartment building. She went in, climbed the stairs and unlocked her apartment door. Elena tossed her calendar, notebook and purse on the couch and deciding it was close enough to lunchtime to warrant it, she went into the kitchen to make a sandwich. As she smeared peanut butter and jelly on her two slices of bread she wondered if the military had gone as far as searching her apartment while she was gone.

"If they did they would have probably bugged the apartment too, " she muttered pressing the two slices of bread together and taking a bite. She eyed the light fixture in the kitchen. Was that dark spot on it always there or was it the shadow of some sort of spy equipment. As she looked she realized it was just a worn spot on the plastic. She rolled her eyes at herself and took another bite of her sandwich. If there were bugs she would more than likely never find them and looking for them would just drive her crazy.

"Besides, " she said. "It isn't like they are going to overhear anything. I live alone." She shrugged. "All I have to do is stop talking to myself and they'll never hear a thing." Elena finished her sandwich and wiped up the few crumbs on the kitchen counter. For a moment she was at a loss as to her next steps. She wasn't used to being home so early in the day. She thought about going into the store, but decided against it. She retrieved the notebook she had started jotting notes in the night before. The notes were a jumbled list and needed to be clarified into a cohesive plan before any steps could be taken. She started listing the steps needed and the order they needed to occur in order to make the business function.

"Definitely need to start getting a proposed budget together, " she muttered thinking of the presentation she would need to make for Peter and her grandfather. She was certain that Peter was quite business savvy, but

giving to her grandfather and Peter. The rest of the day passed relatively quickly. Elena had a second peanut butter and jelly sandwich while she worked and called it dinner. By the time she was ready to head to bed she was happy with the preliminaries she had created. She decided to take the notebook to work with her and type it up on the computer in her office there. The card Peter had given her was on the table next to her pen. She picked it up and tucked it into the front of the notebook. When she had the typed proposal she would call and see how he wanted it sent to him.

"For all I know he might still be tied up with Ian when I call and tell me to hold onto it for a while." Elena thought of Ian and wondered what was happening. She glanced out at the darkened street and realized they would have reached the Lorenzo by this time. Would Ian have an immediate trial or would they make him wait a while? Somehow Elena couldn't see Ian being given the same comfortable suite she had been given on her visit to the council vessel. Elena showered and readied herself for bed. She grimaced when she realized she still had not picked up coffee.

"I'll pick it up on the way home tomorrow, " she told herself. "Even if it means going back to the coffee shop." The restless night before drained her and Elena snuggled into her covers and curled up into a ball. Almost immediately she drifted off into a mercifully dreamless sleep.

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