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   Chapter 20 Pilot

Pilot: Book One of the Channel Riders By Valerie Gaumont Characters: 5228

Updated: 2018-02-02 13:11

Elena's thoughts of once again riding the channels followed her into dreams. She was on board the Storm Chaser this time and could feel the ship moving under her command. The feeling of being one with the ship was back and she laughed in the face of the spray as they moved. The day was clear, the sky an azure bowl above her. Off the lee side dolphins danced in the waves, drawn to the magic a channel rider left scented in the water.

Elena turned her face to the sun and closed her eyes for a moment feeling the sun on her closed eyelids. She smiled and opened her eyes, scanning the open water. To her physical eyes only leagues of open water met her gaze. She smiled again and saw the world with the sight of a Pilot. The entrance to the channel appeared as if it were an opening between two massive rock formations. She tested the depth and feel of the channel.

"Easy passage, " she said to herself. She steered the ship to the center of the channel and with a bump left the open sea for the open sky. Azure sky bled to black and stars twinkled where once only the sun held sway. The ribbon of water, drawn into the channel with her ship gleamed darkly. Elena breathed deeply. The scent of the sea remained on the ship, as much a part of it as its riggings, but the air no longer held the tang of the breeze. Instead, the recyclers kept air inside the shield fresh and clean. Her hair stirred a little in the currents. The currents were more for comfort than use. Early pilots found without the currents, sailors found the air too still and sailo

ad. She jotted down what she remembered of the dream even though she was certain the first part of the dream was an actual dream and not part of the Calling.

"Or was it, " she mused. The two fit so well together, as if one were the extension of the other. "The dream made me feel a bit like Christopher Columbus or maybe Magellan, striking out into uncharted waters and still afraid of falling off the edge of the world or being eaten by sea monsters, " she wrote. Elena realized she was working the situation around in circles and capped the pen and closed the notebook.

She put the notebook aside and curled up letting thoughts of exploration flow through her. The dreams weren't scary, just odd. The channels didn't work that way. They were established pathways not heat spots in space. She slipped into dreams, flashes passing by with no cohesive whole. A flower, a sunset, a tree, all images of places and things she had never seen. It was a kaleidoscope. She woke in the morning more tired than when she had gone to sleep.

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