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   Chapter 10 Pilot

Pilot: Book One of the Channel Riders By Valerie Gaumont Characters: 5707

Updated: 2018-02-02 13:03

Elena followed Siobhan to the library. They arrived to see Riko sitting comfortably in one of the leather chairs and stirring a cup of coffee taken from the tray set off to the side. Elena did not realize she left the dining area. Siobhan took another of the seats and gestured for Elena to take a third.

The butterflies were once again swirling in Elena's belly and she wished she hadn't added quite so much waffle to their dance floor. She politely declined another offer of coffee. Riko stirred her cup while Siobhan poured for herself. The small silver spoon made little clinking noises as it circled through the black liquid and Riko's eyes were focused on Elena. When Siobhan was settled she smiled at Elena.

"The Calling is hard upon a Pilot, " she began softly. "A difficult choice, do you risk your crewmates or do you forsake the only life you've ever known. Many choose the risk." She paused to take a sip of her coffee.

"Easier to build a new life than to justify the possible deaths of friends." Elena said. Whatever they thought, walking away hadn't been brave. She hadn't even told the other crewmembers or the bulk of her family why she was leaving. She told her grandfather, as she was legally required to do, that's it. She then skulked off and tried to pretend that part of her life never existed.

"Who diagnosed you?" Riko asked, her voice low and hard.

"I diagnosed myself, " Elena replied. "When the Calling started it was easy to ignore, the longer they whispered the greater the urge became to follow them. So I left." Riko and Siobhan exchanged glances.

"There are many who study The Calling, " Riko said.

"Are there?" Elena asked, unsure where the convers

best, " Elena said.

"Good, " Riko said. "That is all we can ask." Both Riko and Siobhan stood and Elena scrambled to her feet. The two council members started towards the door.

"Another side effect of paying attention to the dreams might be of benefit to you Elena, " Siobhan said.


"The pilots who paid attention to the dreams found their urge to strike off into the black and away from the safe channels at the urging of the Calling greatly diminished. A few of them are no longer grounded."

The two council members left Elena standing stock still in the library. She no longer saw her surroundings and the events of the past few days faded in importance. Slowly, she sunk back into her chair. The effects of the Calling diminished. She would be able to pilot again. Just by paying attention to her dreams. She shook her head.

"Crazy, " she whispered out loud. "It can't be that easy." Still deep inside hope flickered. One cold thought nearly blew the flame out, "The council doesn't give something for nothing, " she whispered. And they had given her quite a bit. "What could they possibly want from me?"

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