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   Chapter 24 No.24

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My back smashed into the wooden wall and I felt shards of wood splinter into many spots on my back. I head butted Lacy twice with a force only a powerful Lycan could muster. She staggered back and we were both momentarily stunned from the collisions.

I charged her before she could recover and I drove her through the large oak table and into the floor. I smashed my fist into her face with such force that the rebounds of her skull shook the whole house.

She stretched her legs and began to pelt me with awkward kicks into the back and the head. She raked her claws for my throat but caught me bellow the collarbone as I moved to avoid her blows. Snarling, I raised my hand high and began to sprout my claws again, but she pushed with all her strength and I felt myself fly clear across the room and through the wall into the first living room.

I staggered to my feet in a hurry and I was guarding myself by the time she met me again. She kicked in a blur, but I dodged to my right and she followed up with a jab that glanced my ribs. I countered with a jab of my own, and she was out of range before I could do more damage. Lacy was moving very quickly and she was being very cautious of me. She knew very well that her sister trained me, so she was not going to lose her head in this.

The low growl emitted from me was enough to rumble the whole house. Lacy growled in return and she blurred in motion and the next thing I can remember, I am lying in the shattered remains of my glass center table.

Cursing, I rose to my feet and kicked her in motion, keeping distance between us. She was going for the kill; not that I thought this was a practice match. Lacy was not trying to out fight me or even out power me; she was using her slight speed advantage to try and get her one clean opening. She just wanted my throat, no gloating and no fuss.

She jabbed and I could not avoid the second blow from her other hand and I staggered back. She pressed her advantage and tried to sweep my feet, but I hopped over her sweep and connected with a light jab to her temple. She began to move even faster now; the next thing I know she is behind me and I am being knocked into the front wall.

I barely moved from her fist on intuition alone this time and I swept for her legs. Though I connected, she did not fall. She absorbed the blow on her knee and snap kicked me in return. I was knocked back into the same solid wall as before.

I cursed vividly and I got back to my feet just to be knocked down again with a haymaker. She pounded me into the floor so deeply that the boards began to crack under me. My vision was spotty now and my focus was slipping to the darkness creeping around the edges of my sight. Panic set in and with it a new floodgate of adrenaline.

I thrust my clawed hand for her chest in a gambit and shit leapt off of me like a bat out of hell. Lacy was moving faster than any alpha I had ever seen before. She had more power than I did with Ang's stolen abilities, but I did not have a choice. I had to fight—had to win! She rushed me and knocked me into the far back wall. I coughed and I kneed her in the stomach and followed it with a right cross. She staggered back but not for long.

She came at me in a blur and in the moment, I could see her every move. I dodged slightly to avoid her fist and I landed a lightning fast blow of my own. She juked left and I followed and we began to trade blows quicker than any beta could have ever followed. We were the thing everyone feared in our world. Top tier Lycans in a death match.

Blow after blow we both seemed to be in such a fury that we did not feel the pain being inflicted by the other and everything seemed to still around us. There was no time to think, only time to keep acting on instincts. This is why Ang taught me what she could, so that I would not be killed in a death match at a high level. Lacy's form was sloppy, but nearly a mirror of her sister's, for all her seeming hatred of Ang, she did not mind taking advantage of her fighting tactics.

I released all the cold fury I had bottled up and it fueled my blood thirst; egging it on. I

one had mentioned my having been there, some of the employees had indeed seen my fight with the Shannon's, but they did not come forward about it. One young waitress had said, "I have lived here my whole life, we know more than you think we do. We do not meddle in the business of your people." To say I was shocked would be understating matters a lot.

Between work, pack reconstruction and keeping Jenna in her senior year of high school; I was at my limit! Matt and Vic were a godsend for all the damages we had to account for. We did not just want everything repaired, but to make sure our defenses were solid in case of another idiotic attack. Clay said that the chances were a lot lower now that we had taken the whole town and won a war with fewer numbers, but neither of us was letting our guard down, ever!


It has been two months since the attack on our pack and the dust has begun to settle. The Cambelle-Wells Pack had swept over the whole town and found places to settle in our much larger territory. The families, who wanted more space, had all they needed and then some now. I had refused most of the Lycans from the old Shannon Pack to remain on my land, but I had accepted some of the innocent pups and women who were not mixed up in any of the shenanigans.

Clay had been busy building us a little love nest of our own, right next door to my pack house, so I could be as noisy as I wanted in bed at night. Leave it to a male to find such an absurd reason to build a house! Jenna was ruling the roost of the pack house anytime I was retired to my new house. She was putting the Lycans of our pack through a new and improved version of 'The Lycan Games.' They all dared not gripe about it either, but you could see the dread wash over them before training time.

Victor and Matt had more room to control sectors of the territory now and it seemed to make them a lot happier. They were strong ass males, so it was a given that they would like to have more freedom to exert their own control and leadership abilities. We now had one of the largest and most desired pack territories in all of Canada, but we were being very cautious on who we let into our land now.

Clay's family is coming to visit next week, they are supposed to stay for a week or so and offer us any advice or aid we need in this period of transition. We are happy that they are concerned for us, but we believe it is likely his father wanting to witness the huge fiefdom we had managed to build for ourselves here.

Earlier this year a trip to the woods and a bite on my foot changed my life. Despite how violent and chaotic my new world may be at time, I feel like I truly never lived until the day I was bitten—the day that brought me to my pack and to Clay.

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