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   Chapter 23 No.23

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Updated: 2018-02-17 19:01

Blood was splashed all along the new stone walls of the house boarders. Blood was in the grass and splashed on the trees around the boundary lines. Scores of wolves were lying in heaps along the path to the pack house. None of these were mine, I flung my car door open and barreled for the broken iron gates.

A melee of wolves fought and I threw Lycans off my pack members as I ran through. I slashed out with my now clawed hands and I ripped into four wolves in a blur of violence. My roars could be felt to the very bones of all the bodies of the Lycans around me. I could feel the bond in the pack and my Lycans were still hanging on. Their spirits seemed to rally anew at the sound and feel of their alpha's battle cries.

'Clay where are you?' I heard heavy breathing and desperation cross my link to him.

'Jenna, where is Clay at?'

'Ele, you back already?' She sounded slightly winded in my head, so she was fighting someone.

'Yes, I killed the alphas the second I heard about the attack. They don't have any backup coming and the other Lycans in the town are currently being chased by the cops.'

'You called the fucking police on fellow Lycans?!'

'A girl uses whatever she has to, you know that. Where the hell I Clay and why can't I seem to get him to answer a link properly?'

'He chased bitch-face and her mate inside the house. I am pretty sure he has been holding her at bay until you could get here. Clay is super strong, but Ele we both know that he is not exactly a match for that hyped up on crack Lycan.'

Sadly it was true, Clay was about as strong as an alpha gets, short of being pureblood, but she would have every edge on him. It would not be as lopsided as my fight with Shannon, but it would not exactly be fair either.

'I need you to handle her little mate, he is a weak shit, but I need him out of my way.'

'On it!' I could hear Jenna's excitement through our bond. She was racing towards me and I was slashing my way towards the pack house. I had a pretty good idea where Lacy would be right about now. She thinks she is clever, but she is actually pretty predictable now.

Three more gamma warriors charge me with fierce snarls. I sidestep and raked both my clawed hands across chest and belly, mutilating the first of the passing Lycans. Spinning, I

cold fury; like Ang had taught me. Nothing is going to be resolved if I let her bait me with her crazy rants. I must look for my window of opening. I know that she has Clay staged like a prop and from here I can still smell the wolfsbane running in his blood. He is weakened drastically, but he has yet to hit a fatal level from what my bond to him tells me. Being this close to my mate—I can sense his pain and his health. He is not well, but he is still a powerful alpha male, so I will just have to get her a little farther away from him.

She seems to sense the line of my thought, because she begins to close the distance to him and I let out a powerful roar. The sonic boom effect staggers Darrell, who is the one holding the poisoned dagger this time; no doubt needing it just to land a blow on my mate. Clay moves at in human speed—completely ignoring his own plight. He is alpha and he is over four hundred years old. Clay has survived many things in his many lifetimes and he will survive this too. I feel this clarity in our bond to each other now and I blur in motion towards Lacy.

She abandoned Clay now and threw herself at me—we collide in the center of the kitchen and we dig into each other's shoulders with our claws. I snap at her in fury and I begin to feel my tight control threatening to spill out like a cold snap in temperature.

I feel her great well spring of power threatening to consume me, but I don't care. I know that this stolen alpha power is slightly more than mine, but I must end this somehow!

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