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   Chapter 22 No.22

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With all the preparations that anyone could possibly conceive of out of the way; I drove to the small country dinner with my two strongest betas shadowing me. A freshly recovered Scot begged to be my lead beta on my little three person away team. He is a martial arts master, so I know he can handle numbers. Na?ve is one thing I am not anymore; we fully expect a cluster fuck at the dinner. My gut was telling me that Shannon would not give one fuck about dragging the humans into this.

I had my own ace in the hole for the numbers game, but I prayed it would not be needed and I was just being paranoid. A girl could always hope this really was a treaty negotiation, but all the attempts on Clay and I over the past months warned me differently.

Parking just across the street from the dinner, I pointed my car nose out, so I could make a fast retreat. I was a pureblood alpha, not suicidal. I knew full well that they possessed the numbers to truly end my life if they committed to this.

A lite snow was falling tonight and my clock read eight fifty seven; I climbed from my car and locked it. The air was thick with tension and fear. I could smell the gamma and beta wolves nearby; they did not seem to be very happy about their task tonight. Rolling my eyes at the feeble attempt at hiding their men, I walked towards the dinner.

'They have gammas and betas on the hillside to my seven O'clock. See if you two cannot dwindle their ambush quietly. Use the damn wolfsbane weapons, this is not an honorable challenge, this is a declaration of war against us. I will not permit such bullshit in my town!'

'Yes alpha, agreed. Jim and I shall pull out the big guns, so to speak and even the odds. They will not even get the chance to warn their alphas.'

'Good, I have every faith in both of you; now let's keep our damn town safe. Keep the civvies out of this shit as much as you can. Once they start shifting all bets are off then, so just try to keep it quiet for as long as you can.'

'Yes ma'am.'

''Yes alpha!'

The little dinner was neon blue and white on the outside and it had a fifties era feel and look inside. It was clean and very red and vinyl inside. I cringed internally at the heavy use of red vinyl, but who was I to judge?

My two queries were seated at the back booth that overlooked the hillside. Shannon was a mid-build man who looked to be about forty in human years. He was a little broader than his son was and his hair showed slight signs of grey. He must have t

his crashed through a window on the opposite side of the dinner. The humans were fleeing in fear and the employees were all held up in the back of the building now.

I dodged the teeth and the front claws of the beta female and kicked into the joint of her rear left leg. She snarled at me in pain and became a blur of teeth and claws swinging savagely at me, trying to buy time for her husband to aid her assault. I dodged her limbs, but I did not let her press this advantage for very long. I swiped in a nearly imperceptible speed and raked scouring her right eye. She howled in agony and I sunk both claws into her throat and tore it and her vertebra out completely. It was a fast and clean kill for someone who was a part of something so treacherous.

Shannon howled in blind fury and agony, she was his mate and they shared a very old bond. He dove for me in his wolf form now, I ducked his wild charge and thrust my right hand deep into his ribcage and pulled his heart free and let it fall to the floor.

I picked up a cloth napkin and cleaned the blood off my hands as I fled the building.

'Scot, Jim, let's get back to the pack compound. I am sure you both know that we have guests.'

'We were done up here anyway, these mutts did not stand a chance with or without weapons.' I could hear his amusement clearly and I snorted a laugh into our link.

I peeled out of the parking lot to get back to my Lycans and my mate. I had a bitch to kill and I could not seem to get myself there fast enough. Part of me was worried for Clay, because Lacy had stolen a lot of power from Ang. I was probably the only Lycan in this area who could match her right now.

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