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   Chapter 20 No.20

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I dug my claws into the left shoulder of the greasy little man chained to my prison wall. I ripped my claws from his wound and I snarled at him. I would never have believed myself capable of torture when I was a human, but I had to protect pack and to do that I needed answers, so I was more than happy to hurt this little shit!

"Whose pack do you belong to?!" I roared at him in my alpha command. He shrunk back from me whimpering and he still would not answer me. I could not get him to talk, no matter how much power I put into it. It was pissing me off, because there were not that many purebloods in the world, who was strong enough to pull this shit?"

"Baby you might want to leave some of him for tomorrow, ok?" I heard a calming voice behind me; it sent shivers down my spine. I was covered in blood, but all I wanted to do right now is knock him to the floor and have my way with him now! My damn mark was making me horny and I had a pack to run dammit! I felt his hot hand rest at the small of my back now. I felt a tiny whimper of delight escape my throat and I looked at him. Clay was not hiding his desires any better than I was; damn horny ass male was going to be the death of me!

I let him lead me out of the prison and I was shaking we a strange mix of lust and fury. I looked at him when he finally lead me all the way back to my room and began undressing me. He cut on the shower and stripped down, before joining me in the hot water. I felt his warmth bath me, much like the water around us did. I sighed and I let him wash me with his own hands, because I could feel how much he wanted to take care of me right now. I could also feel the physical need that had swollen, resting near my backside.

Clay even helped dry me off, I felt like a spoiled little child right now! He kissed my neck and led me by the hips to our bed; yes it is our bed now. I sucked in a deep breath when he entered me and I whimpered and I was thoroughly pampered by him sexually now. He took his time pleasing me for the next two hours.

I was resting my head on his chest and he was mindlessly stroking my hair with his right hand. His left hand was around my waist and my head was nestled onto his chest. I felt his right hand trace weird patterns on my skin and he finally broke the silence.

"So what is it that is bothering you sweetie?" I growled, but I sighed and I said, "I have this sick feeling, because I cannot order him to talk, whoever his alpha is, must be stronger than me. That would make them a pureblood like me."

"We don't know that for sure honey, but they would have to be close to your strength to protect a beta from your powers. I have met all the living purebloods on this continent, none of their pack bonds smell like his bond. None of them would employ a Lycan that filthy ether; remember that they are like royalty of the Lycan world."

He fingers stroked down my soft skin and I felt his need rising again. I smirked at him in a very smug manner and said, "You want me to take care of that big problem you have rising up again babe?" Before he could ask what I meant, I had swung myself onto top of him and I lowered myself down onto his mass and he rumbled in pleasure and ran his hands over my bare skin with gentle affection. I felt completed when we were making love, so much so, that I wonder why I was resisting him so much.

I lay recovering from another session of love making and he was holding me around my waist. I felt his sated mood and his low affectionate purrs lulled me to sleep early that night.


I was eating my breakfast, when Jenna plopped down beside me and shot me a knowing smirk. I narrowed my eyes at the younger girl, wondering what she was playing at this morning. She ate her bacon and eggs like it was the most important thing in the world. I narrowed my eyes at her; her little innocent routine was not going to work on me.


ent. I was about ready to tear his throat out, but Daemon turned, sensing my anger and stopped me. I would have been pissed at most anyone else, but Daemon never stood in my way without a damn good reason.

I spoke through grit teeth and said, "Explain yourself Daemon!" He nodded respectfully and said, "Alpha, please listen to his story, I swear to you that he is not really at fault here."

I bottled my fury and I let out a calming breath, then I nodded to Daemon. He let me pass and I stepped to the far right hand side of the bed and I saw the young male, who would not even meet my eyes. He did not seem afraid of my anger, just ashamed of himself and it rolled off in waves.

"Al alpha… she told me… Jenna… was interested… I just … wanted… to talk to Jenna. She is like me… She is a warrior, so I thought she was playing games with my head and heart when she suddenly rejected me. I believed the other female, because her scent was similar to the one you kick off. It smelled like pack to me and I did not think a female would lie about such a thing in this pack!"

"What did this female look like?" I was furious; my blood bond to him knew the truth in his words. You can deceive an alpha, but it is not very easy. We are the pack protectors, so we can feel some of their emotions.

"Short, but a little taller than you or Jenna. Brown hair and light brown and yellow eyes. She had a very beautiful hourglass figure; she was so strong too."

I pulled my phone free and began to fish through my pictures, until I found one of Lacy. Turning the phone to him, so he could see the picture, he pointed fiercely and said, "That is the one!" A low growl from Daemon, matched mine now, because this was all a setup.

I took his hand in mine and I sent soothing energy into him. I felt his pain weaken some and I began to tell him all about Lacy. He was pissed, but not with Jenna now; in fact he was still going to apologize to her for the misunderstanding.

"I would understand if you wished to walk away after this."

"No ma'am, I cannot blame an alpha female for defending herself. Your enemies are my enemies and we will all have blood for this!"

I gave him a knowing smile and said, "I look forward to seeing you back in the training yard soon. Just be very sure with courting a mate next time. Take her to dinner and buy her flowers. Even Lycan girls like romance bud!"

"Thank you for not killing me for this alpha." I shrugged and I sent one last wave of soothing energy into him, then I said, "Even us mean alpha bitches can show mercy on our misguided males from time to time."

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