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   Chapter 19 No.19

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We returned in the late afternoon and the night was already swallowing the day. The temperature was dropping rapidly now and I watched the siblings embrace each other. Ryan came back with us, so he could join the others in the ceremony of the blood oath. I cocked my head back and I howled, calling pack to gather.

My pack was about to be up to thirty eight members after today, assuming everyone completed the blood oath. I had a pair of circular wooden chairs brought to the center of the courtyard. I held a small ceremonial dagger in my left hand and I waited until all of my pack was assembled, before I spoke. They gathered around me in a circle, waiting with great anticipation for the blood oath. It was a sacred rite of passage into pack and my pack loved these ceremonies.

When I felt all my bond pack members here I spoke with a clear commanding pureblood alpha female tone.

"Pack, we are gathered to accept six new members this night. New comers form a line in rank of dominance. Ryan please take the seat across from me first." I watched the beta tracker come and lower his head in submission to me, and then he seated himself across from me. I slit my right palm open, then handed him the dagger, he slit his right palm and placed it over my offered hand.

"I swear by blood of my life to protect my pack and protect my alpha Eleanor Grace Cambelle. I declare that you are my alpha and no other."

I pulled him into the bond with the electric power that made me a pureblood alpha and I felt his power grow slightly, so very close to alpha, just barely still beta. I saw his shock clear on his face and I gave him a knowing smile, then I cleared my throat and said, "Next in rank please!"

And on it went and the two omegas were also brought in, they cried tears of joy when they felt the bond of pack for the first time and the Jeff was granted low gamma, but his little sister Layla shot up to high gamma right away. Clay said it was due to her being younger and barely shifted for three years. That apparently made a huge difference.

We held a bonfire feast in the back yard and Leyla walked up to me and bowed her head and said, "Ma'am, I don't know why you did what you did for us, but I will serve you faithfully for as long as you will have me."

I gave her a smile and I said, "Call me Ele sweetie, you are pack now. I do not stand on formalities, unless we have some political bullshit I have to attend."

"Yes ma… Ele, thank you so much for everything." I gave her a half hug and pulled her up to me, then I said, "Come on, let's get us some food before those males devour it all." She gave me a bright smile and nodded vigorously and let me lead her to the huge circle of our pack mates laughing and carrying on.

We were eating homemade spicy Cajun bacon and cheese burgers, we had beef and deer. We had all the delicious side dishes Maggie truly out did herself. I had a whole bowel of mac and cheese, homemade from scratch of course. Four types of cheese flavors twirled in my mouth and I let out a few small sounds of contentment.

One of my stronger beta females came up to me and bowed her head and said, "Alpha, we know you and Alpha Clayton marked each other. I just wanted to know what will happen with our pack?" I heard the worry in her voice and I knew Clay was here, he could hear the fear of my pack.

I raised my power and my eyes glowed with it. I stood up and I touched her shoulder, calming her and I loudly declared in my alpha tone, "My pack, our pack, will continue on as we have. Nothing is changing with our pack structure, this is our home and this is still mine!" I heard howls of agreement answering me and cheers. I raised my bottle of ale and I said, "To our pack!" They all grabbed a drink and toasted with howls and cheers, celebrating pack.

I did not know what I was going to do with Clay now, but I knew that I would never abandon my people, hell I think I might kill him befo

lso could feel him tell me something else in our link that surprised me. He had never been with anyone before, because his mother told him not to betray his future mate. I sucked in a deep breath in surprise and he said, "I hope that does not turn you off, I know we were born in very different times Ele."

"Victor told me about the line of girls?" He smirked and said, "That is the company line so I don't get pushy females thinking they can take advantage of my situation. We also thought some of the more eh; jerky males would see it as weakness."

I laughed and I kissed him deeply and I pulled him down closer to my center. I rocked my hips back and forth against his manhood, practically whining for my mate to take me now. I breathed out, "I love you Clay." I saw his eyes glow ruby and they lit with surprise and happiness. "God I love you too Ele."

That was the last thing either of us said, before I felt his full swollen mass slowly working into my virgin core. I bit into his shoulder and licked the blood droplets away, maybe I was part vampire? He tasted so good to me and I did not want to shriek like a banshee. I felt him sheath in me, well he had more manhood than I had depth for it. I gasped at the feeling of his huge mass stretching me inside, it hurt but I felt myself regenerating quickly while he began to build his thrusts in me.

I felt him try to fit all of him into me and I moaned loudly in pleasure as his struck the very back of me inside. He did this many times again and again and it made me dizzy with pleasure. He captured my lips and we wrestled with our tongues as he thrust into me deeply and I felt so full and so completed now. He sucked on my mark and quickened his deep thrusts inside me. I felt my whole body becoming mush and I was just a ball of please and I felt the ball explode after an eternity of his tormenting and delightful thrusts.

I screamed and I howled in pleasure as I came for him. I felt his urgency increase in each thrust, becoming more desperate than the last, until I heard him groan load in pleasure and I felt his hot seed fill me on the inside.

I climbed onto his chest, aka my new pillow, and I nuzzled my head into his chest. He wrapped me with his large muscled arms and blanketed me with his warmth. I muttered to him, "Mine!" He kissed my temple and I heard a low rumble of approval from his chest. I giggled and I nuzzled him and kissed his chest a few times.

I was very happy and content, but I would still give him hell for the rest of our lives! He was mine and I was his, but I was still the same head strong tomboy as I have always been!

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