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   Chapter 18 No.18

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We were able to confirm six scents guarding a female omega scent. We saw two of them; each had hunting rifles with high caliber rounds. Ryan found a shit load of bear traps, with one obvious open path. The problem was that path put us in plain view of the maniacs with hunting rifles. We could storm them with numbers, but if we did not get in close for the kill first, they might execute the girl, just out of vindictiveness.

I could smell the many layers of her fear and terror. This little girl was in trouble and there was no way to fake this kind of real terror. I did not smell any sex musk and we were down wind of the cabin, so I was relieved to know that she had not suffered that trauma too.

I looked over to Vincent and said, "You guys have a coat? Like something to make me look like a lost human hiker?" Vincent looked wide eyed at me and said, "Absolutely not ma'am!"

I growled and said, "Do I need to physically remind you who is in charge here?"

He gulped and shook his head. I smirked and said, "I have a plan that just might work."

'Jenna, how would you like to leave class a little early?'

'Ele! Um, Yah!' I chuckled to myself at her enthusiasm.

'Jenna bring two winter coats and some hiking gear with you. You bring some of that stinky human perfume you hate the most.'

'Uh, sure thing Ele, but why the hell would I bring the stinky perfume? Our natural scent is so much more appealing, besides you have a mate now.' I growled through the link at her and she laughed her head off in my head.

'Just get your tiny Casper blonde butt over here with everything I asked for!' I used my alpha tone with her this time. She sighed and said, 'Your wish is my command alpha.' Do they all use my title only when it is sarcastically appropriate? Have I failed them as an alpha?


Jenna took forty eight minutes to get here, trailed by five warriors and one very pissed off looking alpha male. Clay's gaze locked on mine and I just returned the stare and a low rumble emitted from my throat. Jenna walked between us and effectively shattered our pissing contest, as is the second's job most of the time.

"So Ele, you mind telling me why I have us dressed like human hikers with stinky perfume on?" I gave her a sassy smile and said, "Oh you're going to love my plan hun! I put on the human coat, with thick lining in it. I would burn up if I had to wear this beast for long! I sprayed a little of the perfume on and I sprayed Jenna next. She gagged on the smell and cursed vividly at me, claiming child abuse!

The plan was pretty simple, we wonder up to the cabin like two tired and frigid humans. Jenna will stay behind me the whole time. I had only tried this trick a few times since killing my maker, but even Clay and our trackers could not smell me now. All they could smell was the stinky perfume, which made me seem very human. No self-respecting Lycan would wear human perfume after all! Good thing I was born human and did not give a shit about other's opinions. Clay was giving me a deadly stare and it would be an understatement to say he was not a fan of my brilliant plan. He was still growling as Jenna followed me up the steep hill. I had to remind her a few times to make it look like our legs were struggling with the climb.

A tall burley man with a short sleeve tee shirt walked out of the wooden cabin home and studied us. I saw him sniff the air and wrinkle his nose at the stinky perfume. I gave him a very weak smile and I forced my powerful eyes to look faded green, my old human color. Since killing my maker, my eyes stay jade, unless I force them to go pale green again.

'Just shiver a little and rub your hands together for warmth. Do not make eye contact Jenna; your eyes are way too wild to pass for human.'

She huffed in our link, but said nothing, message received. I stumbled and made an Academy

o pure and honest; he could not hold a lie in his words or his face. I scrubbed my hands through my hair, before I remembered I had blood on them.

"Take him to his sister and don't let the rest of the pack know what he tried to do. He was desperate, I would kill a stranger to save any one of you, and so I am willing to give him mercy."

Vincent looked at me and said, "Ele are you sure that is wise?"

I shrugged my shoulders and gave him a small smile and said, "Vinnie was it smart for Angela to take me in for two and a half days knowing I had a crazy alpha hunting me?"

He threw up his hands and muttered something about reckless alpha females. Clay grabbed me by my waist and I squeaked in real surprise this time. He claimed my lips before I could protest and I felt a burning warmth spark form his lips on mine and I drank him in for a moment more, then I remembered where we were. I wiggled free from his death grip and said, "Clay our seconds and third are watching!"

He shrugged and his look told me he did not give one fuck about having an audience. I gave him a warning growl and said, "Clay behave, we have things that have to be taken care of and I need to wash this stinky ass blood from my body. I left the shower on, so I might as well use it right?"

He wanted to follow me, but Jenna cut him off, I caught what she said, but I did not laugh. "Clay please, Ele is doing better than most turned humans do with their mate at first, just don't push her. I love you both, so don't fuck it up big brother!"

I felt him calm down now and I breathed lighter now. Why the hell did I feel his damn mood so intensely? I stripped and hopped into the shower and then I scrubbed all the gore and blood off my body and hair. I was not even disturbed that this had become normal to me, washing off the blood of my enemies. It was just my life now and I was going to fight to live!

I helped the frightened little omega clean herself off and she cried on my shoulder the whole time. I scrubbed her hair twice, so she did not have to smell her captors on her any more than she already had. I brought her some fresh cloths; Jenna had sprung for more cloths and a pair of shoes too. We had SUVs pulling up to the cabin now and my trackers were split up, some picking up any clues around this area and some spread to scout for any surprise guests traveling to the cabin.

I laced my fingers through the little chestnut haired teen, which was about three inches taller than me. I smiled and squeezed her hand a little and said, "Let's go get you back to your brother Layla."

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