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   Chapter 17 No.17

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I came down and grabbed my mug that said, 'The Top Bitch.' It was a gag gift from Jenna at Christmas, I loved this damn mug. I was twice the size of a normal coffee mug and It was sassy, what more could a girl ask for? I sat down and helped myself to plenty of sausage, bacon and eggs, with a side of French toast. Maggie sashayed past the stove and gave me a half hug, "You look extra good this morning alpha." I quirked my lip up and I returned her hug with a half hug of my own.

"Hey Maggie, how's it going this morning, the warriors behaving?" She smiled brightly and said, "They are now, thanks to the black list." I snorted and said, "It's a wonder how the Lycan world survived before I was bitten."

"God Maggie, her ego is going to burst, we better evacuate the town!" I saw Jenna sitting herself across from me and she had her mug. I found her a Yoda mug, because she loves Star Wars. It had a picture of Yoda and said, 'Do or Do Not.' She loved it and she uses it all day every day. Being my second requires a lot of coffee breaks on her part.

She sniffed the air and I saw her eyes go wide, I turned and saw Clay strutting in, like he had just finished hanging the moon. Jenna stood up and walked over to Clay and said, "Excuse me for a second Clay, " she stuck her nose right to his chest where I bit him last night, she inhaled, then she whipped her head to me. I went sheepish and shrugged timidly, before redirecting my attention to my food.

I noticed all the females sniffed him, but none of them walked right up to him like Jenna did. I caught myself growling at a few of them, but I did not know why. Jenna was giving me a shit eating grin, which said she knew.

"You better get moving, or you're going to be late for school pup." She groaned and said, "I am needed here, we have a rescue mission, in case you forgot about that."

"It will take us all morning to get the location properly scouted and monitored, so we know that it is not a trap. So go to school and then you can go rescue a young omega from her captors."

She gave me puppy dog eyes and I averted my gaze and said, "Put those away young lady, you are powerless against me." She laughed and said, "Smells like Clay can say the exact same thing to you." I coughed up some of my coffee and I shot her a silencing look, but it did not work on her alpha female ass. She continued, "I can't believe you did not tell me about that in advance!"

I arched my eyebrow at her and said, 'It's not like I planned to fool around with him last night, it just happened.'

'That's not what I'm talking about Ele' I gave her a stern look and said, 'well what the hell are you talking about then?'

Jenna looked at Clay with sympathy and said, "Shit she doesn't know does she?"

Clay looked just this side of sulking and said, "I'm afraid not pup." I saw the pitying look she gave him, and then she scooted off to school, leaving me to wonder what the hell she was talking about.

I scarfed down my breakfast and I hurried to my office and I dragged Clay with me. I slammed my door and turned and looked at him. I realized his scent was weird now and that was why the females were sniffing him. He smelled slightly more like me now and I had no idea why.

"Ok what the hell was Jenna talking about?" By way of explanation he lifted his shirt and or the left side of her upper muscular chest was a scared bite mark, my bite mark. I paled, because I had seen them on mated couples before. I had marked him last night.

I scrubbed my hands through my thick red hair and said, "Shit, I thought it had to be on the neck to count?" He looked slightly amused an

dle our phones and other gadgets. I saw Matt and Vincent eyeing my neck and collarbone junction with curiosity. I huffed in annoyance and put my shirt on and my sweat pants. I also had some warm boots, since it was cold this time of year. There was no snow at the moment, but we were due for some anytime now. The harsh winds would have frozen me to the bone as a human, but now a long sleeve tee shirt was all the coverage I required in the winter. Lycan body temperatures ran a little higher than human naturally.

"Ele we are all set up for now and we have eyes on the whole area. We will try to assess how many of them are out here and who the fuck they belong to."

I nodded and said, "Vic can you keep a warrior on this location, on lookout with binoculars?"

"Already done sassy pants." I turned my nose up at the stupid nick name he gave me. He never used it when Clay was around; I guess he never would now. My phone was buzzing and I looked down, it was Clay. I did the mature thing; I handed it to Vincent and made him answer."

"Alpha, how can I help you?" I heard low growls on the other end of the line.

"Give my mate her phone back; I know she must have put you up to answering it."

I growled low in warning at Vince and he paled now. "Sir, she is threatening to kill me, please don't put me in the middle of this one. I am only a second after all; I do not wish to be in the middle of your lovers spat with another powerful alpha."

I heard a low sigh and the delicious voice started talking again, "Tell her that we found out who owned that cabin, it was purchased by Angela's mother. I found that the deed is now in Ele's name, my lawyer was very thorough with the possession's transfer."

I snarled and I looked at Victor and said, "Give him a full summary of what we are seeing so far." Vince looked like he finally could breathe again and said, "Sir, we have at least three, probably a few more and I can confirm a living omega female in the air. We are currently camped down wind, so we are getting a lot of scent information and we have trackers scouting for patrol, or for traps. I recommend you send a few more warriors before we make our move. I will not put your mate in unnecessary harm by moving before her second gets here."

I flashed my teeth at Victor at the mention of mates; he was sweating a little now. If I was not so worked up, then I would have felt very sorry for him.

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