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   Chapter 15 No.15

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The next morning I had five potential Lycans show up with the rising sun. I had already downed two cups of coffee by the time they got here. I was like the Energizer Bunny on crack! Clay stayed in the dorms last night, because I kicked him out of my room, again. He seems convinced one night I am just going to lay down and let him take me all night and into the morning. Since I am not going to lie to myself, he is not wrong!

I go out and walk to the training grounds and inspect the new comers. I sense a few strong betas, two mid-range gammas and one omega. I look at the first beta, just a little less powerful than Matt, his name is Ryan Williams, forty two and orphaned. His parent's pack has too many higher level betas, so they had to release him. He is five nine and lean wiry built, his shaggy brown hair is slightly curly. He looks about twenty in human years, but Lycans do not age past the very end of puberty, unless the actually shift their human age personally.

The second beta was just a little less than Ryan in power, but damn strong none-the-less. His name was Scott Card and he has been lone for ten years. His pack was killed off by rogues when he was a teen. He is now twenty five; he is six foot and has straight red hair. He is built wider, but still very agile at the same time. I have yet to meet a steroid huge Lycan, our race does not like to lose their speed. We are super strong as it is already.

Scott is a martial artist like me, so I hope he will be able to become a trainer, if he does not try to kill me first. I walk over and inspect both gammas and they are nervous, but very polite to me. Lower ranking Lycans get very twitchy around powerful alphas. I get to the young omega and he will not look up at me for more than a split second.

He was a last minute addition from another province. I gently ask, "What's your name and age kiddo?"

The messy little blonde boy says, "Jeff Duke, alpha, ma'am. I am eighteen, alpha, ma'am." I want to tell him not to say ma'am and alpha so many times, but I cannot, not until they are pack and take their blood oaths. I nodded in approval and I look over all of the young men and say, "You will be proving yourselves in my training yards first, because my pack members must be able to defend themselves. I protect what is mine, but I expect my people to be able to handle all comers within reason. I will not expect you to be able to handle an old and powerful alpha, that is my job, but you should be able to take care of anything beta or bellow when I am done with you. Get to it, my second will begin your lessons and if you go for her neck, I will let her rip off your manhood with her claws and mount it on a pike."

I saw most of the men in the yard cover their manly bits, because they know Jenna too damn well by now. I see Clay looking them over and he is flagging me down. I know what he wants, so I dismiss the boys to Jenna's gentle care. She will push the betas five times harder than the omega, or the gammas.

I walk right past Clay and turn my back to him and sashay my hips all the way to my office. I hear him growling lowly as I shut the door and I smirk to myself. My office is sound proofed, because Lycan hearing is a bitch.

"What do you think sassy pants?" I give him an innocent smile, which he throws back; he is clearly not buying any of that right now. I clear my throat and say, "My money's on the omega trying to kill me." His eyebrow quirks up in a curious expression, he was not expecting that. I shrugged and said, "It's really very simple, because I appear to have a soft spot for omegas, they probably got him to try to twist a dagger in my back, or something. I recommend you put your best Lycan on him, also find out what might cause an eighteen year old omega to try to murder an alpha."

"Ele that is a huge leap, even for you, "He held up one hand, silencing me and continued, " What I mean to say is, you tend to get crazy hunches a lot." I level him with my alpha gaze and say, "I also have a nearly perfect

before our very eyes Matt."

Matt snorts a laugh and says, "Ele, please be careful, because you are a hell of a lot more than just some alpha to us." I nodded and I knew what he really meant by that. My pack loves having me as alpha for a lot of reasons, but one reason is that my pureblood slightly raises the strength and dominance of every Lycan who has taken blood oath to me. The other is because I am constantly spending my time with all of our pack members. I know every one of them and I love all of them.

"Matt I will be careful, but I am going to ferret out some answers. I just have a feeling that we need to get to the bottom of this, that and I hate assassins." He nodded and he looked over to Jenna and said, "So you're going back to school tomorrow?" The look of dread on her face was priceless! I would have cried from laughter, if we were not in the training yards.

Jenna looked at me and said, "Link me if you need my help springing the trap, ok?" I nodded and smiled sweetly at her and said, "You really would prefer assassins over you final semester of high school?" She nodded and gave me a 'duh' look and I laughed loudly and said, "I can't help but feel like I have failed you Jenna; as an alpha and as a role model."

Matt tried to keep a straight face and failed miserably, Jenna laughed and went on a wild rant about me being a bad influence on impressionable young minds.


It was two in the morning and I was sitting on the back deck looking out onto the vast wild forests. I felt a strong need to shift and go hunting coming over me now, but I had to sit here and be a nice open target. I had been sitting her for over an hour and a half. I could feel the restlessness in the bond to my pack mates, they did not believe I was right about this, but I just knew I could bait my young attacker.

I felt the wind roll past me and it sent goose bumps up my arms and I felt the tension rise suddenly. I counted backwards from three and I quickly spun out of the way when I felt the tension hit an alarmingly high level. I caught a hand holding a concealable dagger and I could smell the herbs on it, wolfsbane. I looked up at the small boy holding the dagger and studied him through my glowing jade eyes.

"Well Jeff Duke, you have some explaining to do." Jenna was on him now, and I grabbed the dagger gingerly, so I don't poison myself. Part of me really did want to be wrong about him, but I knew that was just wishful thinking. Our world is a very dark and twisted place to try to survive in. I may wish to help omegas when I can, but I don't let them blind me to a well concealed threat.

I shake my head as I watch them lead him away to our prison.

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