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   Chapter 13 No.13

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It was a blood bath when we walked into the yard. I could smell the fresh scent of many of Ang's pack in the air. I was only a few steps into the yard when the first gamma fighter attacked me. I let my claws descend, but stayed in my human skin. My canines descended and I was partially transformed now. I did not even know I could do that. I just changed the parts I needed to.

I smacked the gamma out of the air and tore my claws deep into its throat and I kept walking careful of attackers now. My pack had all transformed into wolves at the sight of their alpha fighting. They were all one step behind me and more gamma and beta wolves spilled into the yard from the house. I swatted two more away from me and I roared in fury. Matt jumped on one and Jenna dove and chomped into its back legs until they both crunched.

I dodged three pairs of claws and another set of fangs all aimed at me like furry arrows shot from a bow. I just raked my claws across anything that was not mine now. I managed to get into the house and I heard Clay howl, his wolves were coming now. I linked my pack quickly.

'Hold the door, Clay will have reinforcements in a minute or two. I have to check on Ang now.' Jenna whined but they all nodded and dove back into the melee as more wolves rounded the corner. I slipped into the house and I saw a few of Ang's beta and gamma wolves dead on the floor. I cursed and looked around for any intruders, but I still did not see anyone. It was hard to use my hearing when so many battle cries rang around me.

I saw Lacy and she was covered in blood, I was about to call out to her, then I saw Ang on the floor near her sister. Lacy was raising clawed hands at Ang and I cursed and she whipped her head around to me. I saw something I had never seen in her before, an abyss of insanity and hate. I could not process the scene before me, but my instincts kicked in.

I blurred into the room with her and she was holding a dagger in her right hand. I narrowly avoided it as she slashed with more speed and power, than a gamma would ever have. She did not have a sickly scent to her, so I was not sure how I had registered her as gamma, when a young alpha, slightly stronger than Jenna, stood before me.

Her eyes were nearly yellow in her glow now. The fur on her arms now was a lighter shade of brown too. She was a different person completely, from the one I had gotten to know this week.

"Ele don't let her stick you with that damn blade, it is coated in wolfsbane." Ang warned me and I jumped back a few steps. Lacy cursed and looked down at Ang with disgust in her eyes.

"Must you ruin everything sister?" She said the last word like a curse and venom practically dripped from her tongue. She looked at me with all the sinister intents of a thousand nightmares. I was about to engage her, when a large brown wolf matted with blood rammed into me. Lacy's father I would assume at this point.

I dug both my clawed hands into his back and I drug them down his flanks and his howled in pain. I was able to loosen from his grip. Lacy was blurring for me now with the knife raised, but Ang knocked me out of the way and she muttered, "Take care of my pack Ele."

The knife bit into her chest an

o turn a human into a strong alpha is to make a pure breed alpha. Even I have weaker genes than you Ele. Somewhere down the line I had a beta or a gamma in my bloodline, like all born wolves, but humans turned have the purest genes, because their DNA changes from human to Lycan. Think about it Ele, when you change why would your DNA select inferior traits for you? Then add to that turning into a powerful alpha female, your DNA is pure born alpha."

I looked at him in shock and said, "That's why Ang said everyone would try to claim me."

He nodded grimly and let out a long breath. He looked back into my jade eyes and said, "Alpha Eleanor, it's time to light the pyres. Our people wait for your command, since it is your fallen pack mates technically."

I nodded and cleared my throat, and then I looked up with resolve. I swore to myself then and there, I would somehow become an alpha worth of Angela's sacrifice.

"Light the pyres and let us have a minute of silence in honor of our fallen brothers and sisters, our fallen alpha Angela. They shall guild our hands and feet from the great beyond. Let us live in a manner that will bring honor to their sacrifices."

The nine pyres lit and they were quickly consumed in brilliant flames in the Canadian night. It was growing colder now and winter would soon be on us in full force. I watched each of the pack members burn and after the minute of silence was up, I tore my cloak off and shifted into my black wolf form and howled my grief for the dead. All the Lycans shifted and answered my howl with over a hundred of their own. We had all of Clay's pack out here and some of the Shannon Pack, including Darrell, who was staring at me. My whole pack was in attendance, of course, since it is our fallen.

I have been a Lycan for a week now and it is a bloody and grim world at times, but when I see the fallen burning in the autumn night and I see the liveliness of my surviving pack mates, I cannot help but want to press on. I will find Lacey and I will tear out her black heart. I will irk out an existence for all of my pack members. I was human, but that was a life time ago.

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