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   Chapter 12 No.12

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I popped up in my bed and turned to my alarm clock, it was three thirty in the morning and I heard howls, but I felt all my pack in their beds. I recognized the howls easily now, thanks to the gifts the bastard had given me that night. I slipped on a pair of loose sweats and I walked out into the night. I tried to shut the door gingerly, so my pack would not be bothered by my maker. I was worried about facing him, but I was more worried about him using my pack against me. He was the typical psycho, from what I have learned so far, so he would take a hostage.

I heard the whispers on the wind, like in the dreams, except they were real this time.

"Eleanor…." The voice was more malignant and vicious in the flesh.

"Eleanor…" I heard a twig snap and I felt the wind stir and I heard the motion, so I ducked on instinct. A large light brown wolf sailed over my head, but he ripped my shoulder on the way. I would have lost my head if this had been successful. My eyes went jade and I felt fury now, fury at him coming to attack me at my own home. That he was so close to my pup! I would kill him one hundred times over for this.

I realized something that I had missed so fundamental and important; I have yet to smell him! He was like a ghost wolf with brown fur and his eyes glowed a sickly red now. His right front paw trickled with my blood and my shoulder stung, but it was nothing compared to my sparring matches with Ang. His wolf was nearly six feet tall and it was slightly bigger than Clay's wolf form. He was vicious and he was feral.

I spun sideways as he made a pass for me and I shifted to my fur finally and I leapt on him in a blur of motion and I bit into his right shoulder and chewed on it like a toy. I leapt free of him as he was rolling to slam me to the ground. I growled lowly at him and warned him of the death that would come, if he dared to come at me again. He just became a ball of fury and he lunged and swiped wildly at me. I jumped clear over him and I missed his tail by inches. I was aiming to land on him, but I had to jump high enough to clear his front paws.

I launched myself right into his rear and I took a huge chunk of his hide in my teeth, before he turned to swipe at me again, but I was faster. I ducked and ran to my left side and avoided his teeth and claws again. Ange taught me to take each fight as I needed to. When fighting a larger alpha, she told me to wear them out first.

He launched himself at me and I was not fast enough to clear him. He pinned me down and he bit my chest and I suppressed a whine of pain and I snapped at his nose and viciously kicked all four of my feet. I dug into his belly with my back claws and he jumped free of me. I whipped myself up and I did not have time to be in pain or to slow down. I am alpha and this is my land, nothing is getting the better of me on my land.

I snarled and he snarled back he leapt at me again and jumped in the air and met him. We slammed into each other a flurry of teeth and claws. I tore off his left ear and he slashed my face open. I raked my claws down his chest and he whined and he snapped at my throat, but I rolled to the side and he caught my shoulder instead. I bit into his left flank and I tore a piece of it free I spit the vile meat out of my mouth. He stank of something sour and he could not mask it from me now, with all these injuries.

We were about to g

n always come here. I will help you too, you saved my life after all." She snorted and laughed a little.

"Pup I have been looking after myself for years now. I will be fine and I will give you the answers soon, sorry about this Ele."

She sounded so alone and so sad about something and I had no idea what to say or do now. She was the toughest Lycan I have met so far. This whole situation was fucked half way to Sunday and back! I let out a breath and said, "I will see you soon Ang, be careful."

I had no sooner gotten off the phone with Ang, than Clay came crashing in my door. I covered my breasts and crossed my legs quickly. Jenna was already throwing me a long tee shirt, it smelled like Matt, but beggars cannot be choosers. I slipped on the tee and stood quickly and squared my shoulders. I would at least be dignified in my agony.

Clay looked me over and saw that I was relatively in one piece. He let out a breath of relief and said, "When I heard you fought you maker I was expecting you to be on death's door."

I shrugged and said, "I live to disappoint alpha males apparently."

"Yes you certainly do. How are you and will you please give me all the details of this attack?" I nodded and began to recap the morning's festivities yet again. I even covered the conversation with Ang. He looked worried, because he must have drawn a similar conclusion as I had.

"Damn Ice Queen of the North, she better fucking get back to you. I will try to get her to let me help her out some, doubt it will do much good though. She is like you, with over three hundred years more time to ferment her stubborn ass."

"The first question is who could it be, that the mention of him starting as a gamma or beta and having light brown fur would clam her up?"

"I'm not sure, but it could be someone her mother knew?" I stared at him for a very long moment and then I finally got my mouth to work again.

"God I hope I am wrong about this, but Lacy's dad was a gamma right? What color was his fur?"

Clay cursed in a vivid string and kicked my oven door. I put my hand on his chest to try to calm him down and it did, eventually.

"We need to go to Ang right now Clay!"

He nodded and my pack followed. I would just have to ask her forgiveness later.

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