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   Chapter 10 No.10

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We belly crawled to the sedge of the hill we were looking down from. There about a dozen juicy Elk roamed. I opened a link to the others, so all of them could hear me at once; I had just learned how to do this thanks to Clay.

'Ok guys, two to a kill, because those elk will fight back. Need one to play at being the target and one to be flanking and crippling them. We ready?'

I heard a chorus of 'Yes ma'am.' And one very flirty alpha male say, 'Get your sweet ass up and lead this charge sugar.'

I looked over at him and narrowed my wolf eyes and him, and then I lowly growled at him. Sometimes I really want to sink my teeth into his neck and not in a playful way. I turned back to the big elk and I found us a nice size male coming close to the hill side. I licked my lips and I dashed out and I felt Jenna at my flank.

I leapt and jumped on his back and I sank my razor sharp Lycan fangs into his shoulder and tore the flesh free. He spun in shock and fear and Jenna snapped down on his hind leg and he fell backward. He recovered and raked his massive horns at me, but I was quicker than a wild wolf. I jumped to my right and Jenna sunk her fangs deep into his other rear leg now, this time I heard the satisfying snap of the bones.

I watched as his horns wildly passed by and his neck was extended now. I leapt and bit into his neck and I locked my jaws down on his throat. Jenna leapt onto his back and he collapsed to the ground. She hoped off and opened his belly with her claws and I jerked his throat until the bones snapped in my teeth. I turned to see if anyone needed help in the hunting party with their elk kills, because elk could trample us or batter us with their horns. I saw Clay in all his glory; take down his elk in one pass. He timed his leap perfect and his alpha male weight brought the beast down as he crunched down on the neck and snapped it.

Matt and Amber worked together to take down their elk. Amber played distraction and Matt kept zipping around the beast, tearing at its flanks and its legs. Amber tackled the massive beast with all her fury and began clawing at its belly. It kicked her in the face one good time, but Matt had by the throat and he tore its head off completely in two good snaps.

Jace was finishing off his kill; he had a beta from Clay's pack helping him with the kill. Jace was able to dodge the horn swipes four times then lunge into its throat and snap its neck. I trotted up to Amber and I licked her nose. It was bleeding, so I cleaned it off and gave her a longue bath on her face. She purred in her peaceful contentment at having an alpha that cared for her now.

Everyone waited until I was done cleaning her wounds, then I walked back to my kill and I nodded to Jenna, she looked unsure, but she did not need to be told to take the first bite twice. She dug into the juicy bits of its chest, ripping meat form the ribs. She yipped her happiness to me and I began to tear into the hind legs, taking choice fatty meat. She joined me after I dropped a piece of the leg meat for her. We each took a leg a piece and we saved the front leg meat for later.

Clay had a sack of cloths he carried with him and he tossed me a long tee shirt

her and she needs the blood oath, we all do. You were the one that told me all dominant females desperately need that blood oath bond, so we can defend ourselves."

He started to speak, then stopped and he sighed again and said, "I will give it serious thought Ele, I know you're not trying to challenge my leadership, but my alpha blood is fighting me right now. I am an alpha male, for better or worse and sometimes we do not like being questioned."

"I think you just need a strong bitch like me to keep your ego in check Clay."

"Why sugar, are you offering me something?" He gave me a cheesy grin and looked like he was about to win the top prize at the state fair. I snorted and laughed lightly and shook my head.

"Sorry to disappoint, but I have a lot of bullshit to sort through right now. I was turned, became an alpha Lycan and I am now forming a pack today. All in thirty days Clay, I think I deserve a fucking medal of valor for not ending up in a padded cell, with a straight jacket on."

His look became sober for a moment and he nodded his understanding. He brushed his hand down my arm lightly, leaving a trail of heat in his wake. I shivered at his touch and he said, "I suppose it is very easy for me to forget this is so new to you. You are handling it so much better than any turned human I have dealt with before. It was like you were born to be Lycan, even though you were born human."

I shrugged and said, "It was not on my bucket list, that's for damn sure." I stood up and Clay did too, I flung the tee shirt dress at him and I shifted, before he could get a glimpse of my naked glory. Ele one, Clay zero!

Matt, Amber and Jace all helped carry the meat cuts back, Clay and I raced back to my house and I was concerned for Jenna the whole time. Clay loved the girl to death, but he was between a rock and a hard place with her. I swore to myself that I would kill a bitch, before I let them harm a child under my care. He had a very good point about Ang's pack size, because she did not have the level of drama I see in the other two. I have only been a Lycan less than a week and I can see the bullshit.

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