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   Chapter 9 No.9

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Mat and I stood before a pair of tall twin gammas. They were Identical in looks, except one was two inches taller and masculine; the other was five foot ten and curvy, but slender female. They each had wavy sandy blonde hair, the male, Jace, had short hair. Amber, the female, had her hair down to her waist. They each looked at me meekly with their baby blue eyes. They assessed the young alpha before them, I did not blame them.

I decided that I would let Clay bring a few of his pack members, so the two packs could mingle a little. He was going to have a few Gammas cooking a feast, so we could return to a kitchen full of food. I was expecting them any time now and knowing Clay, well as much as I knew him anyway, he would be here early.

I nodded to the two Gammas and I said, "Welcome, this is Matt and I am Ele Cambelle. Why don't you two tell me a bit about yourselves before our guests from Clayton Wells' pack arrive?"

Amber nodded meekly and said, "Ma'am we are from Seattle, well near it anyway. We moved here, because we are nineteen and in college now, so our old pack needed to make more room. They had too many gamma rank Lycans, so we got the boot. I am studying Zoology and I am specializing in wolves and other canines. I love to go shopping and I am really good with guys. I may not be powerful, but I know how to make them remember me alpha!"

Her brother coughed and said, "Pack whore!" She just rolled her eyes at him and he glared back at her. They looked ready to rip into each other, before I cleared my throat and said, "So, Jace tell me about yourself."

He shrugged, met my eyes for a moment, and then dropped his gaze again. "Nothing much to tell alpha, I study English Lit and I like to hunt. I am pretty good at scouting and sniffing out things. I guess you could say we both are half tracker blood. Our mother was a beta tracker and our father is a omega who likes to cook. They own a bakery now in Seattle. I just want to finish my degree up here and read and write in my spare time."

I nodded and smiled shyly at them, I was never very good with getting to know new people, but I was trying my damnedest! I heard engines roaring and I turned my head in time to see two SUVs and a 1970's shark body Corvette roar around the corner. Damn alpha male! I know he drove that gas guzzler, just to impress me. Sadly, it was working, but not as well as he probably hoped. I still was not going to spread my leg for him right now!

I waved to them as they pulled in to the large gravel driveway. My house had room for at least half a dozen cars, without any of them getting blocked in. Four Lycans exit each SUV and of course a smirking Clayton Wells. He brought an equal mix of males and females with him. Never let it be said that Clay does not plan everything out in advance.

Clay came up to me and he had a five o'clock shadow again. How the hell does he keep it like that? Did a new razor setting come out to keep facial hair at that five o'clock level? I nodded to him politely and he smirked wildly and said, "What no hug?"

I gave him a cheeky smirk of my own and said, "You know the rules of my land Clay." He grumbled something about rules needing to be broken. He nodded to his left and said, "This is my second, he insisted on meeting you. Ele, Vincent, Vincent, this is the wonderful Eleanor Cambelle." He spread his hands widely at me in a very game show host like manner. Vincent was not bothered by Clay's antics; in fact he just seemed to have come to terms with his alpha's behavior.

Vincent was just barely over the mark of making alpha rank power and his eyes told me he was old, so he was born a high beta. He carried himself with immense confidence, but he did not seem to have an arrogant bone in his body. He was six foot two and he was very lean muscle. He was dark brown haired and he had some hint of Greek origins in his tan complexion. His eyes were so light of brown, they were damn near yellow. He looked at me with curiosity

was one hundred percent smartass, even as a wolf.

We dashed through the thick wild forest at lightning speed. We dodged trees with the grace of four legged dancers and continued to the campsite. I tracked my own scent back to my camping site. It was the same as the scent on my clothes from before the change.

It only took us twenty minutes to cover, what took me two hours of hiking as a human. I slowed down and I yipped to the others. Clay found my discarded tent still here, just damaged from a month in the elements. The others lined up and began drinking water. I watched over them while they drank. Alphas always watched over their pack and waited until the others had safely gotten some water. I did not need to be told to do this; I just did it on instinct.

Clay finished sniffing my camp site and came to drink with me. We both began drinking at the same time. The fresh mountain spring water was delicious and I could actually taste the minerals in the water now. I had drunk this chilly spring water as a human and it tasted great even then, but now it was cloud nine. I am weird to like water so much, so shoot me!

'Alpha, I found some elk grazing lazily in the clearing about a mile south east of you.'

'Thanks Jace, we will head over to you then. I will have Clay relay the message to his trackers.'

'I will just keep watch and drool some more until you get here.' I laughed in my head and said, 'We will be there in no time Jace, try not to die of dehydration in the meantime.'

'I will try, but these elk are nice and juicy alpha.'

'Now I am drooling Jace!'

Clay cocked his grey and white head at me and I relayed the message to him.

'Ok then, let's get going, those elk are not going to kill themselves for us.'

'I don't know, they could be emo elk?'

'Are you sure you major is not in Smart Ass?'

I didn't answer him; I just howled and sped off to the juicy elk. Jenna was the first to catch up to me and I linked to her.

'Hey you wanna help me take a fat elk down?'

She nodded her wolf head and grinned at me.

'Yes ma'am, thank you!' Her meek little voice rang in my head. I could not understand why in the hell I felt so damn pulled to her. I am not gay and she is not related to me, not to mention she is under age!

'Call me Ele please, I prefer my friends to call me Ele.' I saw her eyes go wide in surprise. Her eyes were more icy white and blue mixed, like the frozen northland in winter. She was truly a breath taking and mysterious girl. My alpha female instincts felt something buried deep in the younger girl. She was not what they seemed to think she was, I just did not know how to explain it.

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