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   Chapter 8 No.8

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I fried up a whole package of beef sirloin and a bunch of sliced potato. By the time I brought my food into the house and had it properly unpack, I felt like my stomach was about to eat itself whole! Clay helped me put everything away and he perused my six bedroom house. He was keeping his word so far, as much as it seems to pain him. I can see that he is not used to being kept on a short leash, but it is good for him to learn.

I told him about the attack that happened at my camp site and turned me. I described the wolf that attacked me and he had not heard of a wolf that exact color. He was apparently a little older than Ang and he knows every Lycan in the area. He said I should get used to doing the same, if I want to have some peace of mind. I even told him about the dreams I am having and he tended to agree with Ang's opinion on them. He also said that he only knows a few Lycans on this continent with that gift, but more could and hides it well.

I was rinsing off my plate now and I looked back to Clay, who was standing near me with a dish towel. "So at the end of the day, we still have no more information than we started with."

"Well you don't, but I might be able to make some calls now, because Ang only gave me a description of a wolf form. Your information is a lot more than I had this morning, but I can see why she is freezing you out. Ang is an ice queen, but she is a good person too. She is worried that this is going to blow up on her pack too, so she is keeping her distance."

I sighed out and I sounded a little depressed, even to me. "I know, but she was very nice to me, so I am trying to see it from her perspective. She has a pack and a hyper twenty year old sister to look after."

I saw something pass through his features, but it was gone quickly. I was about to ask him, when I got a call. I looked down and saw Ang's number. I thumbed the green talk button and put it on speaker. "Hey Ang what's up?"

"Do you have me on speaker?" Damn girl does not miss a thing.

"Yes Angela, she does, since it is pretty hard for her to keep me from listening anyway."

I heard a pause then, "Please tell me your neck is still fine Ele?"

I snorted and said, "Oh my neck is fine, it is captain blue balls here you should pity." I saw Clay flinch in pain and I laughed. Ang sighed and said, "Ok, good, that is the way it should be."

"Angela, You are a terrible influence on a young alpha female! You have any idea how much harder your making my job?!"

I heard her laugh a girlish laugh and she sighed again and said, "Clayton, I see you have already become smitten, well can't say that is a surprise. Ele is a remarkable young alpha after all and I did train her." I could not miss the pride and mock gloating in her voice. Clay looked less amused with this though. I could tell he liked Ang, just fought with her like a little sister.

"So, what can I do for you Ang?"

"Yeah, well I have two gammas looking for a pack and I heard you are taking on a beta, so I figured I would send them yo

the way."

I shrugged and said, "I think I may take you up on your offer, since Ang is MIA right now. I am also worried about forming a new pack right when I am in personal danger. My enemies will become their enemies, so I worry that I will be placing them in more danger as their alpha."

He smiled wildly and sincerely then he said, "That is exactly why I believe you are going to make a damn good alpha. They have not even sworn their blood oath to you yet and you are already worried for them. I mean what I say about you, you're going to do well."

He swiped my beer while I was gaping in shock at his sincerity, then I growled at him. He shrugged and took a long swig of my beer, then handed me the bottle. I gave him my 'death laser' stare, the one that I imagine could kill him. Damn alpha male.


I went to work that afternoon and I worked the noon to midnight shift. I told Matt about the meet and run. He was over the moon, pun not intended. He said that he was excited to meet them and he was more excited to get to take the blood oath. He had been born in a pack, but they are long gone. He is left with the ghosts of his old pack and a degree in animal medicine, to occupy his time right now.

I had been watching him like a hawk, because I knew he would be the second highest rank in my tiny, barely pack, so I had to make sure he was good people. Jake ended up being a part of Clayton's pack and he swore to the moon and back that Clayton has never been bad to the ladies, he told me that Clay was already bugging him about me. Apparently he just had to know everything about my daily routine now. Jake said Clay does not usually act like this with women; he just lets them come to him.

I was not going to give Clay anything, anytime soon, so he would have to just deal with it. I may seem like I am ok, but honestly—part of me is still shaken to the core about this brave new world of mine. I feel like I am just fighting to tread water right now and I definitely was not ready for Lycan dating.

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