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   Chapter 7 No.7

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I was back at my campsite at the river and this time I was standing outside my tent. I felt the thrills of fear rolling over me again. I heard the raspy whispers on the misty night air.


I looked around, turning in a slow three sixty, but I could not see anything.


I could not scent the air like I had already become accustomed to. I felt human again and helpless. I heard snapping of twigs close by and I turned in the direction of the noise, but nothing was there now. I looked around my camp site for anything, and then I remembered the skillet in the fire pit. If he was going to bring me to this memory, then I was going to use whatever I could to fight back.


I turned and whipped the skillet around in a frenzy of strikes. I heard a meaty thud on it and I saw him materialize out of the mist and his snout buried into my arm and he tore my right arm free from my small body and the skillet with it. I screamed in agony and he jumped me and his eyes glowed red now.

'Now you are all mine!'

The malicious raspy voice intoned to me and I screamed. He dug into my belly and I suddenly whipped myself up and I was nearly blinded by the morning sun beaming into my room.

I cursed and I scrubbed my hands over my cold, sweaty face. I was shaking a little, but mostly I was angry now. The fucker had gotten into my head again! I know he wants me to be scared and he wants me to think I am still human. I know that he is strong, but if a girl with a skillet could manage to escape him, then an alpha she-wolf would do a lot worse!

I swore to myself as I showered, that I would not let him get to me. I would deal with him in the flesh, because he is too much a coward to want to risk a direct fight. Ang told me to trust my instincts and mine told me that underhanded Lycans like this were scared of losing their own games. It did not make these damn dreams more bearable, or less vivid, but I would fucking kill my maker before this was over. I would have his throat and several pounds of flesh!

I found a clean navy blue long sleeve tee shirt and a pair of grey sweatpants. I put on my running shoes and I grabbed my little black purse. Trend setter, who me? I aim for comfortable and my Lycan instincts hated the confines of tight clothing. I actually hated exposing, or tight clothing as a human too, so it was not much of a wardrobe change for me these days. I never understood why other girls my age always wanted to show men every inch of their skin. I hated letting men see me in anything revealing, they are creatures of lust after all. I am not sexist or riding the rainbow train to fairy land, just very cautious.

I had a few hours until work and I was off from class for the day, so I decided to go shopping. I was out of food and I was a newly turned Lycan. Hunger thy name is Eleanor!

I pulled into the parking lot across the street from my local supermarket. I left my three year old R/T Dodge Charger there with one final look at the sleek black paint on it. I loved my car and it was very fast! To say I have money would be understating matters. I inherited a lot of money from my father, which he has earned from a life time of investment banking. I never knew we were so rich until he was gone and my lawyer was revealing all the funds he left in my name. Daddy never did care much for material things, except nice, fast cars. I took after him in that manner and well every other manner. Sometimes I think my mother was a surrogate, because I have nothing in common with her, hell I look like my dad, if only slender and girly.

I see a young man eyeing me from the door into the supermarket. I curse to myself, because I can already tell his is a Lycan. His dirty blonde hair was long, down to his chin and parted in the middle. He had a five o'clock shadow on his chiseled jawline and his eyes were like two amber balls of fire. I could have swooned, if I did not know for a fact that he was also a powerful alpha. I felt my hackles rising fast and very furious. My eyes were not glowing, but they had turned completely jade for sure and my blood was boiling over with my Lycan energy.

He smirked as I came right past him and opened the door into the supermarket. I turned my back to him and walked in. I could feel his tension at this insulting move, but I ignored him and went to find a cart. He was pushing a cart right behind me now and so I finally had enough of the creepy stalker routine. I snapped my head around and I turned and faced him and he stopped in his tracks. His playful smirk was already in place, showcasing his dimples.

"You do know that stalking is a crime in Canada right?" I gave him the full weight of my glare and he did not shrivel under it like every other Lyc

it sent shivers down my spine.

Clay knew what he had achieved and he gave me a victorious smirk in return. Oh it was so on; I was going to give this boy the worst case of blue balls he has never imagined possible! I bend over slowly and seductively and I brush my hand down his thigh, and my head is right next to his many bits. I let out a long hot breath over his midsection and I slowly pull myself back up with another box of cereal.

I looked in his eyes long enough to see the pitch black lust mixed with desire. I turn away and start pushing my cart with a small victorious glint in my eyes. I sashay my hips as I walk to the checkout counter and give him a good view of what he is not getting. It kind of reminded me of female wolves in the wild, who would shake their tails past the males to entice them.


I was loading my car and Clay came to a stop right in front of the street sign. I gave him a look of curiosity and he said, "I cannot come any closer, this is your territory, so may I come over and help you?"

I sighed and said, "I still don't know for sure that you're not my maker Clay. I have not seen your wolf yet."

He smirked at me and said, "Well Ang has seen my wolf plenty and she gave me the description of your attacker. I am proud to say, I look nothing like that Lycan."

I tilted my head and said, "What does you wolf look like then?"

"I am grey and white." I could not help myself so I said, "With black covering your paws?"

He nodded deftly and looked shocked for a moment; because he knows I have never seen him shift. I told him about the green-blue eyed wolf that led me home as a kid. He looked at me in shock and said, "That was my little brother. He lived down there with our dad and his pack back then. He got the green and blue eyes from his mom. My mom died a few hundred years ago, French and Indian War was hell for us all."

I looked at him in shock and he smirked at me and said, "Well it appears the fates just wanted us to meet sweet cheeks. Can I come over there now? I would love to have a ride in your beautiful R/T Charger. That thing is supposed to be hell on wheels."

I muttered, "Presumptive ass, " and I knew he heard me. I sighed and said, "Fine you can come onto my land, but you will not mark me, or even touch me, without my consent."

He let out a shaky breath and said, "That whole touching part is a low blow, what if you are stuck in a well and I have to touch you to help you get out?"

"What are you, fucking Lassy?"

He chuckles and climbs into my passenger seat, then fastens his seat belt. I finish unloading my bags and I climb into my driver's door and I look at him and point with an accusing finger, "No marking or touching, ok?"

"You know the last time I had to submit to a female this many times in one day, was when my mother was still alive. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing at the moment either."

I fired up my V8 Hemi and we shot down the road towards my house at land speed record pace. To his credit, Clay really did like the muscle car. So far he had not told me a lie that I knew of. It is hard to lie to another alpha, because of our keen senses.

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