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   Chapter 6 No.6

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I left Ang's house early the next morning and I stopped off at my house. I felt like it had become a stranger to me in the past three days, I was happy be home, but I missed my new friends. Lacy met me at my second class of the day, but I was sad that Ang would not let me visit. I understand that I am basically a walking target right now, hence she has to protect her own first, and she had a way of making this Lycan world less scary.

Thankfully Ang had taught me how to suppress my senses, when I am in the human areas. It would have been impossible to focus in class today, if I smelled every trash can in the building, or every unwashed human scent. I was still picking up a lot of sex musk from my class mates; I guess you never really know how many people are getting it on, until you're a Lycan.

I show up at the large animal hospital I worked at and I was excited to get back to work. Being turned had not diminished my passion for animals, if anything it had magnified it. I walk into the staff locker rooms and I was getting changed into my light green scrubs, when I smell Lycan musk.

I whip my head around in time to see Matt, a guy I have worked with for a few months now, eyeing me like I am a piece of meat. I look left and right, to make sure we are alone, then I snarl at him. I felt my eyes begin to turn jade and glow. My alpha blood hummed in my veins and I felt my claws forming, ready to kill this stupid male.

He does not back down at first, I let out a very low threatening growl. I dare him to try me and I feel his sudden reluctance. He felt my power and I felt his now, he was mid beta and I could rip him limb from limb.

He finally drops his gaze to the floor and lowers his head to me. "Sorry young alpha, you just caught me by surprise. I am not going to dare a run at your neck."

I stared at him for a moment; my Lycan sense of smell told me that he was most likely being honest. I was not great at detecting lies yet, but Ang taught me the basics of lie detector one oh one.

"Whose pack are you with?" I did not relax in the least yet. I was not going to give him an opening and Ang had warned me plenty about Lycan males in the past two days. I noticed that Matt sagged his shoulders more and he looked nervous.

"I'm a lone ma'am, I ran in the neutral sections of town, my old back was destroyed years ago."

I let out a breath and scrubbed my hand through my thick red hair and said, "Look its fine, just don't come after my neck, I am not exactly having a great week." He nodded and still held his gaze down. His long chestnut hair was falling into his face now. He was about five eleven in height and he had a lean muscular build. He was much larger than me, but he was terrified of the alpha blood in my veins. I could sense his distress and I remembered how Ang told me lone Lycans were often mistreated. I let out another calming breath and I crossed my hands over my chest, but otherwise I relaxed.

"You can look up at me now Matt; I am not going to beat you up, just because you're lone. Just tell me if there are any other Lycans working here, so I am not surprised by them too."

I saw his body relax visibly and his muscles unclenched and he let out a breath he had been holding. Matt nodded and cleared his throat.

"You have three others that work here. Doctor Jay Forester, he is long mated, so he will not bother you."

I cut him off and said, "Dr. Forester is Lycan?!" He nodded and I let out a mirthless laugh and said, "Guess I could have just phoned in sick due to transition then. Damn Ang must have known and said nothing to me."

"She probably did not want you to think you had to leave your job, which you don't."

I looked at him and said, "You know Ang well then Matt?" He nodded shyly and said, "She is the fairest alpha I have had to deal with. She showed me the neutral lands between her land and Clays land. I get to roam there whenever I change."

"Yeah that's where I live. Ang had a talk with Clay about that whole area being re-zoned for me, but you're still welcome to roam, if you stay the hell away from my neck!"

He gave me a hopeful smile and said, "I'm glad she was the one who found you ma'am. Clay would have probably helped you too, but he also might have wanted you. He is not too bad either, fair enough for a strong alpha male, but no one is as fair as Ang. She is tough, but she is all for the greater good and all that."

"I have a deal for you Matt, you get to roam my territory freely and I get your wisdom in local Lycan politics. You seem to know all the players a hell of a lot better than me."

He gave me a wide smile and nodded. He looked at me with white hot hope gleaming in his eyes and said, "I will help you however you need and maybe you will consider taking me on as your first beta member. You are going to need a pack ma'am."

That surprised me, but I was not going to give him an answer now. I pulled my hair up into a messy bun. I was getting ready to walk out the door, and then I said, "I am not going to make any promises yet, but I will honestly consider it. You just show that you're trust

have the reputation Ang does. Her own long standing reputation protects her, not you. So for the love of all that his holy, please let this fool live!"

I looked back at the heap of alpha boy on the ground and I snapped one last time. He eyed me with terror. I licked my wolf lips and I felt a wolfish grin come to my face now. I stepped back and Dr. Forester motioned Matt to come. Matt sat some scrubs down, before stepping past me. They carried Darrell into one of the free operating rooms and ordered half a dozen large pizzas, since we were all starving by now.

I helped them clean up his wounds and sow him back together. Dr. Forester told me that stitching Lycans is only necessary when they are brought very close to death. I had a couple of claw marks on my body, but they were already closing slowly. I could actually feel the mending of my flesh, because it was so rapid.

Dr. Forester showed me a lot more about tending to Lycans, as he did his work on Darrell. I looked at him as we sat eating meat lover's pizza in the staff lounge. "Look I am sorry that you two had to stay so late to fix my damage, but his father better not expect me to apologize for putting him in his place. He was literally going to fucking rape me, sorry, but I'm not sorry."

Dr. Forester laughed loudly and I saw his wife come in the door now. She must have heard what I said because she said, "Darling I would never apologize for being a female in this world. I tore apart a few males, before I met Jake here."

I perked up and I gave her a curious look. "So did he claim your or how the hell does that work? You both seem so in love."

She laughed and he just stared at his wife in adoration. "Sweetheart, Jake here did not try that macho shit with me. He just kept showing up at my damn work with presents or cards, or just showing up. He was like a sick little puppy from the very first. I finally decided to give him one chance; I was scared he was just being cleverer about how he goes for my neck. After our third date, I realized Jake was just Jake. He was truly interested in me and I started to fall for him then."

I sat there silently listening to her retelling of courtship in the early nineteen hundreds. Apparently she is a born Lycan, high beta, just about even with Jake. They both nearly give off an alpha vibe, but fall just short of it.

"Sorry Mrs. Forester, but I don't believe we have ever actually introduced ourselves. I am Eleanor Grace Cambelle, but I prefer to be called Ele." I extended my tiny hand to her and she shook it. "My name is Kathleen, but I go by Kat. Such an ironic nickname for a Lycan no?"

Her deep ocean blue eyes locked on my pale green ones and I saw the pools of amusement that she called eyes. She was a very witty and educated woman, with a lot of sophistication. She was also a fellow red head and he share was a darker crimson color. Her deep blue eyes almost made her look ethereal with crimson hair and her milky light skin tone.

Jake was six feet and well-constructed lean muscle. He was sandy haired with hints of grey and he had light violet eyes. It was interesting, because a pup with the combined traits of these two would be a hell of a looker!

It was past two in the morning before I climbed into my bed for the night. I was sated on meaty pizza and I was crashing from my earlier adrenaline high. I fell asleep after my head hit the pillow.

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