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   Chapter 5 No.5

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I was back in the forest in my tent; my battery lap was glowing lowly in the dark. My senses still very human, and so was my body. I heard a raspy voice in the night air and it called my name. 'Eleanor'

I felt a chill run down my spine and I shivered, my body felt cold and my body knew it was meat for the predator outside my tent. I tucked myself deeper into my tent and kept the zipper sealed this time. I stupidly prayed for the Lyacan to just go away! 'Eleanor'

The whisper was just floating softly on the wind, but the threat it promised was very real. I felt my muscles tighten in fear and my limbs shivered. I could hear the pacing outside the tent now and it was coming closer. Razor sharp claws ran along the fabric of the tent as the beast paced in a semi-circle around the tent.

'Did you really think you escaped me child?'

Powerful paws slashed into the tent behind where I coward and I was pulled free from the tent and I felt the claws burying into my chest and stomach, then I sprang up in a cold sweat, with my clawed hand around the throat of the one standing over me. I saw the brown and yellow light up in her eyes and she started to choke. I realized that I was choking Lacy and I let her go in a panic fit. I was still shivering and my body felt hot and cold at the same time. I felt bone deep that it was more than just a dream.

I looked over to Lacy when I stopped hyperventilating and said, "Sorry about that Lacy, I dreamed I was back in the tent on that night." She gave me a knowing look and nodded. She smirked and said, "Babe, that's why Zeus invented Lycan speed healing, no harm no foul and all that fun stuff."

I saw the red ring and the dribbling claw marks in her neck and I felt ashamed of myself. She had only ever tried to help me and I hurt her for her troubles. I tried to distract myself from myself loath and I said, "What do you mean Zeus created Lycan speed healing?"

She gave me a shocked look, then bit back whatever she was about to say, then thought for a long moment. "Did you take any mythology classes in college?"

I nodded, "Yeah I took a bunch of them as electives, ok maybe more than just a bunch."

She snorted in amusement and said, "Well then, are you familiar with the story of Lycaon and his sons?"

I nodded and said, "You mean the guy who served Zeus human flesh and was cursed into a wolf, along with all his sons?"

She smirked in a cheeky manner and said, "You got it in one chicka. Lycans are descendants of Lycaon and his sons. Hence why we are called Lycans, or name is really that simple baby girl! The original Lycans learned how to resume their human form at will, but the moon still pulls us back to the curse of our wolf form at the full moon. Born or bitten, we are all cursed in a manner of speaking. You have officially joined the ranks of the divinely cursed sugar!"

I scrunched my face in a scowl and said, "You sound way too damn perk about this curse." She shrugged and said, "It's the only way I have ever known life darling."

I gave her a snarky look and said, "Are you trying out every damn term of endearment, until one sticks?"

"Yep, pretty much." I laughed at her and chucked my pillow at her head. She threw it right back at me, and then Ang called for us. I looked at her and said, "Your sister can cook?"

She gave me a slight grimace and said, "She thinks she can, but I keep telling her that cooking has come a long way since the late sixteen hundreds."

Each laughed hysterically, until we heard an alpha female voice booming, "Get your little asses down here!" We exchanged meaningful looks, and then we both bolted for the kitchen downstairs. We nearly bowled a few members of the pack over on our race to the very bad food. Ang was giving us looks of utter annoyance. She seemed like she had a permanent scowl on her beautiful features. The only time I seemed to ever see her smile at all was when she was kicking my ass or taunting me.

We ate heaps of slightly burnt pancakes and bacon, with sausages on the side. I downed three cups of coffee; at least she had managed not to burn that! Ang

ade you an alpha, but this maker could easily create strong betas, if he could make one alpha pup."

I ran my hand through my bright red hair and let out a long, drawn out breath.

"How the hell did Lycans figure all that out, do you all get an instruction manual that I missed out on or something? Lycans for dummies?"

She chuckled and said, "Immortals with thousands of years of time to make observations and studies, besides in the dark ages and the middle-ages we had alphas that were making soldier Lycans like it was going out of style. They wrote down the many variances of each turned Lycan in journals. My mother is said to decend straight from one of the sons of Lycaon, she passed on one such journal to me. We are not proud of it, but my grandfather did learn quite a bit about turning people, hence why I never turn anyone, period."

"Shit and I thought my mom running off with the overpriced lawyer was bad!"

She laughed a genuine laugh of cheer and happiness. From the tired look in her eyes you would think it was the first break her mind had had in hundreds of years. It could be a fact in her case though.

"Maybe one day we can be good friends Ele, just get your shit sorted out first please."

I gave her a mock salute and a sarcastic grin, "Aye, aye skipper!"

"Ele, remember one very important thing. If you get half a chance, you take the throat of you maker."

I studied her for a moment and said, "Why not just avoid him all together, or if I can get him to leave me alone?"

She shook her head and said, "There are only two ways to steal alpha power from a Lycan. You absorb it from a relative when they die, or you kill your maker if you're turned. Makers and made work both ways. If you die at his hands, then he becomes more powerful, hence a major pain in my ass if you die. He will never expect you to know this fun fact about our culture. This is a curse after all; it was not made to be kind to us all. Death of the strong can raise another to become even stronger. Black hearted Lycans live to absorb power, hell it was common practice in the dark ages to turn some, just for the purpose of killing them later and taking bits of the power they pass to you in death."


She nodded grimly and said, "Shit indeed, common let's get you to bed. I am going to sleep with you tonight, in case your maker tries that trick again. You have a friend link to me psychically, so I will shield you with it."

I sighed and said, "Thank you, and please let me know what I can do to help you in the future."

She smirked wickedly and said, "You could always let me go shopping with that credit card of yours."

I rolled my eyes and we both walked in and thankfully I slept like a baby for one night.

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