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   Chapter 4 No.4

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I called in to work and told the head vet that I was sick and stuck at my friend's house. I was a stretch, but he was a nice older man and he knew I was far from home. He gave me the two days I requested. I called my school and repeated the smudged truths to them and they accepted it. Thankfully missing a few days was not grounds for expulsion or failure. Some American schools would literally give you an incomplete mark on your course, if you missed two or more days of class in each class in one semester. That was supposed to be, because of the previous generations who only showed up to class for their tests and quizzes. I personally do not see what was so wrong with that system, because you have to memorize the material to pass either way.

Lacy sat down with me and began to explain how to close my mind off to the psychic link I was holding wide open between her and Ang. She told me that I bonded with them and formed a friend link psychically, but I would need to be able to wall off my thoughts. She also said I might have an open link to the alpha wolf that bit me. My description of the wolf that attacked me did not ring any bells with the wolves in this pack. Ang had apparently been here since the French settled Canada. He pack found this to be a perfectly secluded spot to claim. Now I finally understood the age jabs that Lacy was giving to her older sister.

Lacy had me focusing on blocking her mental probing all morning. Apparently she was very good at getting into people's minds, even if she was only a gamma ranked wolf, third tier in strength, healing and speed. That was basically the only rank above omega. Lacy explained that most of the other wolves in her pack were low beta or a little higher. Ang was the only alpha. She told me that it was damn near unheard of for a human to change into an alpha. They tended to be weaker than born wolves. That was one of the reasons Ang refused to let me stay with them for very long.

After a frustrating morning, I finally succeeded in figuring out how to guard my thoughts from both Lacy and Ang. Even Ang's alpha voice could not break my mental walls now. That was supposed to be impossible, since she was well over three hundred. Ang was very weary of my presence in her home and I could not blame her, because I was basically another high level predator in crouching on her territory. Lycans seemed to be just as territorial as their wolf counterparts were in nature. It still felt crazy to say, or even think Lycan seriously.

Lacy fixed over a hundred cheese burgers and bacon to put on them for lunch. I gave Ang my credit card, so she could replace the food and the bed. She seemed to treat me with a measure of respect, because I was trying to be honest and not take advantage of their kindness. I would, however, figure out as much as I could about being a damn Lycan in my two days at casa pack, as I could.

Ang looked at me with a mischievous smirk on her face and I felt the hairs on my neck rise, along with my hackles.

"You better eat up little pup, because I am going to wear your ass out all afternoon."

I arched my eyebrow and tried to suppress a growl that I felt beginning to vibrate in my chest already. Damn alpha female bullshit, I saw the betas and gammas flinch when I growled. I noticed that Lacy didn't flinch at all. She did not flinch away from her sister either, but I thought that was just genetics?

"What do you mean by that Ang?" I kept my voice nice and even, though I was a tomboy by birth right. I have never been able to hold my temper down when it comes to strong female personalities. Ang was more sophisticated than you would expect a Lycan to be. I think it kept accidentally triggering my bitch switch, but I had nothing to base this on. Lacy just seemed amused to watch someone raise her sister's hackles constantly.

"Just a few things you might need to learn, if you want to live more than the first day I kick you off my land, that's all. Like I said earlier Ele, this world is a lot more dangerous than the one you grew up in. You are going to have to suck it up and deal with the pain."

"Meaning what exactly?" She gave me an evil smile and said, "Just means you and the dirt are gonna become best friends, and a good ass beating can teach you a lot about life."

"Where did you pick that line up? ' Zen Masters for Red Necks?" I heard Lacy double over in laughter and the betas and gammas were trying hard to keep their smiled to themselves. Ang gave me an incredulous look and sighed in frustration, and then she downed another bacon cheese burger.

"Eat pup, eat!"

I rolled my eyes and ate until I felt completely sated. One would think I would have grown sick of the taste of cheese burgers after the first three, but no. Ang led me to her training grounds in the back yard of her log mansion. Apparently each pack member had rooms here and she protected all of them. Lacy was apparently finishing her vet school, so she could become the new pack doctor. She wa

s one semester behind me, but she had a few classes in common with me. She seemed to be a very brilliant minded twenty year old. I guess in their own ways, both sisters wanted to protect the pack.

Ang squared off with me and I felt her alpha power rise to the surface, I was one day shifted to Lycan, but I knew what that raw energy was. She was not going to be playing around and I tried to raise my power, but I had no clue what I was doing. Without farther preamble Ang blurred in motion to me and I felt her fist connect with my sternum. She sent a blow to my cheek and I staggered back a step. She snarled at me and she lunged, I barely dodged her and I stuck my knee up and caught her on the side of her ribcage.

She turned and round housed me in the face with her right leg and I saw stars. She stood over me and said, "You are one piss poor excuse of an alpha pup. No fire and no fucking backbone. The first omegas you meet are going to fucking rape and kill your ass. I hope your virgin ass enjoys un-consensual sex."

I snarled and I uppercut her and it glanced off her chin and she skidded back a few feet. She laughed and said, "Pup, if that's all you got, then just bend over and let my males have at you right now." I felt my blood hum and hiss with energy that I never felt before. I felt my muscles coil tighter and I saw her motions clearly this time. I hopped casually to her right and jabbed her in the face, then I stomped on her right foot, and then I gripped her right fist and threw her over my shoulder.

Ang hit the ground with a sickening thud, her right arm was twisted in the wrong direction, but she got up and she was on me before I could counter her again. She gave me a smirk and said, "Pup you need to learn never to drop your damn guard. You clearly know some Jujitsu and Karate, but that means shit if you do not push through the pain and the broken bones. Lycans will fucking kill you if you try to ground them and turn your back on them. You feel the hum in your blood right now?"

I nodded at her and waited for her to continue.

"That is your alpha blood waking up pup; never forget this feeling, because it is how you survive. Your true power is in waking your blood the fuck up! One last thing, never bare your neck to your opponent pup, because they will rip out your fucking throat."

I nodded again and then I heard her say, "Now you are going to shift until it is natural to you. Common pup strip and start shifting."

I was getting really pissed at her for calling me pup constantly. I knew she was taunting me with it. I know enough to know that wolves and apparently Lycans too, do not like being made to feel like a pup. I focused on the picture of the black wolf I saw in the stream last night. Nothing happened at first and Ang sighed out heavily and cursed.

"Focus on the wolf form and channel your emotions into it pup. You triggered you change with rage last night, from what Daemon told me, so come on pup, get angry, or would you rather I smack your ass around?"

To punctuate her point Ang punched me dead in the mouth and I snarled and I felt that alpha power go into my body, deep into a new place, that I had never known I had before and I felt my bones snapping and my skin grew fur. Two minutes later I was standing five and a half feet of lycan wolf.

Ang rolled her eyes and was clearly unimpressed. "Shift back pup, think human skin this time." She clapped he hands a few times and I was pissed now, but I thought of my head, my read hair, my creamy light skin and my two arms and two legs. It took less than thirty seconds to change back to human. That seemed much more natural to me, for good reason.

"Shift pup!" Ang said it again and she pushed alpha command into it. The command itself did nothing but piss me off and hence it helped me change in under a minute this time. She yelled for me to shift back to human again, this time it took twenty seconds.

She kept at this for the next four hours without giving me a damn break. By the time we were finished I had shifted several hundred time and I felt like my body was eating what tiny bit of fat I had on it. I was now down to ten seconds to shift to my wolf form. Ang shown me her shift and it was done in less than two seconds. She could just leap right into her fur and keep moving.

Lacy made deer steaks for dinner, apparently Ang had carried my kill back for me last night along with all the deer that the pack had hunted on the full moon. I scarfed down four huge deer meat steaks and still had room for some of the cheese cake that they had bought; Ang said she had my credit card to thank for that splurge. She was more or less mellow with me now, but I could sense this razor thin tension line in her. She kept it away from the others, but Lacy and I sensed it. Ang was never going to allow me to stay past tomorrow, but I was grateful she even took any pity on me. I had little doubt about the truth in her statements about the violence of the Lycan world.

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