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   Chapter 3 No.3

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I woke up on a couch and I was wrapped in a large bear skin comforter. I felt my temples throbbing in protest at the morning rays beaming in on me through the large windows in the massive den space. I shot up right and I realized I was clothed again. I was wearing a large male tee shirt and some loose fitting sweat pants. I felt my body and it was smooth and silky and very human. I smelt delicious aromas coming from a few rooms over and I stood on my shaky legs. I took a few steps, testing my balance. It took a moment to orient myself, but I was perfectly whole and able to walk now.

I felt a thrill of fear wash over me as I walked through the alien house. I was not familiar with any of it and I knew I had never been here before; hell I had not been in any one's home here. I had basically gone to school, to work and to the local supermarket. I looked around and I saw forest and wild life paintings and the faded look to them, put them at over one hundred years old easy, if not much more.

The house was furnished with a lot of modern furniture and any basic tech gadgets you come to expect in the 21st century. I could tell this house was huge, just from the dimensions of the rooms I had traveled through on my way to the source of the deliciousness.

I found myself in a massive kitchen, with fifteen sets of eyes trained on me with profound interest. I saw the little brunette with the brown and yellow eyes cooking. She was just as scrawny as me, but maybe an inch and a half taller; still short by any human standard. She beamed a smile at me over the four pans of bacon and eggs she was multi-tasking over.

"Hey you're awake! How are you feeling?"

I cleared my scratchy throat and said, "I am alive I guess?" I sounded very unsure of myself, even to me. She gave me a look of sympathy and understanding.

"I remember my first change when I was thirteen. It hurt like hell and I actually knew what I was my whole life."

I nodded and gave her a skeptical look and I heard another voice, older and full of feminine power. "You don't remember much of last night do you little girl?"

I whipped my head in the direction of the voice and she was a few inches taller than the little brunette, but she was unmistakably familial to the younger girl. She had white blonde soft curly hair and the same vivid brown and yellow eyes as the younger girl. She had thicker curves and more generous breasts. The look of assessment she was shooting in my direction felt like a challenge to me, so I did what any sane person would do, I growled at her lowly.

The fourteen at the table stood up when I growled, but I did not take my eyes off of the brown and yellow ones before me, still challenging me. I saw the younger brown haired girl come between us and she said, "Guys she has no fucking clue what is happening, Ang you do! Stop fucking challenging her right when she wakes up from her first change! You should know better you three hundred year old…Ow!" The snow haired beauty, Ang, thumped the brown haired girl on the top of the head. The younger girl rubbed her head gingerly, before retreating to her cooking. She cast a puppy pout to the older girl and she rolled her eyes and looked back to her friends.

"Chill guys, as much as it kills me to say this, Lacy is right. I should not have poked a new alpha female first thing in the morning."

They all nodded in a silent chorus and reseated themselves. I could not help but wonder how much they had rehearsed that mannerism. Ang pointed at a still pouty Lacy and said, "You will not mention my age again, or I will hand your ass to you in the training grounds."

Lacy stuck her tongue out and said, "If you do that, then who is gonna cook for the pack meanie beanie!"

I heard the males suck in a collective gasp of air, even the two other women. Was everyone else that bad a cook? Did she just say 'Pack?'

'Yes she said pack Eleanor Grace Cambelle.'

I looked into Ang's eyes in shock and I know I did not see her mouth move at all. How the hell did she do that? What the hell happened after the pain started at college yesterday?

Ang stepped forward and held her hands up in a sign of peace, not submission or surrender. She made it clear with ever ridged movement that she was the top bitch in this room.

"I am going to help you remember last night, but it might not work on you, since you are somehow equal to me in dominance Eleanor."

"Wh What are you going to do?"

"Just close your eyes and stop thinking so damn much. I will not be able to help you recall last night if you are so damn tense and analytical."

"I felt my face tighten in insult and I said, "SO sorry, but I was just born this way!"

She smirked and I could see the smile did not quite reach her eyes. Her eyes were annoyed with me, but she was still offering me some kind of weird help none-the-less. I nodded to her, exhaled a breath and closed my eyes.

Ang touched her forehead to mine and I heard her voice rumble in what could only be described as an alpha's commanding voice and she said, "Remember!"

I felt like someone nudged something in my brain, then everything came flooding back to me from yesterday. Everything played like a movie now; the whole scene in the bathroom where Lacy found me and helped me to her car. Lacy fighting with Ang about letting me stay and get tended to, because I was 'changing.'

I saw the glimpses of the short cropped black haired man named Daemon. I remembered him tending to me and trying to help me through the pain of the 'change.' I remember finally giving in to my anger and I ran out of this house on four legs. I remember following the little chocolate brown wolf and drinking with her, and then we ate a deer."

Ang helped me to an open chair at their massive dining table. It was solid oak and it was large enough to seat over twenty people comfortably around it. The first words out of my mouth were, "We ate bambi's dad last night Lacy." I think I sounded mixed between p

outy and nostalgic, not exactly a mix I have ever managed before.

The wolves at the table, yes I know what we all are now kind of hard to deny it, burst out laughing. Even Ang was laughing as she handed me a huge jug of Sunny D. When she stopped laughing she said, "Drink plenty of vitamin C Eleanor, your body will need it and a lot of protein, so you can recover from your change."

I nodded and mumbled my thanks to her. I was so parched that I just turned the jug up and began gulping it down. I gave her a sheepish grin and said, "I'll buy you some more later and I will get you a new bed for your guest room, sorry about that."

She fought a smile that was trying to bloom on her features and she nodded her agreement. I noticed her pack seemed to be a lot less tense now. They were mostly just curious of me now. I did not understand most of what was happening, but as Lacy served me the largest helping of meats and eggs I had ever seen piled onto one plate, I knew I was not human anymore.

I dug into my food and only came up for air, when I felt thirsty again. The food was delicious and the bacon and sausage had a more gamey flavor to it, than anything store bought. The others waited for Ang to dig into her food, before they started eating though. I realized that I was breaking every rule of wolves in the wild and I was not doing it on purpose. I was still in a state of shock, because my very human mind could not accept all these fairy tales had just happened to me in one damn night, or one damn month.

It was undeniable that I could hear the heart rates of everyone in the room, like many bass beats thumping in different timings. I could smell the scent of wolf musk all over this house and I could smell the traces of blood from fresh kills on most of the people her, including myself. Ang looked at me after we each had finished our massive breakfasts and she said, "So who turned you into a Lycan?"

I arched an eyebrow and gave her a quizzical look.

"Lycan?" She looked like she had just tripped her circuit breaker now. Lacy answered for her thankfully.

"We are called Lycans Eleanor, it is not a good idea to keep spouting the words were and wolf around us. We are a bit touchy about that particular nick name."

I shrugged and gave her a confused look.

"Sorry, not like I have ever talked to were, I mean Lycans before now."

She gave me a cheeky smirk and said, "Honey you have been in a class with at least four of us this semester, in a way, you're lucky it was me who sniffed you out in the bathroom."

Ang cleared her throat loudly and gave Lacy a silencing look. Lacy gave her a sheepish look and shrugged her shoulders. Ang massaged her temples and ranted under her breath about obnoxious little sisters and how they would kill her one day.

"Eleanor, can you describe the events that lead to you being bitten by a Lycan. I assume you can remember a big ass wolf attacking you, right?" I looked at Ang and nodded and cleared my throat again.

"I was camping in the forest near my house, about two hours by foot south. I ended up setting up camp at a stream and I fished up some dinner, then after I turned in for the night, I was attacked. It was a huge light brown male wolf and he bit into my foot and began to drag me out of my camp site. I managed to stretch out and get to my skillet and I hit him over the head about a half dozen times. He was still breathing, so I booked it out of the forest."

Ang gave me a look of sympathy and it was gone a second later.

"I had my friend check into you, before you woke up; he is a Lycan on the police force. Given what I learned of your residence and the surrounding territories, I believe you were on Clay's land during that attack. He is one of the local alphas and we get along well enough. I can pass this information along to him and we can help you figure out who bit you. It is a big ass deal for our kind to change a human, more or less one that is oblivious to our culture. I will find him and I will have his balls mounted as a trophy for you."

Lacy snickered and said, "My sister loves to neuter naughty Lycans. Sometimes I think it is the closest thing to sex she has with a male!"

I could not help but notice the men covering their manly bits right about now. Lacy may be pretty weak compared to her sister, but I notice how much everyone seems to love her. She is a sweet and adorable little girl, so it makes sense. She is also sassy and a thorn in her alpha female's ass, but I am personally finding that amusing.

When I heard Ang calling my full name again, I snapped out of my trance and said, "Please call me Ele that is my preferred nick name. I tend to forget to acknowledge it when people call Eleanor."

"Ele here is the deal. I will let you stay with us for the next two days and get your bearing as a Lycan, but you're too dominant to offer you pack status. Your house is luckily in a neutral ground between my territory and Clay's, so you technically do not need our permission to live there anyway. Good thing you picked the only open house in the boarders."

"What would have happened if I lived on one of your territories?"

"I would have made you move." I gave her a shocked look and she just spread her hands in a gesture that said, "What did you expect."

"You may not get it now, but you will later on Ele. Our world is much more violent than the rose colored shades you humans inhabit. I protect that which is mine and I do not let outside Lycans on my land if I can help it. If you survive long, you will do the same damn thing!"

Lacy gave me one of her patented puppy dog looks and said, "Ele can I come visit your territory? Can I? Can I?"

I spread my hands and said, "Sure?"

She gave me a cheesy grin and she looked at her sister and said, "Ang you realize you now have to ask her for permission to pass through her stretch of the former neutral territories now."

Ang gave Lacy a look that could have frozen over hell in the summer.

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