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   Chapter 2 No.2

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I came to and as the fog lifted from my mind, the pain began to settle in again. I felt more bones were breaking and I tried to scream, but my voice came out in a partial howl. I startled myself with the sound and it made me look over my body.

I was stripped naked now, with a sheet covering me. I lifted the sheet and I saw my ribs poking at the top of my skin and black patches of fur beginning to sprout. I saw my legs bent backwards and now deformed more like a dog's back legs. I freaked out and I felt my heart rate sky rocket, I felt molten hot again and I fell to the floor. I heard the crash of the bed I was laying in. It had smashed around me somehow in my motion. It was splinters of wooden bits on the other end of the guest bed room looking place.

A man I had never seen before comes and sits beside me. He strokes his hand through my hair in a soothing motion. He is tall, but everyone is, when your five foot three. He looked over six feet, maybe six three. He was built like one of my martial arts masters, all super toned lean muscles. He said, "I am doctor Daemon Williams, you need to calm down, this transition is not going to be easy for you. Fear and excitement are only going to make the pain worse. I gave you as much time to rest as I could little one, but you are going to have to shift tonight, the moon is calling to you girl."

I felt like I had just stepped into a Steven King thriller now. I could make out his scent, it was not threatening to me. I knew I could have his throat if I so desired to. I don't know how I could smell all of that, but considering half my body was turning into a damn dog right now, I was sure that was the least crazy thing going on!

"Listen to me little one, you need to stop fighting the change, and you must just let it happen. I know you are lost and confused right now, but you have to do as I say, or you are going to tear yourself apart."

I felt my fear spike at this new bit of information; I could smell truth in his words, like I could smell the scent of him. I knew he was not lying to me, but it did not make any of this more real to my human mind!

I heard him mutter to himself, something like, "Alpha is going to have my hide for the bed."

All the words seemed to spin in my head now. Alpha, Transition, Shift, Moon Calling.

I was a vet student, but I was also a healthy young woman, so I read plenty of were wolf books. I know the damn jargon. This man and the two others from earlier all talked like this was common sense to them! I suddenly thought back to the light brown wolf that bit through my shoe three weeks ago. I remembered all the strange, but excusable moments I had had in the past three weeks. I remembered the scare tissue on my foot and how the doctor told me it was over two years old! I remembered the murderous wolf that bit me and all I could do was get anger and snarl in my fury at him.

I felt my rage become a thing of physical reality to me as my bones broke more and more. I no longer screamed, I just focused on my jaws snapping around the throat of that damn wolf who dared to harm me! Fury became my salvation and pain baptized me into fur slowly, but surely I felt every limb, every square inch of my body shift, snap and morph.

After three more hours nothing human remained of me and I ran free from the room, with a tan and white timber wolf following closely behind me. I knew he was Daemon, because he had Daemon's scent, just multiplied in its intensity many fold now that he was a wolf. I saw a deeply chocolate colored wolf, with vivid brown and yellow eyes howl on a nearby hill. She smelled like the girl that drove me here and she was a wolf to!

I felt my head rear back and I returned her howl and I dashed off on four legs and closed the distance to her. She turned and ran as I approached her flank. I could tell she wanted me to follow her, so I did. I was curious and I was not human at the moment, so I did whatever felt right. I trusted the little brown wolf girl, because she had been nothing but nice to me. I vaguely remember her arguing with someone, who sounded like her leader and maybe a sibling. I was not sure how much of my memory was accurate; the pain had damn near fried me inside and out.

I followed the little brown she-wolf into the deep wild around us and she trotted the woods, like they were her own backyard. We came to a steam and she stopped and gulped down the water greedily and I did the same after she had finished

. I just kept looking everywhere around me and I found that I could see perfectly in the night. I could feel the pulse of the full moon hanging low overhead. The words, 'The moon's call, ' replayed in my mind now and I felt like it made some sort of twisted sense to me.

I caught my reflection in the water and I saw a large black wolf with jade glowing eyes staring back at me. She was pure glossy black and her coat was thick and full. She was large, but lean muscled. I felt the power of this beast and it was my own power. I felt her need to hunt and I realized it was not her need, but my need. The taste of blood was what we craved now.

The little brown she-wolf yipped at me and I turned towards her. She gave me a wolfish smile and her tongue hung out. She yipped one more time then began to dash into the woods again. I bolted after her; the beast that was me knew we could catch the little wolf with no problems. Less than twenty seconds later I had indeed caught up to her.

She crouched and belly crawled to the edge of a clearing and I saw the deer and it's smell permeated the air. I felt myself lick my chops in anticipation, because this was a seven point buck and I wanted it. I saw the brown wolf nod to me in a very human gesture, to go first. I knew she was conceding the killing blow to me in this hunt. She was showing her submission or her respect, I was not completely sure, I just knew that was MY buck.

The human part of me had no clue what to do, but the wolf in me took over and cleared the tree line in a blur and launched herself into the side of the buck, knocking it to the ground. She jumped back out of reach of its pointed horns, and then as its head swung back, we launched like a bullet into his juicy throat and sunk our teeth in. I tore and ripped I finally felt a satisfying snap of its neck and it fell limp at my feet.

The little she-wolf threw back her head and howled in my victory and I joined her in a victorious howl. I saw her eyeing me, waiting for me to do something, and then I remembered that the alpha gets to eat first. I dug into the buck's chest and I tore into the ribs enjoying the meat on the bones, but I dug farther snapping the ribs and I tore free the heart and began to chew on it. After I had gotten some meat the little she wolf joined me and began to tare at the leg meat on the back legs. She tore a piece off and nosed it at my feet, for me to try it. I took it and it was fatty and delicious! She tore off more bites for herself now. She yipped at me through her bloody snout and I paced over to her now, she lowered herself more, so she showed herself submissive to me. I licked her nose and her face clean of all the blood and she licked my face in return. She was submissive, but she was friend and I could feel that clearly now.

I saw a massive chocolate wolf come over the far left hill side and she radiated power. I saw twelve other wolves of many colors in a V formation behind her. I noted that none of them looked like the wolf that I wanted to kill and trust me I checked thoroughly. She walked up to me without a care in the world and she came to a stop beside the littler brown wolf. The littler brown wolf yipped playfully at her and then brushed up to the bigger brown wolf. She nuzzled her neck and then turned back to me with a wolfish grim in place.

The large female stared at me leery eyed for a long moment, and then she nodded in a very human sort of way, then her pack came over and sniffed me. I saw her snap at a few of the males who wondered too close with their sniffing. I could practically hear her thoughts, 'Damn horny ass males!'

I tilted my head in confusion and she cursed to herself, then I heard her voice again, 'You heard me little wolf?' I nodded and tried to say, "Yes." She sighed in my head again and looked at the smaller chocolate wolf and said, 'Lacy you have stuck me with a huge pain in my ass this time!'

I heard the little brunette's voice in my head as she said, 'Ang, she is ok, you just need to remove that three hundred year old stick from your ass.'

The large female, Ang, I was guessing; snapped at the little wolf and growled a warning at her. I could have sworn I saw the little wolf roll her eyes, and then lower her head in submission. Since when could wolves roll their eyes like humans?

I do not remember anything shortly after that, I just know I felt very sleepy and the world faded from greys to full on black and I was out cold.

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