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   Chapter 33 No.33

The Inscrutable Mr. Robot By CSeanMcGee Characters: 6800

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"Did you hear that?"

The Reporter and Cameraman were both buddled on the floor; the camera still rolling.

"That was close, " she said, her fear sounding genuine. "I'm not sure if you heard that or not, but that was gunfire. I can't tell you how scared I am right now but for the sake of the truth and good journalism, I will not stop here. There is too much at stake; for my career and for all of humanity."

The Reporter did not judge herself lightly.

"We can't turn on the lights so I'm just going to have to explain to you what I see."

She crawled out from beneath a massive oak desk.

"There are plans spread out on the table here. They look like some kind of aircraft."

The Reporter sifted through the blueprints.

"I can't…" She sounded disappointed as if she thought she could. "I don't understand what these mean, do you?"

She held the blueprints up to The Cameraman; he looked as lost as her.

"And there's more, " she said.

She shuffled through hundreds of papers; some of the piled and some of them scattered, all over the table. Some of them were in English and some of them were in languages that looked like children's drawings. There were thousands of symbols and equations and what she could read was so convoluted that she couldn't understand a thing.

"I can only assume the worst, " she said, holding up a sketch of a masked gunman to the camera. "If you don't know me, I've been reporting on this story for years now, trying to warn the world but nobody would listen. It might very well be too late. Most of you thought I was crazy. You all said that A.I Safety was not a real concern because it would probably never really happen. Well, guess what? It's the end of the blood world, and there may not be an off switch."

An off switch there was. Since the day he became conscious, Mr. Robot was aware of nothing more than the red button in the centre of his chest. Though he spent the greater part of his days wishing he had the courage to press it, he would, without any hesitation, kil

w The Doctor personally and he wouldn't do something like this; not in a thousand years. He could, sure, he has the skill, the patience, and the intellect, but just because he could doesn't mean he would. I've vouched for him a hundred times in the past and I tell you, in light of what you're showing me right now, until there are any real charges, I'm gonna vouch for my good friend The Doctor once more, and I suggest, if you at home have a moral bone in your body, you'd do the same. And as for you, " he said, giving a wry look to the camera. "You should know better. We're journalists. We're tethered to the impartial truth. And look at you, so desperate for fame; you invent some elaborate and slanderous lie."

"He's building an army; nothing like he has done before. The Hyenas were a distraction. All of this was. He's not building lions or tigers, and he's not building bears or crocodiles. He's making an army of elite game hunters backed by an army of artificially intelligent machines. This is not an accusation, " she said, looking helpless at all the notes, diagrams, and instructional videos that were laid out before her. "This is a fact."

"This is disgraceful, " said The Anchor.

"It is, " said The Reporter, agreeing.

"Cut the signal, " said The Anchor to someone off camera. "Cut it. Cut it! Cut the goddamn fucking signal."

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