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   Chapter 22 No.22

The Inscrutable Mr. Robot By CSeanMcGee Characters: 8708

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"What is it? What happened? What's going on?" said The Driver.

So many questions, all of them very similar, and yet The Man couldn't answer a single one. He just stood there, staring out into the filthy garden with a helpless expression. The Driver was seconds away from grabbing The Man by the back of the hair and slapping him senseless to try and get some kind of response, but this was hardly the time for foreplay.

"He has my daughter."

As he said those words, a swirling ball of rage ignited in his chest and seared the back of his throat. He wanted to vomit profusely and he started to gag and tremor almost instantly. It was as if his shaking body might turn his bones to dust at any second and his cave in on itself. And yet, at the same time, he felt as if he could gnaw through a dozen padlocks and claw his way through a dozen stone fences to rip out a dozen men's cold, black hearts.

"I'll assemble the team, " said The Driver. "We'll get your daughter back."

The smile in her eyes said that there was nothing to fear.

The Man, though, had so many concerns. What if it was too late? What if The Doctor had already done something? Would she ever recover? And would she ever forgive him?

There were those concerns, and there were others too. The look in The Driver's eyes for example. What was she expecting; The Driver that is? Now that they had had sex, did that mean they were in a relationship? Should they hold hands and kiss more often? Should he tell her that he loves her, or should he act like he just doesn't care? What if she leaves him too and he has to go through all of this again? Should he break up with her, or should he invite her to help him buy a new sofa?

The Driver slapped him once; a firm stinging slap.

"It's gonna be fine, " she said. "Trust me."

A few hours ago she had said the same thing except she was wearing nothing but a corset and a pair of knuckle dusters. He believed her then so why shouldn't he now?

The Driver gathered her team. If she had a plan, she sure as hell wasn't telling anyone. It's not like the others had an opinion to voice. There was little doubt and even lesser dissent. Her every word and command was clear and precise like a hammer strike.

"Where's the robot?" she asked.

It wasn't so much a question as it was a clear directive; "Bring him to me."

"It's Justice Man."

The worry in her voice needed no further explanation.

"My friend?" said Mr. Robot.

"He needs your help."

In that second, Mr. Robot remembered all the wonderful things they had done together; like that time they were taken

e Man on the other hand, while completely useless, was still accustomed to chaos and confusion.

The Leader leaned over the centre console.

"We can't do this, " she said. "No-one goes into The University uninvited. And those that do; they never come out again."

The Driver was undeterred.

"You can't be a hero without a little danger."

"Haven't you had enough for one day?"

"Stop the car, stop the car, " shouted Dave.

The van shuddered to a halt.

There was a look of shame in his eyes as he unbuckled his belt.

"I'm sorry, " he said. "We're all square; we are. I just can't, is all."

He could barely lift his own head, let alone look anyone in the eyes.

"I'm just a fucking junky, " he said, as he ran down the road.

The drama of his exit was contagious. The Leader and The White Knight both stared at each other as if one or the other had the power to do something. Their silence was deafening. Their hearts were filled with so much fear; you'd think they'd be used to it by now. Seeing a damsel in distress, finally, The White Knight mounted his gallant horse.

"Take us home, " he said, his voice sounding like a pre-pubescent vinyl.

"Too late for that, " said The Driver.

"But I don't wanna die."

"There is no better inspiration to fight. 'Tis better a noble death than no death at all."

The White Knight tried to summon all of his intellect and all of his masculine pride.

"We're driving straight into the heart of that black abyss, " said The Driver.

Her stare was impenetrable.

"If you stare into the abyss, " said The White Knight, finally raising his discord.

But The Driver laughed as she planted her foot on the floor.

"Nietzsche was a fucking pussy, " she said.

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